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Top 10 Amazing Dog parks in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has many beautiful parks you can enjoy with your family. But not all of the parks allow your four-legged family member. Fortunately, Johannesburg has a couple of pet-friendly parks the whole family can visit. Here are the top ten pawsome dog parks in Johannesburg that you will love!

 1  James & Ethel Gray Park

Trees on the lawn at James & Ethel Gray Park

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Google Reviews: 4.3

The James & Ethel Gray Park is one of the pawsome dog parks in Johannesburg to walk your dog because it is primarily populated by dog walkers. It is in the upscale neighborhood of Birdhaven, just south of the glitzy Melrose Arch. Through its 36 hectares, the Sandspruit River flows, bringing a lovely, peaceful ambiance. There are winding walks, clean restrooms, and landscaping that combines native plants and well-kept grass. Your fur baby can run around freely off-leash and is protected by a fence around the park.  Get more details about James & Ethel Gray Park here.

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 2  The Wilds Nature Reserve

Landscape with grass and trees at The Wilds Nature Reserve

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Google Reviews: 4.5

The Wilds Nature Reserve is a peaceful park where you can escape from the adjacent inner city suburbs and take your dog for a walk. The park is among the best dog parks in Johannesburg, where you can have a picnic or stroll with your dog on a lead. There is lots of shade around the park, so you can spend all day there. Get more info about the park here.

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 3  Emmarentia Park

Pathway in the middle of trees and lawn at Emmarentia Park

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Google Reviews: 4.6

Emmarentia Park, north of Johannesburg, is one of the city’s best parks to walk your doggy. It is one of the most beautiful dog parks in Johannesburg to escape from city life. It features peaceful lawns where the family may gather and play. Your dog can run freely, off-leash, to his heart’s content! The walks are dotted with wooden chairs arranged deliberately to provide periods of calm. Your fur buddy can also enjoy a splash and swim in the Emmerentia dams. Get more info about Emmarentia Park here.

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 4  Walkhaven Dog Park


Google Reviews: 4.7 Walkhaven Dog Park has 22 hectares of rolling grassland for your fur buddy to run on. There are two dams for your dog to swim in, various hiking trails, braai, and picnic facilities. The best part is that your dog can run around leash free. Just be sure to clean up after your dog (poo bags are available in the bar and deck area). Find out more about Walkhaven Dog Park here.

 5  Golden Harvest Park

Pond surrounded by trees at Golden Harvest Park

Image Source:

Google Reviews: 4.3 Next to the Northgate Dome, in the city’s northern suburbs, is a lush 55-hectare Golden Harvest Park. The park has winding paths around a dam and native bushland, which is one of Johannesburg’s best-kept secrets! Many Johannesburg residents need to know about this gorgeous park. The park usually has lots of dogs running around happily with no leashes. Your dog will meet many furry friends at the park! There are even specially marked doggy bins when you have to pick up after your dog. Get more details about the park here.

 6  Rhodes Park

Pond surrounded by trees, grass and a pathway at Rhodes Park

Image Source:

Reviews: 4.0

Rhodes Park is one of the best dog parks in Johannesburg because it is a small beautiful park where you can walk your dog with a leash. You are guided around the park by a gorgeous combination of stepping stones and railroad sleepers along the paths, over waterfalls, thickets, and lovely ponds. Find out more about the park here.

 7  Lonehill Park

People walking and laying on the grass at Lonehill Park


Google Reviews: 4.6 The Lonehill Recreational Park has a breathtaking view of the Lonehill Koppie, a dam as the focal point beautifully maintained grassy meadows ideal for a picnic in the sun, and a great place to walk your dog. Among the best parks. You can walk your dog on a leash around a lovely pond with well-maintained grass and plants. Find out more about the park here.

 8  Huddle Park Golf & Recreation

Buildings at Huddle Park Golf & Recreation surrounded by grass

Image Source:

Google Reviews: 4.2  Huddle Park is dog walker heaven. You and your four-legged friend can explore a variety of routes for different fitness levels or make your way through little forests and ponds. The dog walking trails are clearly marked, so you know which paths to walk. Find out more about the park here.

 9  Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

Field with trees and grass at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

Image Source:

Google Reviews: 4.4

Johannesburg Botanical Gardens has large, grassy, open areas frequented by runners, picnickers, and dog walkers. Use the “doggy” entrance for a pleasant walk with your dog. Your dog can run freely off-leash in dog-walking areas. Johannesburg Botanical Gardens is one of the dog parks in Johannesburg where your dog can take a dip in the ponds. Find out more about the park here.

 10  Loerie Park

Image Source:

Google Reviews: 4.5

Loerie Park is among the dog parks in Johannesburg where your dog can walk free off the lead. The park is fully fenced and has closed gates, so you and your doggy are safe. This park is excellent for walking dogs as it is a 1.2km grass lap. There are also many dog walkers to socialize with, so you and your dog can make new friends. Get more details about the park here.

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There you have it. These are the top ten dog parks in Johannesburg. If you know of any other pet-tastic parks in Johannesburg, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you. If you are around Johannesburg looking for places to go in Johannesburg, check out the best pet-friendly restaurants in Johannesburg.



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