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Pet Influencer Spotlight: Ranking South Africa’s Top Pet Influencers!

Prepare to be swept off your feet as we rekindle the magic and present to you the re-ranked final Top 100 Pet Influencers of South Africa! Our curated spotlight is about to shine on the furriest, most captivating, and influential pets in the country, promising an adventure where charm, creativity, and social media impact collide in a spectacular display. These extraordinary pets aren’t just cute; they’re trendsetters, capturing hearts and inspiring pet lovers nationwide. They go the extra mile to make us laugh, brightening our days with their playful antics, always ready to plug us with the latest products and innovations that make our lives with pets even more enjoyable.

Top 100 Pet Influencers!!

1. Luna, Harli & Pixi 

Instagram Followers: 11 200
Luna, Harli & Pixi are a trio of delightful pet influencers with their own unique personalities that shine on their Instagram account. Their Instagram feed is a delightful mix of heartwarming moments, playful interactions, and outdoor adventures. Whether they’re exploring scenic landscapes, cuddling up for nap time, or showing off their impressive tricks, Luna, Harli & Pixi’s posts never fail to bring joy to their growing audience. With their lovable camaraderie and captivating content, Luna, Harli & Pixi have become a go-to source for pet lovers seeking daily doses of cuteness and happiness. Follow their journey as they continue to spread smiles and warmth to all who visit their Instagram page.

2. Rex_TheVizsla

Dog on hill

Instagram Followers: 7,162

Introducing ‘Rex the Vizsla’ – an Instagram sensation who embodies elegance and energy! Rex’s account is a captivating journey into the world of a Vizsla breed, known for their grace and athleticism. With each post, Rex showcases his boundless spirit through action-packed photos and heartwarming moments. From outdoor adventures to cozy snuggles, his feed captures the essence of a true four-legged explorer. Rex’s charm and zest for life make him a beloved figure in the pet influencer realm, inspiring followers to embrace life’s adventures with the same enthusiasm. Join the Vizsla adventure today!

3. Mr Miyagee

Mr Miyagee sticking his tongue out in the grass

Instagram Followers: 5, 925
Mr. Miyagee is an adorable and lovable pet influencer who has captured the hearts of many on Instagram. This pint-sized celebrity dog from South Africa has achieved remarkable fame with his charming personality and photogenic looks. With his fluffy coat and expressive eyes, Mr. Miyagee melts hearts wherever he goes. Not only is he incredibly cute, but he is also a model who has graced numerous advertisements and campaigns. Mr. Miyagee is a trendsetter in the pet influencer world. His Instagram feed is filled with delightful moments, showcasing his playful antics and adorable poses. Follow Mr. Miyagee for a daily dose of cuteness and join his ever-growing fanbase in celebrating his adorable adventures.


4. Titan, Siggy & Wagyu

Insta followers: 13,600

Introducing the dynamic trio of furry pals: Titan the Rottie, Siggy the deaf bulldog, and the mysterious Wagyu! At the helm of this captivating squad is Titan, a Rottweiler with a heart as big as his paws. Siggy, the charismatic deaf bulldog, adds a unique twist to the mix. Despite his hearing impairment, Siggy proves that love and communication transcend sound. And then there’s Wagyu, whose enigmatic presence adds an element of mystery to the crew. Their Instagram is a window into a world filled with loyalty, strength, and unbreakable bonds. Follow their adventures on Instagram and get ready to be enchanted by their stories, proving that friendship knows no bounds and that every pet has a tale worth sharing!


5. Maxwell Swartz

Insta followers: 26,000

Step into the world of Maxwell Swartz, where elegance, charm, and style reign supreme! Maxwell, the dashing canine influencer behind the Instagram handle @maxwell_swartz, is a true embodiment of sophistication. With his sleek coat and impeccable fashion sense, he effortlessly sets the bar for canine elegance. This four-legged trendsetter takes his followers on a journey of class and refinement, whether he’s sporting the latest doggy fashion or enjoying the finer things in life. Maxwell Swartz is not just a pet influencer; he’s a symbol of canine grace and flair that’s sure to leave you swooning for more. Follow him for a dose of daily inspiration and a touch of canine couture!

6. Cape Town Corgis

Insta followers: 7,138

Allow us to introduce Olive and Basil, the regal duo known for their majestic charm and boundless energy, proudly reigning as “Your Royal Hineys”! @the_capetown_corgis’ Instagram account is a testament to their love for adventure, playful antics, and their penchant for long walks on the beach. These two corgis bring an air of royalty to their seaside escapades, making every stroll a majestic affair. Join Olive and Basil on their captivating journey filled with sandy shores and endless fun, and prepare to be charmed by their charismatic personalities. Follow them for a daily dose of royal cuteness and beachy vibes that will make your heart swell with joy!

7. Ollie The Goldie

Dog at the beach

Instagram Followers: 26,600

Say hello to Ollie, the 6-month-old Golden Retriever who’s melting hearts and brightening up Instagram feeds with his undeniable charm. With his fluffy coat, wagging tail, and irresistible puppy eyes, Ollie’s journey is a heartwarming tale of puppyhood and happiness. Ollie’s Instagram account, @ollie_thegoldiesa, is a virtual playground where he showcases his daily adventures and adorable antics. From playful romps in the park to cozy naps that showcase his absolute cuteness, every post encapsulates the essence of puppy joy. Ollie’s love for funny and quirky reels adds a delightful twist to his account, keeping his audience entertained with each scroll. His playful interactions and endearing reactions bring a smile to his followers’ faces, reminding us that laughter truly is the best medicine.

8. Holden Manoukis

Dog sitting with harness

Instagram Followers: 9,350

Meet ‘Holden the Mini Dachshund,’ a charismatic pet influencer with captivating blue eyes that steal hearts! Known for his adorable charm and endearing personality, Holden takes the Instagram world by storm. His feed is a delightful blend of playful adventures, stylish outfits, and heartwarming moments that showcase the deep bond between him and his owner. With every post, Holden captures the essence of joy and companionship, making him a beloved favorite in the pet influencer community. Follow along for a daily dose of cuteness and canine charisma!

9. The Gavins

Instagram Followers: 11,300

Meet the lovely fur family, Lacey the cat, Benny the tuxedo cat, Riley the dog, and Abby the adorable companion! Each with their unique personalities, they bring joy and love to every moment. Follow their adventures, cuddle sessions, and playful antics on their journey of happiness. Join The Gavins and experience the wonderful bond between humans and their furry friends!

10. DexTheYorkie

Instagram Followers: 6,277
A pint-sized bundle of joy living life to the fullest!  Dex’s Instagram captures the essence of his playful spirit and adventurous heart. As a Yorkie boy, he’s all about embracing every moment with enthusiasm. From lively play sessions to savoring delicious treats, and from cozy nap times to endless fun, Dex’s feed is a true testament to the art of enjoying life. With each post, he reminds us that happiness is found in the simple pleasures. Join Dex on his exciting journey of play, eat, sleep, and repeat – a charming reminder to find joy in the everyday moment.


