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Fantastic Johannesburg Dog Kennels – Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

When it comes to our beloved pets, nothing short of a home away from home will do. For Johannesburg’s discerning pet owners, ensuring their furry companions receive top-notch care and comfort while they’re away is very important. Luckily, the city boasts a variety of dog kennels, each offering its own blend of luxury, care, and personalized attention. Let’s take a closer look at five exceptional kennels around Johannesburg, from the cosy comforts to the expansive play areas.

Badham’s Fourways Kennels – Fourways

Dog in a kennel at Badham’s Fourways Kennels

Established in 1982 by Mick and Joan Badham, Badham’s Fourways Kennels has over 30 years of experience in providing a loving, family-oriented environment for pets. Nestled in the heart of Fourways, this family-run business prides itself on offering comfortable country-style accommodations for cats and dogs alike. Mick, Joan, and their dedicated staff ensure that each furry guest receives plenty of TLC, delicious meals, and ample playtime.

Doggy Day Care is also offered for those pets who are bored and lonely at home. The kennel also features a Pet Salon where professional groomers cater to cats’ and dogs’ grooming needs.

Badham’s Fourways Kennels also provides heated kennels for chilly nights, ensuring pets stay warm and comfortable. Additionally, their Collection & Delivery service lightens the load for pet owners, offering transport for boarding, grooming, or day play.

Get the contact details for Badham’s Fourways Kennels here

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BF Kennels & Cattery – Riversands

Two dogs playing in a kennel
Stock Image

BF Kennels & Cattery was established in 1968; they focus on personalized attention for your pet.  The passionate team of caregivers at this establishment is committed to ensuring every guest—whether cat, dog, bird, or small animal—feels cherished and content during their stay. Specializing in accommodating pets with special dietary needs and those requiring medication, this kennel goes above and beyond to provide a nurturing environment.

Services include accommodations for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. They also offer heated kennels for the winter months, ensuring pets stay cosy. The kennel also provides professional grooming services in its onsite parlour.

For pet owners seeking a place where their furry friends will receive individualized care and attention to detail, BF Kennels & Cattery is a top choice.

Get the contact details of BF Kennels & Cattery.

Farm Girls & Tiny Town Doggy Daycare and Boarding Kennel – Fourways

Man walking dogs at Farm Girls kennels

With a maximum capacity of forty boarding dogs, Farm Girls & Tiny Town Doggy Daycare and Boarding Kennel offers niche boarding services. This facility prides itself on providing a safe and secure environment for pets, ensuring that gates are never left open accidentally and staff are always on-site, 24/7/365. From full-day access to expansive, fenced-in spaces to regular games and stimulation, each pet receives personalized attention and care.

The kennel’s standard rate includes full-day access to 7000 square meters of safe, fenced-in space, two on-leash walks per day over the entire property, regular games, and stimulation tailored to each dog’s preferences, among other amenities. Additionally, they offer assistance from a dog behaviourist, probiotics with every meal, and individual kennels for each pet at night during stormy weather.

For pet owners looking for a smaller, personalized boarding experience where their pets can feel safe and cherished, Farm Girls & Tiny Town Doggy Daycare is an excellent option.

Get the contact details of Farm Girls & Tiny Town Doggy Daycare and Boarding Kennel – Fourways here

Paws-resort Kennels and Catteries – Midrand

Man looking after dog at Paws Resort kennels

Paws-resort Kennels and Catteries offers dogs the ultimate holiday experience with its luxurious accommodations. Set within expansive grassed gardens, each family of dogs enjoys its own individual space for play, relaxation, and socialization. Whether your pet prefers the spacious Luxury Chalets or the cozy Regular Garden Kennels, they’ll be treated to warmth, comfort, and attentive care. With an on-site veterinary team and various amenities, Paws-resort ensures a safe and enjoyable stay for furry guests.

