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Discover Top Dog Trainers In Gauteng

In the bustling urban landscapes of Gauteng, where the heartbeat of South Africa echoes through its cities, the need for well-behaved and trained canine companions is more evident than ever. Fortunately, Gauteng is home to a plethora of dog trainers, each offering a unique approach to dog training and building lasting relationships between humans and their furry friends. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the top dog trainers in Gauteng, delving into their philosophies, methodologies, and the services they offer.

Dogs to Heal

Location: Highlands North, Johannesburg

People siting in a circle training dogs. dog training in Gauteng

Dogs to Heal Dog has one of Johannesburg’s top dog training classes. The training centre is perfect if you have recently acquired a puppy, adopted an older dog, or have had dogs for a long time but need help understanding each other. If your dog has problems with digging, biting, chewing etc., Dogs to Heal will assist you in correcting your dog’s behaviour. Your dog will learn how to come when called, stay calm when there are fireworks and even relax while being groomed through Dogs to Heal exercises. Dogs to Heal can arrange one-on-one at-home lessons if issues with your dog can’t be dealt with in the classes. Get more info about Dogs to Heal here.

Basic Canine Training

Location: Sebenza, Johannesburg,

Dog eating a treat from a hand at Basic Canine Training. Dog Training in Cape Town
Facebook: Basic Canine Training

Basics Canine Training believes in building and strengthening your relationship with your dog. You can use the Basic Canine Training courses to improve your relationship with your dog and its behaviour. The centre teaches general obedience, fundamentals at home, reactivity and behaviour conditioning, puppy training basics and socialising, separation anxiety, and so much more. Get the contact details of Basics Canine Training here.

SA Dog Training College & Kennels

Location: South of Johannesburg

Dog training courses at SA Dog Training College & Kennels
Facebook: South African Dog Training College

SA Dog Training College & Kennels (SADTC) is a dog training school that aims to help dog owners train their dogs to be happy and obedient family members. The school was established in 1984 by two dedicated trainers, Chris and Christine van der Westhuizen. SADTC helps prevent dog bites and attacks and improves general behaviour. The dogs are trained humanely, making them eager to please the family. Find out more about SADTC here.

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Doggo Genius 

Locations: Linksfield, Linksfeild, Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni and Brakpan

Woman training a dog. Doggo Genius - force free training
Facebook: Doggo Genius – force free training

Doggo Genius is a force-free dog training centre in Linksfeild, Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni and Brakpan. They use comprehensive dog training and behavioural coaching using low-stress and force-free methods. You can also get workshops online if you can’t attend physically. Doggo Genius also has private training sessions at Links Bridge Club in Linksfield. Private dog classes at your home are also available depending on your dog’s needs. Doggo Genius uses a mindful, force-free philosophy and modern scientific training techniques. Learn more about Doggo Genius here.

Treat to Train Dog Training

Locations: Johannesburg and Pretoria

Treat to Train dog training
Facebook: Treat To Train

Established in 2020, Treat to Train is a force-free, reward-based dog training school operating in Johannesburg and Pretoria. The primary goal of Treat to Train is to set both you and your dog up for success, fostering the best possible relationship between human and canine.

Treat to Train offers a diverse range of classes, including weekly puppy classes, obedience classes, teenage tyrant classes, reactive dog classes, agility classes, scent work classes, and tracking classes. Their services extend to in-person classes, one-to-one dog training, behaviour consults, and an online academy. Discover more about Treat to Train here.

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Wetnose Dog Training

Location: Roodeport

Dog going through training outside. Wetnose Dog Training. Dog training in Gauteng
Facebook: Wetnose Dog Training

Wetnose Dog Training stands as one of the first formalized and experienced puppy-training facilities in South Africa. This independent facility adheres to the ISAP Code of Conduct, ensuring a high standard of training.

Wetnose Dog Training covers a spectrum of activities, ranging from basic domestic obedience to advanced competition work. They specialize in understanding the individuality of each dog, treating them as unique beings and encouraging the owner-dog combination to achieve their true potential. The importance of getting the basics right is emphasized, whether for the show ring, agility, or obedience. Learn more about Wetnose Dog Training here.

Best Friends Dog School

Location: Pretoria

Woman training dog at Best Friends Dog School
Facebook: Best Friends Dog School (Best Friends Dog School)

Best Friends Dog School is not just a training facility; it’s a fully licensed and equipped dog training and kennel facility in Gauteng. With the ability to accommodate dogs of any age and size, the school is dedicated to providing your best friend with the best possible experience.

The services offered by Best Friends Dog School include agility park booking, board and train for dogs, boarding services, daycare for dogs, doggy party venue hire, dog supplies, one-on-one personal dog training sessions, and soon-to-be-launched online puppy training. Explore the offerings of Best Friends Dog School here.

Tails & Trails Pet Services

Location: Randburg

Man training dogs at Tails & Trails Pet Services
Facebook: Tails & Trails Pet Services

Tails & Trails Pet Services goes beyond basic obedience training, offering a comprehensive course that covers various aspects of canine behaviour and care. From harness and leash work to handling encounters with strangers, muzzle training, scissors and clippers training, and basic first aid, their curriculum is designed to make your dog a well-rounded companion.

Enrolling in their course comes with a host of free goodies, including a dog blanket, muzzle, beef/mutton ear, beef/ostrich sausage, grooming kit, first aid kit, packet of training treats, and a puppy welcome packet. Upon completion, you receive a certificate and a digital photo of you and your pup. Learn more about Tails & Trails Pet Services here.

PAWSITIVELY Pet and Training

Location: Centurion

PAWSITIVELY Pet and Training
Facebook: PAWSITIVELY Pet and Training

PAWSITIVELY Pet and Training is more than just a dog training school; it offers pet sitting and dog walking services as well. The primary focus is on creating a bond between humans and dogs using positive reinforcement and reward-based training.

Their services include trick training, puppy programs, elementary programs, adult life skills classes, private training sessions for dogs with behavioural complications, and workshops that cover various aspects of dog training. Discover more about PAWSITIVELY Pet and Training here.

Gauteng stands as a haven for dog owners seeking expert guidance and companionship enrichment through professional dog training services. The diverse array of top-notch trainers highlighted in this comprehensive guide reflects the region’s commitment to fostering positive relationships between humans and their canine companions. Whether you’re a new puppy parent, grappling with behavioural challenges, or simply aiming to strengthen the bond with your furry friend, the dog trainers in Gauteng offer a spectrum of programs tailored to meet diverse needs. If you are looking for more pet training courses, look at these reliable pet trainers.



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