11. Enzo Mini Dachshund

Enzo sleeping
Instagram Followers: 2, 747

Enzo Mini Dachshund is a charismatic and adventurous pet influencer who brings a dash of cuteness to your Instagram feed. With his short legs and long body, Enzo showcases the undeniable charm of Dachshunds. From stylish outfits to exploring new places, Enzo’s posts are filled with fun and lightheartedness. Whether he’s posing for a photo or engaging in playful activities, Enzo’s expressive eyes and playful nature captivate his audience. Follow Enzo Mini Dachshund for a daily dose of adorable moments and join him on his exciting escapades.

12. Romeo The Dog 

Romeo sitting
Instagram Followers: 3,842

Romeo the Dog is a lovable and photogenic pet influencer who has stolen the hearts of many with his charming personality and adorable expressions. With his fluffy fur and expressive eyes, Romeo captures the attention of his followers with every post. From playful antics to heartwarming moments, Romeo brings joy and happiness to his audience. Whether he’s posing for a photoshoot or exploring new places, Romeo’s adventures are always filled with excitement and love. Join Romeo the Dog on his journey and let his adorable antics brighten your day.

13. Captain Gus

Captain Gus sitting with a bow tie. Pet influencers SA
Instagram Followers:

Captain Gus the Weimaraner is a majestic and charismatic pet influencer who takes Instagram by storm. With his striking silver coat and captivating blue eyes, Gus exudes elegance and grace. Known for his adventurous spirit, Gus loves exploring the great outdoors and embarking on thrilling escapades. From hiking through scenic landscapes to splashing in the water, Gus’s posts are a testament to his zest for life. With his playful and friendly demeanor, Gus has won the hearts of many followers who are inspired by his adventurous spirit. Follow Captain Gus the Weimaraner for a daily dose of awe-inspiring moments and join him on his incredible journeys.

14. Ivy The Doberman

Ivy The Doberman looking over a ball. Pet Influencers SA. Pets24
Instagram Followers: 3,805

Meet Ivy, the majestic and elegant Doberman with a captivating Instagram presence. With her sleek black coat, regal stance, and soulful eyes, Ivy exudes confidence and charm. She showcases her adventures and daily life with her dedicated followers, providing a glimpse into the world of a Doberman filled with loyalty, love, and playfulness. Whether she’s exploring new places, striking a pose for the camera, or enjoying quality time with her family, Ivy’s captivating presence shines through every photograph. Follow Ivy’s journey and immerse yourself in the world of this beautiful Doberman, where grace and strength merge into one delightful personality.

15. Enzo & Enya

Instagram Followers: 5,159
Enzo and Enya, the dynamic duo of Instagram, are captivating pet influencers who are guaranteed to brighten your day. These lovable dogs have stolen the hearts of their followers with their adorable faces and playful personalities. Enzo and Enya’s Instagram feed is a delightful mix of outdoor adventures, heartwarming moments, and charming poses.

16. Candy Golden Retriever

Instagram Followers: 4,799
Candy is a lovable and affectionate Golden Retriever who captures hearts with her irresistible charm and photogenic flair. Her Instagram feed is a delightful journey of wagging tails, playful antics, and heart-melting smiles. With each post, Candy’s playful personality shines through, whether she’s chasing balls at the park, splashing in puddles, or simply enjoying snuggle time with her human companions. Her account is a treasure trove of beautiful aesthetics that perfectly showcase the joy and love that this Golden Retriever brings into every moment.

17. RoughCollie_Ollie

Instagram Followers: 3,058
Introducing Ollie, the Majestic Rough Collie! If you’re a fan of elegance and beauty, Ollie is sure to steal your heart with his regal presence and captivating charm. As a Rough Collie, Ollie embodies grace and intelligence, making him a true representation of this magnificent breed. His Instagram account, “RoughCollie_Ollie,” is a stunning showcase of his noble and majestic personality. With his thick, flowing coat and expressive eyes, Ollie exudes an aura of sophistication that is simply irresistible. Whether he’s posing for a photo or exploring the great outdoors, he brings an air of elegance to every moment.

18. Zoey, Lara & Jakes

Instagram Followers: 3,662
Meet the adorable trio of fur babies on Louisajojacobs’ Instagram! Zoey, the spirited Jack Russell Terrier, brings boundless energy and joy. Lara, the majestic Rottweiler, exudes strength and loyalty. Jakes, the gentle Great Dane, towers with grace and charm. Follow their heartwarming journey as they share love, laughter, and unforgettable moments together. From playful antics to heart-melting snuggles, these three companions bring warmth and happiness to every scroll. Join them on their pawsome adventures and experience the magic of their incredible bond!

19. Simba & Princess

Instagram Followers: 1,937
Meet Simba and Princess Khan, the dynamic sibling duo residing in Johannesburg! Simba, the gentle giant, brings warmth and affection with every paw. Princess, the diva adds a touch of sass and charm to their adventures. Together, they are here to brighten your day and make it a bit better with their adorable antics and heartwarming moments. Follow their journey and experience the love and joy that these two inseparable companions bring to everyone’s hearts.

20. BellaThePugSA

Dog at the beach

Instagram Followers: 4,081
A fawn-colored bundle of joy with an extraordinary journey! Bella’s Instagram is a heartwarming tale of resilience and love, as she navigates life as a Type 1 Diabetic Pug. Her adorable presence and unwavering spirit shine through every post, showcasing her determination to live life to the fullest. From playtime to precious snuggles, Bella’s feed captures the essence of embracing every moment with a positive outlook. Her story of overcoming challenges and thriving as a diabetic pug is an inspiration to pet parents and pug lovers worldwide. Join Bella’s journey of strength, love, and boundless energy!

21. BruceThePug

Instagram Followers: 1,454
Introducing ‘Bruce the Pug’ – a pawsitively charming and fun-loving Instagram sensation! Bruce’s account is a delightful blend of playful antics, heartwarming moments, and undeniable pug charm. With every post, he steals hearts with his expressive eyes and quirky personality. From stylish outfits to hilarious poses, Bruce’s feed showcases his unique ability to bring smiles to faces around the world. As a beloved pug influencer, he spreads joy and laughter with every scroll. Join the adventures of Bruce the Pug and get ready to fall in love with his irresistible charm!

22. LuSi

Insta followers: 5,978
Join LuSi, the spirited explorer with a passion for adventure, as she takes you on a thrilling journey filled with car rides, outdoor escapades, and joyful moments. This Instagram page is a testament to LuSi’s zest for life, capturing the exhilaration of each new experience and the sheer joy of being on the move. From scenic hikes to exciting road trips, whose love for exploring knows no bounds. If you’re seeking a dose of wanderlust and the boundless enthusiasm that a furry friend brings, this is your ultimate guide to life’s most exhilarating moments. Get ready to hop in and enjoy the ride with LuSi!

23. Enzo & Ella

Insta followers: 2,543
Meet Enzo and Ella, the dynamic duo of happiness, intelligence and indulgence. These two German Shepherd darlings are redefining the art of living the good life. From their captivating smiles to their boundless energy, Enzo and Ella are a source of endless delight. Join them on their lavish escapades, as they explore the world with curiosity and exuberance. With every pawstep they take, Enzo and Ella bring a touch of glamour and charm to the ordinary, transforming it into the extraordinary. Follow their journey and witness the sheer joy of being a part of their world, where every moment is an opportunity to shine. Experience the almost supaw stardom of Enzo and Ella, where life is all about living life to the fullest and embracing the splendor that surrounds them.


