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Popular Dry Cat Food Brands in South Africa

Selecting the right dry cat food is a crucial decision for the overall health and well-being of your feline companion. In the South African market, a wide range of options can make it challenging to find the best dry cat food for your furry friend. This comprehensive guide explores the top dry cat food brands available in South Africa, focusing on Feline Cuisine, Catmor, Ultra Cat, Acana, Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Nutribyte. Each brand offers unique nutritional benefits and high-quality ingredients, making them excellent choices for your beloved feline.

Feline Cuisine

Feline Cuisine cat food. Pets24. Dry cat food

Feline Cuisine is a top-tier dry cat food brand, expertly formulated by resident veterinarians and animal nutritionists to provide overall well-being benefits and extreme taste enjoyment for your cat. Packed with immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, Omega oils, and fatty acids for joint function, Feline Cuisine prioritizes your cat’s health and happiness. The use of fresh meat as a source of protein ensures that your cat receives nourishment in the form they instinctively crave.


catmor cat food

Catmor is dedicated to crafting delicious and nutritionally balanced cat food, ensuring that your furry friends feel feline fine! Their meals are packed with wholesome ingredients, free from artificial additives, and bursting with natural flavors and aromas that your cat will love. Catmor’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond providing great food; they also support cats in need through generous donations of their nutritious cat food in collaboration with the Do More Foundation.

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Ultra Pet

Ultra Pet

Ultra Pet understands the importance of balanced and complete nutrition for pets. Their dry cat food products are formulated by in-house veterinarians, catering to the specific nutritional requirements of each life stage and size. Utilizing fresh chicken meat vacuum-coated kibble making Ultra Pets food a highly palatable taste experience that cats love. Ultra Pet contains Vita-Cat, which is an essential vitamin and mineral pre-mix that contains all the necessary nutrients they need for a healthy and active lifestyle. The incorporation of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and carbohydrates promotes overall health, a strong immune system, and provides the energy your pet needs for an active lifestyle. Being locally manufactured, Ultra Pet’s veterinarian-grade formulation offers affordability without compromising quality.

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Acana cat food. Pets24. dry cat food

Champion Petfoods takes pride in creating premium ACANA™ pet food with the world’s best ingredients, ensuring your pet lives a full and healthy life as a cherished member of your family. Each ACANA recipe includes at least 50% premium animal ingredients, balanced with fruit, vegetables, botanicals, and nutrients. Artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and common allergens like soy, corn, tapioca, or wheat are entirely absent from their kitchens. This commitment to quality and natural nourishment makes Acana a reliable choice for your feline friend.

Hill’s Science Diet

Hills Diet cat food

Hill’s Science Diet is a trusted name in pet nutrition, supported by extensive research and veterinarian recommendations. Their dry cat food formulas are designed to cater to specific health needs, including weight management, urinary tract health, and hairball control. With a wide range of formulas, you can find the perfect option that addresses your cat’s unique dietary requirements, ensuring their overall well-being.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin. Pets24

Royal Canin has gained popularity for its breed-specific and life stage-specific dry cat food formulas. Their meticulous approach ensures that each cat receives the right balance of nutrients for their unique needs. With specially crafted recipes for different breeds, Royal Canin promotes optimal health and an ideal body condition for your beloved feline.

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Nutribyte. Pets24

Nutribyte is a proudly South African dry cat food brand, known for using locally sourced ingredients and veterinarian-approved formulations. Their balanced recipes offer essential nutrients for overall health and cater to cats of all life stages and activity levels. Nutribyte’s dedication to sourcing the best, sustainable ingredients ensures that your pet receives safe and nourishing food from puppy or kitten to adult and senior life stages. Selecting the best dry cat food for your feline friend is a decision that directly impacts their health and happiness.



Whiskas cat food is a favourite among feline enthusiasts, offering a range of delicious wet and dry options. Crafted by nutritionists and veterinarians at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, Whiskas covers the nutritional needs of kittens, adults, and seniors. Their dry food, in unique pellet shapes, aids dental health. With real tuna, salmon, and mackerel flavors, Whiskas prioritizes quality at an affordable price.



