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Ensuring Quality and Safety: How Pets24 Vets Breeder Listings

Pets24 aims to connect pet buyers with ethical, responsible breeders. However, we recognize that online platforms also provide opportunities for scammers. That’s why transparency and community are so important.

1. Breeders and Listings

Pets24 acts connects individuals interested in finding pets with registered breeders. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about breeders to facilitate informed decisions. However, it is important to note that we do not own, operate, or endorse any of the breeders listed on our website.

Vetting Process

Pets24 is committed to ensuring the credibility and authenticity of the breeders listed on our platform. To achieve this, we employ a multi-step vetting process that involves: a.  Breeder Organizations: We prioritize breeders affiliated with reputable organizations such as the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), CanineSA (for dogs), and the Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC) (for cats). Breeders associated with these organizations are expected to meet specific standards and adhere to ethical practices.

  • KUSA – KUSA is a voluntary association comprising of members on whose behalf KUSA maintains the registers and records of ancestry and health test results. Whilst Members are expected to adhere to a code of ethics, KUSA cannot guarantee that any registered dog or subsequent progeny are free from any inheritable conditions nor any standard of quality or performance. Therefore, it is imperative that you do thorough research and an in-person visit to any breeder before purchasing a puppy.
  • CanineSA – CanineSA is the largest private canine genealogy registrar in South Africa and assists dog breeders with registering their puppies in South Africa and abroad. CanineSA is an independent canine genealogy organisation. They offer a quality, reliable and competitively priced genealogy service to registered canine/dog breeders. All puppies registered have thoroughbred pedigrees.
  • SACC – “The SACC exists primarily to assist cat breeders and stakeholders in SACC by providing relevant, up-to-date information about SACC and pedigreed cats, focusing on topics related to pedigreed cats, cat shows, administration, and the organized cat fancy at large.As the central internet hub for all things SACC, this site strives to provide important news relevant to SACC, cat breeds and the organized cat fancy, both local and international.The Southern Africa Cat Council’s objectives include:
    • Administer the registration of pedigrees of cats and kittens
    • Promulgate the rules of the management of cat shows
    • Promote the interest of breeders and exhibitors of cats
    • Ensure the efficient co-existence of its Councils and offices
    • Promulgate rules, regulations and codes of ethics
    • Lay down standards for all Breeds in conjunction with Member Clubs, the Breed Council and the SA Council of Cat Judges
    • Promote a knowledge of Cats and Breed Standards by investigating or to assist in investigations to ensure that the breeding of cats and the showing of cats are according to the highest standards
    • Train or to assist in training of persons for the breeding, judging, show managing and stewarding of cats”

    Source: The Southern Africa Cat Council Please contact the Registrar for verification of kitten registration or if you have any queries regarding the listed breeders.

b. Pet Community Reviews: We highly value the input and feedback of our pet community. Our platform encourages members to share their experiences, leave reviews, and report any concerns regarding breeders. We leverage these insights to identify reputable breeders and identify potential scammers.

c. Scam Monitoring: Pets24 actively monitors various websites known for reporting pet scams, including:

  • Scampum: We regularly check this website for reporting scams, gathering information to identify potential scammers and alert our community.
  • Hellopeter: As a popular consumer review platform, we investigate any reports related to breeders listed on our platform to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Petsplace: We refer to the Petsplace comprehensive scam list, which serves as a valuable resource for identifying and blacklisting untrustworthy breeders.
  • Puppy Scams in South Africa: We participate in Facebook groups dedicated to reporting puppy scams in South Africa, actively monitoring and taking action against scammers.

d. Verification Process: We require breeders to submit relevant documents to verify their authenticity to claim their listings. Breeders must provide registration documents from KUSA, CanineSA or SACC, demonstrating their affiliation with recognized organizations. Additionally, breeders provide us with references to establish trust and credibility.

3. Limitations of Liability

While Pets24 takes considerable measures to ensure the quality and safety of our breeder listings, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or legality of the information provided by breeders. We do not assume responsibility for any transaction, interaction, or dispute between breeders and potential pet owners.

4. Personal Responsibility

It is crucial for users of Pets24 to exercise caution and conduct their own due diligence when engaging with breeders. We recommend thoroughly researching and personally verifying any information provided by breeders, including their registration documents, references, and reviews. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to make informed decisions and assess the suitability of breeders and their practices.

5. Feedback and Reporting

Pets24 encourages our users to provide feedback and report any concerns regarding breeders or listings on our platform. Your input is valuable in maintaining a reliable and trustworthy community. Please get in touch with our support team through woof@pets24 to report any issues or share your experiences. By using the Pets24 website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions stated here. Thank you for choosing Pets24. We hope you have a positive and fulfilling experience searching for a beloved pet companion.



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