24. Bijou and Luna

Insta followers: 3 691
Introducing the fabulous duo of extreme relaxation athletes and fashion models, Bijou and Luna, the female English Bulldogs! @bijou_and_luna’s Instagram showcases not only their mastery in the art of leisure but also their undeniable camera-readiness. These two adorable bulldogs effortlessly transition from extreme relaxation to the runway, proving that they’re not just lounging experts but also fashion icons in their own right. With their charming personalities and camera-ready poses, Bijou and Luna redefine what it means to be both chic and chill. Follow this dynamic duo for a daily dose of adorable, serene, and stylish moments that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to strike a pose.

25. Bailey The Golden

Dog sitting on bed

Instagram Followers: 3,822
Introducing Bailey, a female Golden Retriever whose love for the outdoors is truly infectious. Her Instagram account, @bailey_thegolden18, is a captivating journey through her active and adventurous life. With a zest for walkies, a passion for swimming, and a talent for zoomies, Bailey brings a unique blend of energy and charm to her online presence. Bailey’s posts showcase her thriving spirit as she dives into nature’s playground. From frolicking in the park to taking refreshing swims in the water, every snapshot is a testament to her love for exploration and outdoor activities. As an avid swimmer, Bailey knows how to make a splash and have a doggone good time. Her aquatic adventures highlight the joyful connection she has with the water – a true embodiment of the Golden Retriever’s playful and friendly nature.

26. Just A Pup Named Theo

Instagram Followers: 3,723
Meet Theo, the adorable canine fusion of Jack Russell and Fox Terrier, whose zest for life shines through on his Instagram account, “just_a_pup_named_theo.” With a heart full of energy and a personality that’s larger than life, Theo’s journey captures the essence of playful exploration and heartwarming companionship. A mix of two spirited breeds, Theo’s account invites you to embark on a journey filled with delightful moments. Whether he’s bounding through open fields, enjoying outdoor adventures, or simply flashing his heart-melting smile, Theo’s posts radiate the pure joy that can only come from a beloved pet.

27. The Price Pups

Instagram Followers: 2,162
Step into the enchanting world of “The Price Pups” on Instagram, where Luna, Rayne, and Indigo take center stage as the charismatic and lovable canine trio. This account is a delightful celebration of the unique personalities and companionship shared between these three furry friends.The account is a testament to the magic that unfolds when dogs become integral parts of our families. Through captivating images and endearing captions, “The Price Pups” captures the essence of the human-canine bond, reminding us of the boundless love and happiness that our furry companions bring into our lives.

28. Alex The Doberman

Instagram Followers: 3,775
Alex boasts an engaging feed that captures the quirks, antics, and heartwarming moments shared with their furry Doberman companion. Through a series of funny videos, this influencer not only showcases the unique personality of their Doberman but also resonates with pet lovers around the globe who can relate to the joy and laughter that pets bring to our lives. From heart-melting interactions to laugh-out-loud scenes, “Life with a Doberman” has managed to craft a community of followers who eagerly await each entertaining post. With an astute understanding of the Doberman’s endearing and mischievous traits, this influencer’s content serves as a delightful reminder of the special bond we share with our four-legged friends.

29. Codi & Nova

Instagram Followers: 2,532
Discover the heartwarming world of “Codi and Nova” on Instagram – a captivating account that celebrates the inseparable bond between two furry companions. Through captivating visuals and touching moments, this account chronicles the shared journey of Codi and Nova, reminding us of the profound connections that exist between dogs and their human counterparts. They captures the essence of friendship, loyalty, and the joys of everyday adventures. The curated feed offers a glimpse into the lives of these two adorable canines, showcasing their endearing interactions, playful escapades, and moments of pure canine companionship. As you scroll through their posts, you can’t help but be enchanted by the genuine camaraderie that radiates from every image.

30. Athena Saugh the Africanis Dog

dog sitting
Instagram Followers: 8,945
Meet Athena, the lovable Africanis Dog, based in the heart of Johannesburg! With over a year of spreading joy on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Athena has become a beloved figure in the pet influencer community. Athena, the friendly rescue Africanis, is all about embracing life and making every moment an adventure. Her infectious love for people, hot dogs, cheese, walks, and car rides shines through in every post. Follow Athena on her social media platforms to be a part of the fun and laughter. As she says, “Let’s have fun!”

31. Penelope The Staffy

Instagram Followers: 3,727
‘Penelope the Staffy’ – on a mission to change perceptions, one lick at a time! Penelope’s Instagram is a heartwarming journey that challenges stereotypes and showcases the true essence of Staffordshire Bull Terriers. With every post, Penelope melts hearts with her affectionate licks and captivating charm. Her mission is clear: to break down barriers and spread love, proving that breed labels don’t define a dog’s character. Through her daily adventures and endearing moments, Penelope is an advocate for understanding and acceptance. Join her movement of positivity and open your heart to the beauty of her breed.

32. Bush Tales

Instagram Followers: 2,565
Embark on thrilling adventures with Bush Tales, the ultimate explorers of the wild! 🌿 From majestic landscapes to incredible wildlife encounters, this intrepid pet influencer duo shares their exhilarating escapades with a sense of wonder and excitement. Join them on their captivating journeys, as they inspire a love for nature and ignite the spirit of adventure in every heart. Get ready for an extraordinary experience filled with breathtaking sights and untamed beauty!

33. Deutsch The Dog

Instagram Followers: 2,578
Meet Deutsch Dog, aka “the Goofy Floofy!” The furry hunter and lover of naps, is also a talented sock thief! His passion for training and unwavering loyalty make him a top-notch companion. Join his adventures as he embarks on fun-filled training sessions, steals socks, and enjoys cozy naps. Follow Duestch for a daily dose of charm, love, and mischief!

34. Bo The Saint

Instagram Followers: 2,673
Meet Bo, the aspiring therapy pup! With a heart full of compassion and a wagging tail, Bo is on a mission to bring comfort and joy to those in need. Follow along as he undergoes training to become a certified therapy dog and spreads happiness wherever he goes.

35. Bella Meets Olive

Instagram Followers: 1,999
Introducing Bella and Olive, the dynamic duo of the tricolour Beagle and chocolate Cocker Spaniel! Join them on their exciting adventures filled with lifestyle content, scenic drives, and delightful restaurant hopping. Follow their paw-some journey and discover a world of fun and food through their adorable lens.

36. Achilles Weimaraner

Instagram Followers: 1,512
Meet Achilles, the captivating Weimaraner with mesmerizing blue eyes! He’s a true adventurer, always ready to explore the world around him. Join him on his thrilling escapades and discover the beauty of life through his enchanting gaze. Follow Achilles as he embarks on unforgettable journeys and brings a touch of wonder to your feed.

37. The Sweet Life Of Fudge

Instagram Followers: 2,862
This adorable and lovable pet influencer is an outdoor enthusiast who can’t resist exploring the world around her. From sunny days at the park to exciting outdoor adventures, Fudge’s happiness knows no bounds in the great outdoors. But that’s not all that makes Fudge stand out! She’s got a fun-loving spirit and a great sense of humour. In her content, Fudge delights her followers with funny audios that perfectly complement her playful personality, leaving everyone with a smile on her face.