Montego’s dry cat food range, including Classic, Monty & Me, and Karoo, provides consistently delicious flavour and balanced nutrition. With raw materials fit for human consumption and added vitamins and minerals, Montego ensures the health and appetites of all cats. From the well-balanced Monty & Me to the nutrient-rich Karoo recipes, Montego caters to cats of all breeds and ages, promoting optimal well-being.

The South African market offers an array of reputable brands, each with its unique nutritional benefits and high-quality ingredients. Feline Cuisine, Catmor, Ultra Cat, Acana, Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Nutribyte stand out as excellent choices for providing optimal nourishment to your beloved cat. Consider your cat’s age, activity level, health requirements, and any dietary sensitivities when making your selection, and always consult with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations. By choosing the right dry cat food, you ensure that your cat leads a healthy, vibrant life, bringing immeasurable joy and contentment to your home. Find these cat food brands and more in one of our listed pet stores near you.

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What is the best cat food in South Africa?

Determining the “best” cat food can be a subjective decision because it depends on your cat’s specific needs and preferences. What might be the best cat food for one cat may not suit another. However, in South Africa, there are several highly reputable cat food brands known for their quality and nutrition. This blog provides detailed information about these brands, allowing you to make an informed choice based on your cat’s individual requirements. It’s essential to consider factors such as your cat’s age, activity level, health condition, and any dietary sensitivities when making this decision.

Can you recommend the best dry cat food in South Africa?

The blog discusses a variety of reputable dry cat food brands available in South Africa. Some of the top brands featured include Feline Cuisine, Catmor, Ultra Cat, Acana, Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Nutribyte. Each of these brands has its unique nutritional benefits to provide optimal nourishment for your beloved feline companion. The best choice for you and your cat will depend on your cat’s specific requirements and preferences.

What is the best affordable cat food in South Africa?

Affordable cat food options are indeed available in South Africa. While the blog highlights premium cat food brands, it also introduces brands, known for providing quality nutrition at reasonable prices. These brands prioritize both affordability and quality, making them suitable choices for cat owners looking for budget-friendly options without compromising their cat’s health and well-being.

What should I consider when choosing the best cat food for my feline companion?

Selecting the best cat food for your feline companion is a crucial decision that directly impacts their health and happiness. When making this decision, you should consider various factors, including your cat’s age, activity level, health requirements, and dietary sensitivities. The blog outlines important criteria and considerations to evaluate cat food brands, helping you make an informed choice that ensures your cat’s overall well-being.

Is Feline Cuisine a good cat food brand?

Feline Cuisine is indeed a highly regarded cat food brand. It stands out as a top-tier choice known for its expert formulation by resident veterinarians and animal nutritionists. This brand prioritizes your cat’s health and happiness by using high-quality ingredients, including fresh meat as a source of protein. Additionally, Feline Cuisine enriches its cat food with immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, Omega oils, and fatty acids to support joint function. This comprehensive approach ensures that your cat receives nourishment in a form they instinctively crave.

Should I feed my cat wet or dry food?

The decision between wet and dry food for your cat depends on factors like health, preferences, and lifestyle. Wet food provides more moisture and can benefit hydration, especially for cats prone to urinary issues. Dry food is convenient and can help with dental health. Consider your cat’s health, taste preferences, and your lifestyle when making the choice. Consulting with your vet can offer personalized recommendations based on your cat’s needs. Here are some wet cat food options.

What is the best kitten food in South Africa?

To determine the best kitten food in South Africa, consider factors like your kitten’s age, breed, and any specific dietary needs. Look for brands that offer complete and balanced nutrition, with high-quality ingredients and no artificial additives. Some reputable options include Feline Cuisine, Catmor, Ultra Pet, Acana, Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Nutribyte, each offering unique nutritional benefits tailored to support your kitten’s growth and development. Consult with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations based on your kitten’s individual requirements. By selecting the right kitten food, you ensure your furry friend receives the essential nutrients for a healthy start in life.

Please note: The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Always consult your veterinarian regarding your pet’s specific condition, nutrition needs, and appropriate diet. Be advised that the nutritional information provided is approximate and averages only. Pet food manufacturers frequently change product formulas and nutrition analyses. We recommend consulting the actual guaranteed analysis on your pet food package.


