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November Cat Food Specials: Treats for Your Feline Friends!

As November unfolds, cat lovers can rejoice in the abundance of fantastic cat food specials available at various pet stores. Whether you’re looking for premium wet food, high-quality dry kibble, or special treats for your feline companions, this month has something for every cat owner. Let’s dive into the purr-fect deals from Woolworths, Petshop Science, Pick n Pay, Checkers, and ePetstore, ensuring your furry friends are well-fed and pampered.

Woolworths Cat Food Specials 

Woolworths. Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Find pawsome cat food specials for Whiskas cat treats.

Petshop Science Cat Food Specials 

Petshop Science Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Save 20% off on assorted Royal Canin and Acana dry cat food and Marlton treats at Petshop Science. This deal is valid until 7 January.

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Pick n Pay Cat Food Specials 

Pick n Pay. Pet Food Specials. Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Get great deals on Pamper and Whiskas cat food, when you use your Smart Shopper card.

Checkers Cat Food Specials


Save on various wet cat food and dry cat food such as Pamper, Petley’s and Dr Hahnz when you use your Xtra savings card.

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ePetstore Cat Food Specials 

ePetstore Pet food specials

ePetstore has some awesome specials for cat food and treats for skin care and you can get a free catnip ball and pouch clip when you buy Royal Canin pouches

  1. 15% Off Skin Care -Food & Treats
  2. 15% Off Iams & Royal Canin Cat Food
  3. 20% Off Wet Cat Food
  4. 20% Off Dog & Cat Treats
  5. 30% Off Purr Puree Tubs

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Absolute Pets Cat Food Specials 

Absolute Pets Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Buy one Lokuno pouch and get 1 free at Absolute Pets. This offer is valid while stock lasts.



Makro has some great Black Friday deals and Bulk Deals for dry and wet cat food brands, such as Pamper, Whiskas and Sheba.

  1. Dry Cat Food Promotions
  2. Wet Cat Food Promotions 

This November, spoil your feline friends with the best cat food specials from Woolworths, Petshop Science, Pick n Pay, Checkers, and ePetstore. With discounts, freebies, and exclusive promotions, you can ensure your cats receive the nutrition and treats they need to stay happy and healthy. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals that cater to both your budget and your cat’s discerning tastes.

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