38. Daisy Plum 

Instagram Followers: 2,401
Daisy’s Instagram account is a delightful journey filled with daily doses of puppy love. With her tiny frame and expressive eyes, she brings joy to her followers with every post. From playful antics to sweet snuggles, Daisy knows how to melt hearts effortlessly. She’s a bundle of energy and loves going on outdoor adventures, bringing smiles to everyone she meets. Her playful and loving nature makes her the perfect companion for her owner and fans alike.

39. Peppa & Prince 

Instagram Followers: 1,866
Peppa & Prince are an adorable duo, dedicated to capturing the lovable and mischievous antics of French Bulldogs. Their Instagram feed is a delightful mix of lots of cuddles, cute poses, and heartwarming interactions with her human companions. Whether exploring new places, rocking fashionable outfits, or simply being a bundle of joy in their beds, Pepper & Prince posts exude pure cuteness and happiness.

40. Shumbi.Bumbi

Shumbi Shumba

Instagram Followers: 3,699
Shumba is a ridiculously handsome Ridgeback x Boerboel who finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. This charming and affectionate companion has stolen the hearts of many on Instagram. Shumbi’s love for adventures with their humans, ropey toys, treats, and morning cuddles is evident in their engaging and heartwarming posts. Whether they’re exploring the great outdoors, playing with their favourite toys, or enjoying some quality snuggle time, Shumbi knows how to appreciate life’s little joys.


41. Riley The Russel

Railey the russel

Instagram Followers: 2,751
Riley the Russell is an Instagram sensation who captures hearts with his adorable looks and playful personality. As a Russell Terrier, Riley brings a delightful mix of energy and charm to his Instagram feed. Whether he’s frolicking in the park, posing for the camera, or showcasing his impressive tricks, Riley’s posts are a delightful blend of cuteness and joy.


42. Fuller Frenchies

The Fuller Frenchies

Instagram Followers: 6,463
Fuller Frenchies is an Instagram account dedicated to the adorable and lovable French Bulldogs that will steal your heart. With their irresistible charm and playful personalities, the Fuller Frenchies are captivating pet influencers on Instagram. This account is a haven for Frenchie lovers, featuring a delightful mix of cute poses, funny expressions, and heartwarming moments.


43. Nicsa_German_Shepard

Instagram Followers: 2,681
Nicsa, captures their grace, intelligence, and loyalty through stunning photography and engaging content. From impressive obedience demonstrations to heartwarming moments of companionship, this account offers a captivating glimpse into the world of German Shepherds. Nicsa’s dedication to sharing the unique qualities of this breed has earned them a devoted following of fellow dog lovers and enthusiasts. Nicsa is a must-follow destination for daily inspiration and admiration of the remarkable German Shepherds.


44. Jackie Paul

Instagram Followers: 2,259
As a “snorkie,” a mix of Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier, Jackie Boy brings a delightful blend of playfulness and cuteness to his Instagram feed. With his expressive eyes and endearing poses, Jackie Boy’s posts are a delightful mix of heartwarming moments, playful antics, and stylish outfits. Whether he’s exploring the outdoors, snuggling up with his favorite toys, or simply enjoying the company of his human companions, Jackie Boy’s irresistible charm shines through. Through his captivating content, this little “snorkie” has garnered a devoted following of pet lovers from around the country.

45. Princess Mila

Instagram Followers: 1,666
Princess Mila’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of heartwarming moments, showcasing Mila in her royal glory, whether she’s wearing adorable outfits, striking cute poses, or enjoying fun adventures with her human companionsBeyond her princess-like appearances, Mila’s account also reflects the love and care she receives from her family, showcasing the special bond between them and spreading happiness to her dedicated followers.

46. Coco & Frankie

Instagram Followers: 1,620
Meet Coco & Frankie, French Bulldogs that are always seen in the cutest and most stylish outfits. Their feed is a delightful mix of endearing moments that leave their followers smiling. Their expressive eyes and boundless energy make every post a treat for pet enthusiasts. Whether they’re posing for a professional photoshoot or simply enjoying a day out, their impeccable taste in outfits adds an extra touch of charm to every post.

47. Kenji Gavalat

Instagram Followers: 1,766
Meet Kenji, the Golden Retriever extraordinaire!  This lovable and charming pup is all about making the most of every moment, whether it’s frolicking in the great outdoors or dressing up for special occasions. As a true outdoor enthusiast, Kenji’s favorite place to be is outside, where he can run, jump, and explore to his heart’s content. Whether it’s chasing after a ball, splashing in puddles, or going on thrilling adventures, Kenji’s energy and enthusiasm are truly contagious.

48. Diary Of Odin & Freya

Instagram Followers: 1,543
Meet Odin and Freya, the dynamic duo of extraordinary South African Corgis! These two adorable pups are not only incredibly well-trained but also exceptionally active and fit. They are true show-stoppers when it comes to showing off their impressive array of tricks! Odin and Freya’s Instagram account, “DiaryOfOdinandFreya,” is a captivating chronicle of their adventurous and playful lives. From their daily escapades to their charming tricks, these Corgis know how to capture hearts with their boundless energy and irresistible charm.

49. Ellie Bean ShiChi

Instagram Followers: 1,451
Ellie a tiny dog with a big personality. A delightful mixed breed, combining the charm of a Shih Tzu with the spunk of a Chihuahua. Her Instagram account, “Ellie_Bean_Shichi,” is a delightful glimpse into the world of this adorable furball. Despite her small size, Ellie’s personality is larger than life, and she knows how to light up any room with her infectious energy. With her soulful eyes and endearing expressions, Ellie melts hearts wherever she goes. Her mixed breed heritage gives her a unique and irresistible appearance that captures the attention of everyone she meets.


50. Alfie The Cape Lab

Instagram Followers: 2,042
Alfie’s glossy coat and soulful eyes make him a true sight to behold. Whether he’s exploring the great outdoors or enjoying quality time with his human family, his presence exudes warmth and affection. But it’s not just his looks that make Alfie stand out; it’s his playful and friendly nature that truly endears him to his growing community of followers. His zest for life and love for fun make every moment with Alfie an absolute delight.

51. Raffa & Matisee 

Instagram Followers: 1,294
Meet Raffa and Matisse, the Adorable Pied & Fawn French Bulldog Brothers! These two furry siblings are a delightful blend of sass, gas, and a touch of class. As Pied and Fawn Frenchies, Raffa and Matisse boast a unique and eye-catching appearance that sets them apart from the crowd. Their endearing expressions and playful antics are sure to bring a smile to your face. With their mischievous charm and lovable quirks, these brothers know how to keep their followers entertained and coming back for more. From silly antics to heartwarming snuggles, Raffa and Matisse have a way of capturing hearts with their adorable presence.


52. Miss Lola

Instagram Followers: 1,786
Meet Miss Lola Belle, the enchanting pet influencer with her captivating charm and delightful antics, this lovable pup has amassed a devoted following. From stylish outfits to heartwarming adventures, Lola Belle’s Instagram feed is a delightful treat for pet lovers everywhere. Get ready to be enchanted by this furry fashionista and join her on her unforgettable journey!