    • Hello JP,

      We appreciate your feedback and your interest in our articles. We’d like to emphasise that the information presented in our articles is intended for educational and informational purposes. It should never serve as a replacement for professional veterinary advice. When it comes to your pet’s individual condition, dietary requirements, and suitable nutrition, it is crucial to consult with your veterinarian every pet is different.

      Additionally, please keep in mind that the nutritional information provided is approximate and based on averages. Pet food manufacturers frequently update their product formulas and nutritional analyses. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

      Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out.

    • I am totally disgusted with Whiskas, They have change the zip sealing bag of there packaging, also instead they also change the soft centred kibbles to 3 quarter small hard pellets to 1 quarter soft centred soft kibbles. My cat also love Royal Canine Exigin, but way to expensive. Any other advice. She would not eat Feline Cuisine, Catmor or Montego. PS Montego is rubbish!

      • Hi Barnie, Thank you for sharing your experience with Whiskas. If Royal Canine is too expensive, explore affordable brands and experiment with different options, considering your cat’s preferences. If Feline Cuisine, Catmor, and Montego aren’t suitable, consult your vet or ask our AI Vet for personalised advice.

        • Hi Sharon, It’s great to hear that you found a suitable alternative in Woolies Posh Pets, and that your cat enjoys both the wet and dry food options. Each pet has unique preferences, and it’s important to find a brand that aligns well with their tastes.

    • My Persians are thriving on Ultra pet optimal. Hills and Royal Canin are exorbitant with their prices. The rest of the foods mentioned are rubbish.

  1. Did you even research? That ACANA bag you’ve shown doesn’t even exist in South Africa. Catmor is also notoriously known for causes illness and problems. We wont even feed it to ferals. Feline Cuisine doesn’t even meet veterinary minimum nutritional requirements. Hence being sold in a SUPERMARKET. Sincerely, a veterinary buyer who’s job is to acrually know products. Lost a LOT of trust in your articles after this. Next time, fact check before you lie to consumers.

    • Hi Kerri, Thank you for sharing your concerns with us regarding our blog post. We genuinely appreciate your input, and we’d like to address your points. The brands mentioned in the article were chosen based on high ratings and popularity from the pet owner community, e-commerce and pet shop sites.

      Thank you for sharing your views on Catmor and Feline Cuisine, it’s important to stress that the information provided in the article is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional veterinary advice. Pet owners should always consult their veterinarians for personalised recommendations based on their pets’ specific needs. We cater to a wide audience so we include the best cat food brands at different price levels, which explains the variety of cat food brands included.

      Regarding the product images in the blog, we understand the potential for misinterpretation. The purpose of the images is to show examples of the brand’s packaging. We are taking steps to make the images in the blog clearer.

      We value your insights and feedback and encourage you to share your experiences by leaving reviews our pet food directory. This will be a valuable resource for other pet owners seeking information and recommendations. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, we really appreciate it.

    • Sadly only recently learnt about Catmor. Absolute rubbish. Our baby died this weekend, and it was because she was underfed and malnourished. We didn’t know.

      • Hi Anri, We want to express our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beloved cat and the difficulties you faced with a specific dietary choice not meeting their needs. The well-being of our furry companions is a matter of utmost importance, and it’s distressing to see them suffer.

        In light of your experience, we strongly encourage all pet owners to seek expert advice when it comes to their pets’ dietary needs. Every pet is unique, and consulting a veterinarian ensures that they receive the personalised care they deserve.

    • Hi There, I appreciate your observation! Montego Monty&Me is another reputable cat food brand, and your mention is valuable. While it’s not included in this particular list, it could still be a suitable choice for a lot of cat owners. When selecting cat food, consider your cat’s unique needs and preferences, and consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns. Thank you for adding Montego Monty&Me to the discussion!

    • Hi Gayle, Thank you for your question! While the blog mentions the “top 7 cat food brands,” it’s not an exhaustive list. Feel free to explore other options, including Complete Cat Food and consult with your vet to find the best fit for your cat.

    • Hi there, Thank you for your question!

      Whiskas has indeed been a well-established brand in South Africa, and their products have been available for quite some time. However, Whiskas recently underwent a complete brand relaunch before the publication of this article. This relaunch was a significant update to a product that has been a long-standing favourite among cat owners. We will definitely update our article in the coming weeks to ensure the content is relevant and includes up to date brands.

