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Fun Pet-Friendly Things to Do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is one of South Africa’s most vibrant cities, making it a terrific place to live or visit. Although it is always enjoyable for the whole family, did you know that there are many pet-friendly restaurants and activities as well? Here are our top picks for Pet-friendly things to do in Johannesburg.

 1  The Linden Market

Man and woman selling clothes at The Linden Market. Pet-friendly things to do in Johannesburg.

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The Linden Market takes place at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Emmarentia. This is one of the best pet-friendly things to do in Johannesburg. They enjoy having pets around so much that they have water stations all over the market. They urge you to ensure your dog is always leashed and clean up after it is at the market. The Linden Market is seasonal and takes place once every 3 months, Autumn, Winter, Spring & Christmas. Tickets for the market are available at the gate and online. Get more info about the market here.

 2  The Wild Side

The Wild Side restaurant with green walls

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Looking for a yummy treat for you and your fur buddy? The Wild Side has got you covered. They have dishes with robust flavours and character. A positive atmosphere may be created in practically any place. But if you want to feel liberated, head to The Wild Side. Where you are moved by the people, music, and food. Bring your beloved pet to The Wild Side for a delicious lunch in a spectacular setting. Find The Wild Side’s contact details by clicking here.

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 3  Walkhaven Dog Park

Landscape of Walkhaven Dog Park with a building with a thatched roof.

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Take a walk with your paw buddy at the Walkhaven Dog Park. There is so much you can do with your dog at the park, and it is one of the best pet-friendly things in Johannesburg. Walkhaven Dog Park has 22 hectares of rolling grassland for your fur buddy to run on. There are two dams for your dog to swim in, various hiking trails, braai, and picnic facilities. The best part is that your dog can run around leash free. Just remember to clean up after your dog (poo bags are available in the bar and deck area). Find out more about Walkhaven Dog Park here.

 4  The Whippet

The whippet restaurant with black walls

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The Whippet values exceptional coffee and cutting-edge cuisine. Only the best beans are used, sourced, roasted, and blended by a team of baristas. One of the owners, Suzanne, is passionate about cooking dishes that make you feel nostalgic. She crafts a dining and drinking experience that evokes feelings of coziness and community. Going to the restaurant is one of the best pet-friendly things in Johannesburg, as they love people and dogs. While enjoying the great food, coffee, and environment at The Whippet, bring your four-legged buddy along! Find The Whippet’s contact details by clicking here.

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 5  Voodoo Lily Café

People dining in the outside seating area of Voodoo Lily Café. Pet-friendly things to do in Johannesburg.

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It is simple to understand why Voodoo Lily Cafe is so well-liked with its lively atmosphere, intriguing menu, and pet-friendly setting.  If your dog is on a leash, you may sit outside in the open area while they enjoy fresh water and treats from the pet-friendly menu. These include organic chicken, organic chicken livers, and dog biscuits. Voodoo Lily Cafe also supports fair trade, sustainability, and organic practices, so they do a lot of good for people—and dogs! Did we miss any pet-friendly things to do in Johannesburg that you and your pooch love? Let us know with a comment below. If you are particularly looking for places where you can have some yummy food with your pet, check out pet-friendly restaurants in Johannesburg. If you are keen on walking, check out these amazing dog parks in Johannesburg.


  1. The Saturday Morning Market in Melville in Carlow Rd is also pet friendly. Many people bring their dogs and stalls have water out for them. One can also get organic dog treats from the baker Marc, who makes them while baking the bread for the market.

    • Hi Roger,Thank you for sharing the information about the pet-friendly Saturday Morning Market and Marc’s organic dog treats! Your input is a big help as we keep our content up-to-date. Much appreciated!

  2. I rate Walkhaven the best venue ever. A safe and beautiful country venue in honeydew where your socialized fur babies can run around safely off leash, make friends and swim in the dams. There is a walk around the property and an awesome restaurant where dogs are also welcome off-leash. It is a family-run business and highly recommended.

    • Thank you very much for your recommendation! We will definitely look into adding Paoli Dog Park into our article!


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