53. Rolo & Bentley
Rolo & Bentley out on a walk

Instagram Followers: 2, 938
Rolo the Therapy Beagle & Bentley are spreading joy and comfort through their therapy work. With their adorable and expressive face, Rolo captivates his audience and shares heartwarming moments from their therapy sessions, showcasing the positive impact dogs can have on people’s lives. Follow them for daily doses of happiness and inspiration, and join his community of pet lovers who believe in the power of therapy animals.

54. Black Soda Pup
Black Soda running

Instagram Followers: 2,175
Black Soda Pup is a charismatic and adventurous pet influencer who takes her followers on exciting journeys through captivating photographs and videos. With her sleek black coat and bright eyes, Black Soda Pup exudes confidence and charm. From exploring picturesque landscapes to trying out new pet-friendly activities, she showcases the fun and fulfilling experiences that can be shared with your furry companion. Join Black Soda Pup’s adventures and discover the world through the eyes of a stylish and adventurous pup.

55. Bailey & Kylo

Instagram Followers: 2,565
Bailey & Klyo are two spaniels that are just living their best life! Bailey and Kylo, the adorable pet duo, are taking the pet influencer world by storm on Instagram. With their irresistible charm and playful antics, this dynamic pair has amassed a loyal following and captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. Bailey and Kylo share a bond that shines through their captivating photos and videos. From their mischievous adventures to heartwarming moments of friendship, Bailey and Kylo’s Instagram feed is a delightful mix of cuteness and joy. 

56. Marley and Olly

Instagram Followers: 1,367
Introducing The Rescuee Duo, a heartwarming Instagram account dedicated to two adorable rescue dogs. This dynamic duo, consisting of a lovable mix of breeds, captured the hearts of their loving owners and now shares their inspiring journey with the world. The Rescuee Duo showcases the incredible transformation from rescue to forever home, reminding us of the power of love, compassion, and second chances. With their endearing smiles and playful antics, these furry friends spread joy and positivity, serving as a reminder of the profound impact that rescue pets can have on our lives. Join their adventure-filled escapades, witness their incredible bond, and be inspired by their journey of resilience and happiness. Follow The Rescuee Duo and be a part of their uplifting story as they continue to thrive and make a difference, one wagging tail at a time.

57. Faf The Frenchie

Instagram Followers: 2,725
FAF the Frenchie is a sensational pet influencer who has taken the Instagram world by storm. With an irresistible combination of charm and cuteness, FAF has captured the hearts of thousands of followers worldwide. As a French Bulldog with a larger-than-life personality, FAF brings joy and laughter to everyone who stumbles upon their Instagram feed. From their adorable outfits to their hilarious expressions, FAF’s photos and videos are a delightful mix of entertainment and heartwarming moments.

58. Leo The Mini Dapple

Instagram Followers: 2,442
Leo the Mini Dapple is an Instagram sensation who captures hearts with his mischievous and adorable antics. As a Mini Dapple Dachshund, Leo brings a unique charm and cuteness to his Instagram feed. Living in the big city, this little sausage is always up to something fun and exciting. Whether he’s exploring urban landscapes, playing with toys, or enjoying delicious treats, Leo’s posts are a delightful mix of adorable moments and playful adventures.

59. Harleys Boy Adventures

Instagram Followers: 1,705
Harley, a lovable and adventurous dog, embarks on exciting escapades, capturing the hearts of his followers along the way. From hiking through picturesque landscapes to exploring hidden gems in the city, Harley’s adventures offer a unique perspective on the world through the eyes of a curious and energetic pup.

60. Karla The Rotti

Instagram Followers: 1,603
Klara the Rotti is a captivating pet influencer who has taken Instagram by storm with her lovable and charismatic personality. As a Rottweiler with a heartwarming smile and expressive eyes, Klara has amassed a devoted following of animal lovers from around the world. Her Instagram feed is a delightful mix of adorable poses, playful moments, and heartwarming interactions with her human companions.


61. Harvey & Bucky

Instagram Followers: 1,613
Harvey & Bucky have captured the hearts of their followers with their adorable  and charming personalities. Their adorable photos and videos showcase their playful nature and undeniable cuteness. With each post, they bring a smile to our faces! 


62. Tails Of Agape 

Instagram Followers: 1,232
If you’re a fan of beach vibes and crave a dose of good aesthetics, you need to follow Agape. This delightful account showcases a rescue enjoying life to the fullest, from happy splashes in the water to thrilling hikes through nature, each post captures the essence of animals thriving in a safe and loving environment full of adventure!

63. It’s Me Grace

Instagram Followers: 1,816
It’s_Me_Grace is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and charm of a delightful rescue cat named Grace. With her infectious smile and captivating presence, Grace is a true inspiration for her followers. Her Instagram feed is a reflection of her joyful spirit, filled with heartwarming moments, engaging poses, and glimpses of her adventurous journeys. Whether she’s exploring picturesque landscapes, sharing laughter with loved ones, or simply enjoying the simple pleasures of life, Grace’s posts radiate positivity and happiness.

64. Billy & Lilly 

Billy and Lilly standing together. Pet Influencers. Pets24

Instagram Followers: 1,186
Billy and Lilly, the dynamic duo of cuteness, are the stars of their Instagram account that will instantly make you go “aww.” These inseparable best friends are two adorable Pugs who bring joy and laughter to their followers every day. With their expressive eyes, floppy ears, and wagging tails, Billy and Lilly capture hearts with their playful and mischievous personalities. From exploring the great outdoors to snuggling up for a cozy nap, they fill their feed with moments of pure happiness. Whether they’re enjoying tasty treats, or posing for the camera, Billy and Lilly’s adventures are sure to put a smile on your face. Follow their journey for a daily dose of Pugs magic and let their infectious energy brighten up your day.

65. Olivia Capetown

Olivia at the beach playing with her dog. Pet Influencers SA. Pets24

Instagram Followers: 2,916
Meet Olivia, the captivating pet influencer taking Instagram by storm. With her charming personality and irresistible charm, Olivia has captured the hearts of thousands of followers who eagerly await her every post. As a content creator, Olivia showcases the vibrant and adventurous life of a Cape Town pet, bringing joy and inspiration to pet lovers everywhere. From scenic walks along the beach to cozy cuddles by the fireplace, Olivia’s Instagram feed is a delightful mix of playful moments, stylish outfits, and heartwarming connections with her human and furry friends. Her infectious energy and genuine love for life make her a true ambassador for the pet community. Follow Olivia on her captivating journey and be prepared to fall head over paws for this remarkable pet influencer. Join her loyal fanbase and discover the magic of Olivia’s world, where every day is filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures.

66. Lola B

Instagram Followers: 1,526
Adventures and sweet moments of Lola’s life, with her striking looks and lovable personality, Lola has stolen the hearts of many pet lovers. Her Instagram feed is a lovely mix of playful poses, endearing expressions, and heartwarming interactions with her human companions. Whether she’s exploring new places, showing off her cute outfits, or simply being a bundle of joy, Lola’s posts exude pure cuteness and happiness.

