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Melobaz Springer Spaniels


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Puppies are CanineSA Registered.

Working type English springer spaniels in Queensburgh Durban Kzn, we breed liver and white and black and white springers. we currently have a litter available born May both female and males available.

About CanineSA:

“CanineSA is the largest private canine genealogy registrar in South Africa and assists dog breeders with the registration of their registered puppies in South Africa and abroad. CanineSA is the fastest growing authority for dogs in Southern Africa and registered breeders can register for free by making use of our current promotion. Registered breeders can also register all their puppies free of charge.

CanineSA is an independent canine genealogy organisation. We offer a quality, reliable and competitively priced genealogy service to registered canine/dog breeders. All puppies registered have thoroughbred pedigrees.

Important information and popular misconceptions.

CanineSA would like to declare the following information to all breeders and potential canine owners out there:

  • Participation is on a voluntary basis.
  • CanineSA is not a regulatory body, breed society or registration authority and our main functions relate to keeping accurate records of ancestry and genealogy.
  • Our genealogy certificates are issued in South Africa in terms of Section 15(4) (a) and (b) of the Animal Improvement Act, 1998 (Act No. 62 of 1998).
  • CanineSA issues  genealogy certificates on behalf of the breeder, based on an application submitted by the breeder.
  • CanineSA reserve the right to correct or revoke the information on any registration certificate or the certificate as a whole, at any time.
  • CanineSA can not guarantee the ancestry and genealogy information on any certificate as the information is based on information supplied by the breeder.
  • CanineSA do not regularly inspect  breeder’s premises or canines.
  • CanineSA does not become involved in any disagreement, argument or dispute between any seller and buyer.
  • The NSPCA/SPCA has sole regulatory functions and CanineSA will provide full cooperation when required to.”

Source: CanineSA

NB: Please always have a contract drawn up with the breeder when purchasing a puppy as KUSA does not get involved in any disputes.

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