      While the blog mentions the “top 7 cat food brands,” it’s not an exhaustive list. Whiskas is a well-known brand with products that many cats enjoy. Your cat’s specific needs should guide your choice. Feel free to explore other options, including Whiskas, and consult with your vet to find the best fit for your cat.

      If you have any more questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss or clarify, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We value the insights and experiences of our readers and are here to assist you with any pet-related queries you may have.

    • Hi Rob, I appreciate your observation! Montego Monty&Me is another reputable cat food brand, and your mention is valuable. While it’s not included in this particular list, it could still be a suitable choice for a lot of cat owners. When selecting cat food, consider your cat’s unique needs and preferences, and consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns. Thank you for adding Montego Monty&Me to the discussion!

  2. My animals were at their best with the food nature provided. After using the most expensive foods they had a rash
    Then the excuse was the beat juice for health etc. The lived on my prepared foods till very old. Never had to go to the vet after that. I don’t want to live off shakes etc so why animals!

    • Hi Petro, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We truly appreciate your perspective on pet nutrition. It’s essential to acknowledge that every pet is unique, and what works best for one may not work for another. Your story highlights the importance of finding the right dietary approach for your furry companions.

      While some pet owners may opt for specialised or commercial pet foods, your experience underlines the value of natural, homemade meals that have served your animals well. We respect your choice and agree that just as we prioritise a balanced and nutritious diet for ourselves, our pets also deserve the best care possible.

      It’s worth noting that consulting with a veterinarian is crucial to ensure your pets receive the specific nutrients they require. Veterinarians are trained to offer expert advice on your pets’ dietary needs, helping you make informed decisions that promote their health and well-being.

      We encourage every fur parent to do what they believe is best for their pets, while also seeking guidance from veterinary professionals to provide the most suitable and balanced diet tailored to their individual needs. Ultimately, our pets’ health and happiness are what matter most.

  3. Cats are carnivors in the wild, so why are the the domestic cats fed on cat foods with over 30% carbohydrates? My wife offers special needs services at her cat hotel for the growing numbers of cat hotel visiting cats suffering from diabetic & kidney failure issues. Are these vat foods as good as claimed?

    • Hi there Leighton! Thanks for the insightful questions. The above brands have received many positive ratings and reviews across many different platforms such as TakeAlot and Pet Heaven and are popular amongst cat owners in South Africa. However, each pet cat has different nutritional needs and it is very important to understand the distinct dietary requirements of your cats, particularly those with health issues like diabetes or kidney problems. We recommend that you consult your local vet or nutrition specialist to assist you in selecting the appropriate cat food with the right ingredients to keep your precious pet happy and healthy!

    • Hi Angi, We understand your frustration with fish allergies in cat food. You can explore hypoallergenic options designed for cats with food sensitivities, which often exclude fish. Consulting your vet for guidance is recommended.

  4. I had many problems trying put different brands…my vet told me to use feline cuisine…am happy to say they have no health issues with this product….i have an extra bowl of sometimes whiskers…and pampers for a change so they dont get bored.. sticking to feline cuisine as the main menu

    • Hi Lynette, Great to hear your cats are thriving. Consulting your vet was a wise move for their health and happiness.Adding variety to their diet with an extra bowl is a thoughtful way to keep things interesting for them.

  5. Hi yes I used to feed both male cats catmore for two years and now over to Hills as they have been diagnosed with urinary tract infection. No more catmor as this could have been the only cause I think. After this I will try Montego and then maybe alternate to whiskas. Also noting they eat far less now that they are on Hills catfood and have shinier coat ! But definitely no more catmor

    • Hi Kristen, Thank you for sharing your views on Catmor. It’s great to hear that your cats are doing better on the new food. However, it’s important to stress that specific dietary changes should always be made in consultation with a veterinarian, especially when dealing with health issues like urinary tract infections. What works for one cat may not work for another, and individual recommendations can vary significantly.

    • Hi Yolandi, It’s interesting to see how different your pets’ food preferences can be. Your girlies seem to enjoy Lokuno, while your husky prefers canine cuisine. It’s not uncommon for pets to have specific tastes and dietary preferences. Ensuring that each pet gets the right nutrition and enjoys their food is essential for their overall well-being.