67. Zuri The Boerboel

Instagram Followers: 1,220
From charming poses to heartwarming interactions, Zuri’s account radiates love and admiration for this magnificent breed. Her profile is a tribute to the loyalty and strength that Boerboels possess, making her an inspiration for followers who appreciate the grace and power of these incredible dogs. Her Instagram feed is a captivating tapestry of breathtaking photographs, showcasing Zuri’s impressive size and striking appearance. Yet, beyond her majestic exterior, Zuri’s posts also reveal her affectionate and playful side, demonstrating the loving bond she shares with her human family.


68. The Mal Malamute

Instagram Followers: 995
Meet Diego, the Majestic Malamute! With a soulful gaze and a heart full of love, Diego is a wolf with a heart of gold. His Instagram account, “The_Mal_Malamute,” is a mesmerising glimpse into the world of this extraordinary dog. Diego’s striking appearance, with his beautiful fluffy coat and captivating blue & brown eyes, makes him stand out in a league of his own. But it’s not just his looks that make Diego special; it’s his gentle and tender nature that truly sets him apart. With a heart as big as the wilderness, Diego is a source of comfort and love for his human family and followers alike.

69. Guinness and Kolsch

Instagram Followers: 1,045
Meet Guinness and Kolsch, the dynamic duo that loves all things cozy and adventurous! They adore napping together, have a special talent for sock-stealing (oops!), and can’t resist the excitement of exploring with their pawrents. Join them on their beach walks and experience the joy of life through their adorable journey. Follow Guinness and Kolsch for a daily dose of paw-someness!


70. Raisin The Chocolate Lab

Chocolate dog

Instagram Followers: 1,507
Meet ‘Raisin the Chocolate Lab’ – a shining example of canine good citizenship! Raisin’s Instagram is a celebration of her impeccable manners, friendly demeanor, and heart of gold. As a Canine Good Citizen, she sets the bar high for responsible pet ownership and well-behaved companionship. From her patient interactions with people and pets to her heartwarming therapy dog work, Raisin embodies the qualities that make dogs true members of the family. Her account not only captures the beauty of a Chocolate Lab but also the beauty of a well-trained and loving soul. Join Raisin’s journey as she continues to spread positivity and set a paw-sitive example for all!


71. Sparky The Toyminator

Instagram Followers: 2,059
Meet ‘Spark the Toyminator’ – an Instagram sensation with an electrifying personality! 🐾⚡ Spark’s account is a whirlwind of toy-filled adventures and boundless energy. As a Toyminator, Spark takes playtime to a whole new level, showcasing his zest for life and his undeniable love for all things fun. With a toy in paw and a twinkle in his eye, he captures the essence of pure joy in every post. From zoomies to snuggles, Spark’s feed is a testament to the happiness a little toy can bring. Get ready for a surge of cuteness and follow Spark as he powers up your day!


72. Oliver African Golden

Instagram Followers: 746
A true embodiment of love and loyalty! Oliver’s Instagram is a heartwarming journey through the life of a majestic Golden Retriever living in Africa. With every post, he radiates warmth and charm, capturing the beauty of his surroundings and the special bond he shares with his family. From playful romps to serene sunsets, Oliver’s feed paints a picture of adventure, love, and pure joy. His gentle spirit and unwavering devotion make him a beloved figure in the Instagram pet community. Join Oliver on his African escapades and let his radiant positivity brighten your day!

73. Jerry The Grey Rescue

Insta followers: 1 525
Meet Jerry, the embodiment of living the short-legged, long-bodied life to the fullest! @jerry_thegreyrescue’s Instagram account is a delightful journey through Jerry’s adventures, showcasing the boundless spirit and unique charm of a greyhound who’s embracing every moment of life. From leisurely strolls to playful escapades, Jerry proves that no matter the leg length, life can be an exhilarating adventure. Follow him for a daily dose of inspiration and a reminder to savour every moment with a wagging tail and a heart full of joy!

74. Willow The Jack 

Instagram followers: 1,634
Meet Willow the Jack, the pint-sized pup with an outsized personality! This feisty furball is a Taurus through and through, embodying all the determination and spunk that the sign is known for. With an Instagram that’s as vibrant as her attitude, Willow is here to show the world that size doesn’t limit the fierceness of one’s spirit. From daily adventures to sassy poses, Willow’s account is a must-follow for anyone who loves a little dog with a lot of attitude.

75. Sadie Baby

Instagram followers: 1,357

Sadie isn’t your average pet influencer – she’s a pint-sized dynamo on a mission to conquer new trails, make waves in the water, and forge connections with kindred spirits. With every post, this furry explorer takes us on captivating journeys through scenic landscapes, capturing the exhilaration of splashing in water bodies, and sharing heartwarming encounters with new pals. Sadie’s account is a breath of fresh air, inspiring us all to embrace the great outdoors, find joy in the simple things, and revel in the art of making lasting memories. Join Sadie’s adventures today.


76. Zara & Aston 

Instagram followers: 1841
Step into the captivating world of Zara and Aston, where every photo is a story waiting to be told. @zara_and_aston is a virtual scrapbook that chronicles the lives of these two companions. From heartwarming cuddles to spirited outdoor explorations, every post encapsulates the essence of their relationship, showcasing the joy that can be found in the simplest of interactions. Join their journey and experience the pure love and happiness that these two adorable pups bring to life every day.


77. Curtis and Archibald

dogs sitting down on chair

Insta followers: 1,892
Hailing from the vibrant city of Johannesburg, Curtis and Archibald are the ultimate canine power duo! Curtis, with his striking long-haired dapple coat, and Archibald, the cream piebald heartthrob, have taken the pet influencer scene by storm. Their Instagram feed is an exhilarating rollercoaster ride through their pawsitively thrilling lives. From heart-melting cuddle sessions to daring outdoor escapades, these dachshund darlings redefine cuteness and charisma. Get ready to be swept off your feet and follow their pawprints to a world of tail-wagging fun and furry adventures!

78. Zeus, Enzo & Roze

Insta followers: 1,878
Meet the sensational trio of Zeus, Enzo, and Roze, each with their unique charm and undeniable star power! Zeus, the Weimaraner x GSP born on June 22, 2019, is a bundle of boundless energy and athleticism. Enzo, the Golden Cocker Spaniel, joined the squad on November 27, 2019, bringing his irresistible charm and golden fluff to the mix. And not to be outdone, Roze, the Black Cocker Spaniel born on May 3, 2020, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to this dynamic group. Their Instagram account, @meet_zeus.enzo.roze, is a mesmerising blend of canine charisma, showcasing their playful antics, heartwarming moments, and adorable escapades. These three furry friends are more than just pets; they’re social media superstars who are sure to brighten your feed with their paw-sitive vibes and infectious enthusiasm!

79. Maya The spaniel

Insta followers: 1 874
Meet the absolutely paw-some Maya, the English Cocker Spaniel, who’s not just a canine but a “Pro Cuddler” extraordinaire! Maya’s Instagram account, @maya_the_spaniel, is your gateway to a world filled with heartwarming moments, boundless affection, and undeniable charm. She’s the epitome of love and companionship, always ready to melt your heart with her adorable antics and snuggly adventures. But Maya doesn’t stop at just being a snuggle expert; she’s also a fashionista with her very own accessory line, @oh_ma_heart. From stylish collars to chic bandanas, Maya adds a touch of flair to your pet’s wardrobe. Follow this furry fashionista and pro cuddler for a daily dose of cuteness, style, and heartwarming moments that will make your day brighter!

