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Unleash Savings: November Dog Food Specials Across Top Retailers!

This November, your furry canine companions are in for a treat with a plethora of dog food specials from leading retailers. From Woolworths to Petshop Science, Pet Heaven, Pick n Pay, Checkers, and ePetstore, there are deals and discounts on top-quality dog food brands that will keep your dogs wagging their tails with delight. Let’s explore the exclusive offers available this month.

Woolworths Dog Food Specials 

Woolworths Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Save on Woolworths Fresh Pet, Pedigree Nutrion Frist and Posh Pets treats. Some of these deals are online only.

Petshop Science Dog Food Specials

Petshop Science. Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Petshop has dry dog food and dog treat promotions on a range of dog food. Get specials on dog food brands like Montego, Optimizor, Royal Canin etc. These specials are valid until the 7 January 2024.

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Pet Heaven Dog Food Specials

Pet Heaven Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Pet Heaven has awesome deals on Acana and Ceasar dog food brands. You can get more savings by using Schedule & Save.

  1. Buy two Ceasar wet food & get one free
  2. Get 15% Off Acana Classic dry dog food

Pick n Pay Dog Food Specials 

Pick n Pay. Pet Food Specials

Get great deals and discounts on dog food brands such as Husky, Bobtail etc, when you use your Smart Shopper card.

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Checkers Dog Food Specials 


Save on BOSS, Waggies, Husky and Petshop dog food brands when you use your Xtra Savings Card. Offers are available for a limited time!

ePetstore Dog Food Specials 

ePetstore. Dog food specials , cat food specials

ePetstore has some awesome specials for dog food and treats for skin care and specials for Cuthbersts Biscuits and

  1. 15% Off Skin Care -Food & Treats
  2. Free pet bed when you buy two bags of Hill’s dog food
  3. 15% Off Eukanuba, Royal Canin & More Dog Food
  4. 30% Off Dog & Cat Treats
  5. 20% Off Dog & Cat Treats


Pet World

Petworld also has some pawsome dog food specials for Fields and Forrest and Montego dog food brands.

    1. Two Montego Karoo Wet Tubs for R90
    2. Save 3 Field & Forest Wet Food 



Petzone has some promotions for various dog food brands, like Montego and Royal Canin.



Makro also has great promotions and Pay4Less and Black Friday deals on dry and wet dog food from brands like Epol, Bobtail, Bob Martin etc.

  1. Dry dog food promotions 
  2. Wet dog food promotions

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