The resort provides luxurious accommodations for up to 60 dog families concurrently. Each family enjoys its own individual grassed garden with ample space for play. They offer two types of kennels to suit various needs and budgets, with heating available for the Luxury Chalets during winter. Additionally, warm blankets and bedding are provided for all dogs at no additional charge.

For pet owners seeking a luxurious retreat where their dogs can relax, play, and receive top-notch care, Paws-resort Kennels and Catteries is an excellent choice.

Get the contacts of Paws-resort Kennels and Catteries here.

Austinview Kennels – Midrand

dog playing in Ausitn Views kennnels

Situated on a 1.3-hectare agricultural property in Austinview, Midrand, Austinview Kennels offers a serene and comfortable retreat for dogs of all breeds. With 20 safe and spacious kennels finished in a natural stone look, each dog enjoys a warm sleeping area and a shaded outdoor space. The kennel’s daily routine includes attentive care, exercise, and special accommodations for dogs with medication needs. Austinview Kennels provides a loving environment where pets can feel at home even when their owners are away.

The kennel’s routine includes morning care such as shaking out bedding, cleaning sleeping areas, preparing meals, and administering medication if needed. Dogs also get supervised exercise in separate fenced-off areas for different-sized dogs.

Austinview Kennels is a wonderful option for pet owners seeking a tranquil and nurturing environment where their dogs can relax and thrive.

Get the contacts for Austinview Kennels here.

Kenelm Kennels – Walkerville

Dog playing with ball in kennel
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Kenelm Kennels in Walkerville offers a boutique kennel experience overseen by its owner. Nestled within a shaded property, this kennel prioritizes the individual requirements of each pet. With generously spaced, fully fenced, and grass-covered garden kennels, dogs of all breeds and sizes can enjoy a comfortable and safe retreat. The kennel also offers exercise runs for dogs and arrangements for individual daily walks.

Maintaining impeccable cleanliness, Kenelm Kennels ensures that kennels undergo hourly cleaning, upholding hygienic standards. With a 24-hour veterinarian available on call and a pickup/drop-off service, pet owners can rest assured their furry friends are well-cared for.

For pet owners seeking a boutique kennel experience where their pets receive personalized attention and care, Kenelm Kennels in Walkerville is an excellent choice.

Get the contact details for Kenelm Kennels here.

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Foxhill Kennels And Cattery – Midrand

Dog looking outside kennel at FOXhill Kennels
Facebook – FOXhill Kennels and Cattery

Nestled on a quiet, tranquil smallholding in Midrand, Foxhill Kennels And Cattery offers a stress-free retreat for pets. With grassed units and spacious runs, each pet enjoys a comfortable sleeping area and ample space for playtime. The kennel prides itself on providing personalized attention, with only two people living on the property handling, feeding, and caring for the pets. This ensures that each furry guest receives the utmost care and attention to detail.

The kennel’s grassed units with comfortable sleeping areas and spacious runs provide a natural and stress-free environment for pets. Each run includes natural shade and a paddle pool for playtime.

Foxhill Kennels and Cattery provides a cozy retreat for pet owners seeking a quiet, stress-free environment where their pets can feel at home.

Get the contacts for Foxhill Kennels And Cattery here.

If you are looking for more dog kennels, search for dog kennels on the Pets24 Services Directory.

Johannesburg’s dog kennels offer a range of options for pet owners seeking the best care and comfort for their furry companions. Whether it’s  Badham’s Fourways Kennels or Farm Girls & Tiny Town Doggy Daycare, each kennel provides a unique experience tailored to pets’ needs. From doggy daycare to heated kennels and professional grooming services, these kennels ensure that pets receive the love and attention they deserve, making their stay a delightful one. Pet owners can rest assured that their furry family members are in good hands at these exceptional retreats.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, details such as services offered, rates, and availability may vary. It is recommended to directly contact the kennels for the most up-to-date and specific information regarding your pet’s needs.



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