80. Chelsea & Halo

Insta followers: 1,583
Meet the incredible duo of bounder collies, Chelsea and Halo, who aren’t just your typical canines; they are canine freestyle and agility performers extraordinaire! @chasingchelse’s Instagram is a thrilling showcase of their boundless energy, agility, and the mesmerising dance of canine grace. Chelsea and Halo are the dynamic pair that seamlessly blend athleticism and artistry, making every performance a mesmerising spectacle. Whether they’re leaping through hoops or twirling in perfect harmony, these border collies redefine what it means to be agile and graceful. Follow them for a daily dose of thrilling stunts and heartwarming moments that will leave you in awe of their incredible talents!

81. Lady Fluffington and Mr Gray

Insta followers: 1 730
Embark on whimsical adventures with Lady Fluffington, the enchanting bunny, and Mr. Gray, the charismatic ringneck parrot! Their Instagram account, @lady_fluffington_and_mr_gray, is a captivating journey through the delightful lives of this unlikely yet utterly charming duo. From playful romps to endearing conversations, Lady Fluffington and Mr. Gray redefine the meaning of friendship and inter-species bonding. Follow them for a daily dose of heartwarming moments and quirky escapades that showcase the magic that can happen when different species come together to create a unique and beautiful friendship!

82. Winston & Willows World 

Instagram followers: 1,788
Embarking on a Frenchie Adventure, Sir Winston and Willow have carved a unique path that goes beyond the ordinary. This dynamic Sable Fawn and Blue Tan Frenchie duo isn’t just about adorable poses; they’re building a budding career that’s capturing hearts and leaving a paw-print on the digital landscape. Their charisma shines through in every photoshoot, showcasing their playful dynamics, endearing expressions, and the inseparable bond they share. Whether they’re decked out in fashionable outfits or simply enjoying a sunny day, their natural magnetism translates seamlessly into their photos.


83. Echo The Floof


Instagram Followers: 1,879
Meet Echo, the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog who brings a touch of wilderness to everyday life. With a regal presence and a heart of gold, Echo’s Instagram showcases the adventures and antics of this domesticated bear. As a true embodiment of the Bernese breed, Echo lives life to the fullest, powered by the goodness of fresh food and a raw vitality that resonates in every charming photo. With a captivating personality and fur as fluffy as the clouds, Echo’s journey reminds us that even in the modern world, the spirit of the wild can thrive. Follow along for a daily dose of floofiness and a glimpse into the life of a lovable furry companion.

84. It’s Jaspers Life

Instagram Followers: 1,637
Introducing Jasper, the spirited 2-year-old rescue pup who has stolen hearts with his fetch-obsessed antics. With his endearing charm and playful energy, Jasper’s journey is beautifully documented on his Instagram account, “itsjasperslife.” Jasper’s story is one of resilience and joy, showcasing the incredible transformations that rescue pups undergo. As a beloved member of the @placeapup_foundation, Jasper’s account offers a heartwarming glimpse into his life after finding his forever home. At the heart of Jasper’s world is his unwavering love for fetch. With a boundless enthusiasm for the game, he brings a dose of happiness to every throw and catch. 

85. Jessica The Bulldog

Instagram Followers: 1,204
Introducing Lady Jessica, a regal bulldog with a flair for all things playful and heartwarming. As a devoted sportsperson, she’s the reigning champion of snacks, cuddles, snores, and yes, even the occasional adorable snort. Discover her captivating world on Instagram at “jessica_the_bulldog.” Lady Jessica’s account is a delightful blend of elegance and goofiness, perfectly capturing her multifaceted personality. From her regal poses to her endearing snores and playful antics, every post offers a glimpse into the unique charm that defines bulldogs.


86. BarklysNewLife

Instagram Followers: 1,816
Enter the heartwarming world of “Barkly’s New Life,” where a remarkable canine ambassador named Barkly shares his journey of rescue, adoption, and newfound happiness. As a beacon of hope for all rescue dogs, Barkly’s story is a testament to the transformative power of love and second chances. Barkly’s journey stands as a tribute to all rescue dogs, shedding light on their incredible resilience and capacity to thrive once given a chance. As an ambassador, he not only shares his own story but also advocates for the countless other dogs waiting for their forever families.

87. Shia The Belgain

Instagram Followers: 1,928
Introducing Shia: The Adventure-Seeking Belgian Malinois Redefining Canine Excitement. Meet Shia, a Belgian Malinois whose Instagram account, @shia_the_belgian_malinois, is a thrilling adventure through the eyes of a spirited canine. With a heart full of curiosity and an insatiable love for exploration, Shia takes his followers on a journey filled with energy, enthusiasm, and heartwarming moments. With his expressive eyes and contagious zest for life, Shia has carved a niche as an influencer who inspires pet lovers to embrace the outdoors, engage in bonding activities, and cherish the companionship that furry friends bring. His account is a reminder that every day is an opportunity for a new adventure, and every moment with a loyal companion is a treasure to be cherished.

88. Freddie The Rescue Pup

Instagram Followers: 1,426
Meet Freddie: The Cypriot Rescue Pup Embracing Life’s Simple Pleasures. With a love for sleeping, a passion for chasing squirrels, and a unique affinity for hairbrushes, Freddie’s adventures are a delightful blend of coziness and playful antics. Freddie’s posts are a testament to the beauty of life’s simple pleasures. From his peaceful naps to his exhilarating squirrel-chasing escapades, every snapshot captures the essence of puppyhood and the wonder of discovery. As a rescue pup, Freddie embodies the transformative power of love and second chances. His journey reminds us that every furry friend deserves a life filled with happiness, care, and the warmth of a loving family.

89. Zoe Cocker


Instagram Followers: 3,524
Meet Zoe, the delightful golden brown spaniel with a heart full of playfulness! 🐾🌟 Follow her on Instagram at @zoe_cocker2016, where every post is a testament to her joy for life and her love for striking the cutest poses, especially when adorned with adorable bandanas. Zoe is not just a pup; she’s a bundle of energy and charm, always ready to embark on new adventures and share her infectious enthusiasm with her followers. Her playful spirit radiates through every snapshot, capturing the essence of a spaniel who knows how to have a good time.

90. Duke 

Instagram followers: 1,291
Duke’s Instagram account, @duke_the_bull_terrier_, is a window into the vibrant world of this charismatic Bull Terrier. With a personality as unique as his distinctive appearance, Duke commands attention and steals hearts with every post. Duke’s individuality shines through his expressive eyes and endearing smile. Whether he’s striking a pose or caught in a candid moment, his charm radiates, making him an instant favorite among followers.

91. Pluto & Luna

Instagram Followers: 1,070
Meet the dynamic duo that’s stealing hearts across South Africa – Pluto and Luna, the Great Danes who reign as the most spoiled and cherished pets in the nation. Their Instagram account, “pluto_and_luna_thedanes,” invites you into a world of majestic charm, hilarious antics, and the undeniable bond that defines their unique friendship. Pluto and Luna embody the spirit of adventure and companionship. Their larger-than-life personalities shine through in every captivating post, whether they’re frolicking through scenic terrains or sharing cozy moments at home.