  6. One of cats is F.A.T! (We spell it out so as not to offend!
    I can only buy brands that have Weight management options. Wish more brands offered this option. I buy both Feline Cuisine and Hills Prescription as they are the only ones offering weight management products. No choice of flavour.

    • Hi Helen,It can be a bit challenging to find weight management options for our feline friends, especially when some of them tend to be a tad “fluffy.” It’s awesome that you’re being proactive about your cat’s health and looking out for those special diet options.Consulting a vet is always a fantastic idea when it comes to managing your cat’s weight and overall health.

    • Hi Lynn, Thank you for bringing Dr Hahnz to the conversation, Dr Hahnz is another reputable cat food brand, and your mention is valuable. While it’s not included in this particular list, it could still be a suitable choice for a lot of cat owners.

    • Hi Rina, It’s important to prioritise your pet’s health and well-being, so exploring other options is understandable. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to try different brands to find the right balance between quality and cost. Hopefully, you’ll find a suitable alternative that works well for your pet and your budget.

  7. My two ginger cats, 2 years old refuse to eat any brand except Feline Cuisine. Have tried Hills, Montego, and other lesser brands. They sniff and walk away. Both my cats are thriving on Feline Cuisine chicken and rice flavor. There coats are shiny, their eyes are bright. Both very healthy cats.

    • Hi Cheryl, That’s wonderful to hear about your fur babies! It’s always a bit of a journey finding the perfect food that suits their preferences and keeps them healthy. It sounds like Feline Cuisine has truly won their hearts.

    • Hi Engela, Thank you for your comment and bringing up Ideal Cat Food. While the blog does not include Ideal Cat Food, it’s not because it lacks merit. The cat food market is vast, and there are many great brands out there.Your suggestions mean a lot to us! We’re continuously working on updating our content regularly to provide the most helpful and relevant information.

  8. I use Hills.
    Never had a problem with the cats or the food.
    Expensive although I believe it is the best balance dry food available.

    • Hi Penny, Glad to hear that you’ve had a positive experience with Hills for your fur companion! While it may be a bit expensive, it’s wonderful that you believe it offers the best balance in dry food.

  9. We have 12 cats ages between 6 months and 19 years old. We have fed Feline Cuisine and Whiskas for years. Whiskas changed their packaging and within 2 weeks every cat started sicking up the biscuits and then stopped eating them altogether! This was rather alarming, we threw them in the bin and have changed to a vets brand, very much more expensive…but no more problems.

    • Hi Kathlyn, Thanks for sharing your cat food experience. It’s not unusual for pets to react to changes. It’s good that you found a solution with a vet-recommended brand, even though it’s pricier. If you have more concerns, consulting your vet is a good idea.

  10. Feline cuizine best food product. My cats just love it ,so do the ferrel cats. Smells great and you can actually feel the oil when taking it out and placing it in a bowl. Feline cuizine number one product.

    • Hi Rabia, Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s great to hear that both your cats and the feral cats enjoy it. Each cat’s preference can vary, so it’s wonderful to find a product that suits them well

  11. Whiskas are the best my mother bought them for the cat we found when we moved in the complex that we staying in now the cat is happy it even staying with us now

    • Hi Sbusiso, That’s great to hear! Whiskas seems to be working well for your cat. It’s always nice when our feline friends find comfort and happiness in their food.

  12. I had a 10 year old girl who loves tuna, she was Norwegian forest cat, who feed themselves in their native Norway by catching the fish in the streams, but tuna has excess salt, she did well on Felign cuisine, my little feral kitty a Norwegian forest kitten just can’t eat feline, she tends to throw it up, I give her Hills science which she tolerates and may I say the price of Hills 4kg is almost the same as Feline cuisine, do you think if I drain the salt water and rince the tuna it would be ok? Just as a trea

    • Hi Katherine, It’s great to see your dedication to your pets’ well-being! Consulting a vet for personalised advice on your kitten’s diet, especially regarding salt intake from tuna, is a smart move.Check out our free online vet to receive immediate response in the meantime. Keep up the excellent care for your furry companions!


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