92. Moments With Murray

Instagram Followers: 973
Murray’s account invites you into a world of heartwarming moments and joyful adventures. With his golden fur and infectious smile, he embodies the true spirit of a Golden Retriever, radiating positivity and love. “moments_with_murray” offers a glimpse into the bond between Murray and his humans. From playful romps in the park to quiet moments of reflection, each post encapsulates the beauty of the relationship shared between a dog and his family.

93. Milly The American Bully

Instagram Followers: 774
Meet Milly: The 2-Year-Old American Bully Who Radiates Charm and Personality. Step into the captivating world of Milly, a 2-year-old American Bully whose Instagram presence is a delightful blend of playfulness and endearing moments. With a personality that shines through every post, Milly captures hearts with her charming expressions and joyful antics, not forgetting the most stylish outfits.

94. Lilly Billy

Instagram Followers: 1,057
Say hello to Lilly, an adorable Golden Retriever who brings double the joy and love to Instagram. Lilly’s account, @lilly_billy_the_goldie, is a treasure trove of heartwarming moments and outdoor escapades. With a passion for swimming and an insatiable thirst for attention, she’s here to steal your hearts. Her love for swimming shines through every post as they make a splash in their aquatic adventures. Her joy in the water is infectious, and their enthusiasm captures the essence of carefree play.

95. Wilder The Gsp 

Instagram Followers: 1,195
Step into the world of Wilder, the charismatic German Shorthaired Pointer whose Instagram account, @its_me_wilder_the_gsp, is a thrilling journey through the great outdoors. With a boundless zest for adventure and a playful spirit, Wilder embodies the essence of a four-legged explorer. Wilder’s posts are a testament to his breed’s athleticism and curiosity. From hiking through scenic landscapes to embarking on new trails, every snapshot captures the thrill of discovery and the joy of being in nature.

96. Zara and Romey

Instagram Followers: 1,019
Meet Zara & Romey: The Dynamic Duo of American Bully Love and Treat Enthusiasm.The American Bully duo whose Instagram account, @zara_and_romey_americanbullys, is a delightful showcase of their bond and treat-filled adventures. With birthdays to celebrate and a shared belief that treats are life, Zara and Romey are a force to be reckoned with. Zara and Romey’s posts are a celebration of friendship and the joy that comes from being each other’s constant companions. Their love for life is evident in every snapshot, whether they’re playing together, posing for the camera, or simply enjoying each other’s company.

97. Life Of Olly Bunny

Instagram Followers: 560
Meet Olly: The Adorable Netherland Dwarf x Jersey Woolly Bunny Bringing Playful Charm to Your Feed. Introducing Olly, a delightful bunny whose Instagram account, @life_of_olly_bunny, is a whimsical journey through his world of playful antics, scrumptious eating, and boundless fun. With his unique Netherland Dwarf x Jersey Woolly heritage, Olly is a bundle of joy that’s sure to brighten your day. Olly’s posts are a celebration of the small joys that make a bunny’s life special. Whether he’s hopping around with uncontainable energy or savoring his favorite treats, every snapshot captures his zest for life and his contagious spirit of adventure. As a Netherland Dwarf x Jersey Woolly mix, Olly embodies the charm and character of two beloved bunny breeds. 

98. Doberador Cooks & Silver

Instagram Followers: 948
Say hello to Silver and Cooks, the Doberador pair whose Instagram account, @doberador_cookssilver, is a delightful fusion of four-legged flair and culinary cuteness. With a blend of Doberman and Labrador heritage, these pups are bringing a mix of energy, playfulness, and foodie fun to your feed. Silver and Cooks’ posts are a testament to their vibrant personalities and shared adventures. From exploring their surroundings to indulging in tasty treats, every snapshot captures the essence of their dynamic duo. As Doberadors, Silver and Cooks embody the best of both breeds – the Doberman’s loyalty and the Labrador’s playful charm. Their account is a tribute to the unique qualities that each breed brings to their joyful partnership.

99. Kairo German Shepard

Instagram followers: 856
Step into the world of Kairo, the German Shepherd whose spirit knows no bounds. With unwavering loyalty and a heart full of courage, Kairo’s Instagram offers a front-row seat to the thrilling adventures and heartwarming moments shared with his human companions. With each captivating photo, Kairo proves that loyalty and companionship are the cornerstones of his life. Join Kairo on his quest for discovery and the joyful pursuit of every moment. As a true guardian of loyalty and adventure, he reminds us that the bond between a dog and their human is a journey that’s truly timeless.

100. Maximus and Aslan 

Instagram followers: 523
Dive into the heartwarming world of Maximus the Morkie and Aslan the Maltese. Their account, @maximus_and_aslan_fd, is a delightful blend of playfulness, companionship, and the unique bond that only canine brothers can share. The account is a captivating tapestry of moments that capture the essence of their companionship. From exhilarating playtimes to cozy cuddles, every post tells a story of their journey together. It’s not just about two dogs; it’s about the profound bond they share with each other and their human. Maximus and Aslan’s interactions showcase a beautiful harmony of personalities. Their playtimes are a delightful blend of energy and grace, a reflection of their individual spirits united in a symphony of joy. And while they engage in their playful antics, their love for their human remains a constant thread, woven into every interaction.

Each pet on this list has brought something special to the table, captivating our community with their charm, creativity, and undeniable influence. From heart-melting moments to trendsetting adventures, these pets have proven that the magic of the animal kingdom knows no bounds. Stay tuned for more paw-some content, heartwarming stories, and, of course, the never-ending joy that our beloved pets bring.


  1. What a wonderful blog post! How exciting to see our Barklysnewlife account listed. There are my any of our favourite online friends on your list and some new snoots we are going to follow and boop! Great website – we look forward to seeing you grow.

  2. Nr 13. Those 2 are just amazing dogs. The cute and cool stuff they share on Instagram is just so entertaining. They are also gorgeous looking doggies. Luv them to bits. ❤️

  3. My wife and I reside in Bettys Bay Cape. I am73 and a pensioner. During a 20 plus year era we have had
    three Registered Golden Retrievers..from puppies. We live in a rural biosphere five minutes from the beach and are avid and passionately endeared to canines, particularly after our Retriever experienced. Our last pet, Hannah, was a fully trained therapy animal visiting old age institutions with my wife and in proximity to our home. Due to progressive age we are not keen going through the puppy process again but rather provide a
    loving home for an older animal.

    • Hi Chris, Thank you for reaching out to us. Thank you so much for your interest in providing a loving home to an older rescue animal. Unfortunately we do not have any rescue centres located in Bettys Bay. However, I do know there is a wonderful shelter in nearby Kleinmond, you can learn more about them and view adoptable animals here. Although we don’t have rescues in Bettys Bay directly, I encourage you to browse our nationwide directory of animal services and shelters here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.Wishing you the very best in your adoption journey.

  4. Hello, our pup Athena has more than 7000 followers on instagram. We’re based in Johannesburg and have been on instagram for over a year. Her name is Athena the Africanis Dog @athenatheafricanisdog she’s also on tiktok and YouTube. She loves cheese and is very friendly.

    • Hi Melissa, thank you for sharing Athena with us. We are delighted to hear about her. I’ll make sure to share Athena’s details with our Social Media Manager. As we refine our list in the future.


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