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Top Dog Trainers in Cape Town and Surrounding Areas

Cape Town and its surrounding areas are home to a vibrant community of dog lovers dedicated to nurturing well-behaved, happy, and confident pets.Here’s a closer look at some of the top dog trainers in the region that stand out for their commitment to the creation of strong bonds between dogs and their owners.

Dogz at Home Training Centre

Woman training dog on a course at Dogz at Home Training Centre

Dogz at Home is a force-free, rewards-driven training centre based in Pinelands, Cape Town. The centre is run by Lynda Montignies, a certified canine behaviourist with over 20 years of training experience. They are committed to scientifically proven training methods based on positive reinforcement. The classes are fun and progressive, with increasing challenges for you and your dog as you advance. There are training Classes for puppies and adult dogs, professional behaviourist consultations and individualised training. Find out more about Dogz at Home here.

PawFect Pups school for puppies & dogs

Dog with graduation cap at PawFect Pups School for puppies & dogs

Situated in Milnerton, Cape Town, PawFect Pups school for puppies & dogs has excellent dog training no matter what breed or rescue or age group of your dog. They offer puppy and dog training and behaviour modification training. During the first session, they will discuss your goals and primary concerns and assess your dog. You will receive a training plan with related handouts/video clips. Follow-up sessions are offered depending on the progress and needs of you and your dog. Support between the sessions is available so you can contact the behaviour practitioner with any questions or concerns. Get more info about PawFect Pups here.

Cape Province Dog Club

Dog being trained at Cape Province Dog ClubDog training in Cape Town

Cape Province Dog Club believe that there is a great need for home obedience classes, so that is where they focus their energies. Everyone would like a well-behaved dog; in turn, well-behaved dogs have the best quality of life – they get to come inside, are included in family life, and enjoy more outings. Cape Province Club has focused on puppy classes as they can prevent problems rather than try to solve them later. Find out more about the dog training centre here.

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Puppy Power

Dog training at Puppy Power. Dog training in Cape Town

Based in Constantia, Cape Town  Puppy Power runs classes at Alphen Veterinary Hospital. Puppy Power is one of the best dog training places in Cape Town because you choose between having group or individual training classes. They pride themselves in personal training, whether in a small class or on a one-to-one basis. They only use positive training methods and can happily show you how to get the best relationship with your dog. Whether you have a new puppy, an adolescent dog or a dog with a more specific behavioural issue, they can spend time with you and your fur baby to explain how they will assist you. Find out more about them here.

Splendid K9 – Dog Behavior Specialists

Dog walking with woman on a log. Splendid K9 - Dog Behavior Specialists. Dog trainers in Cape Town
Facebook: Splendid K9 – Dog Behavior Specialists

Based in Muizenberg, Cape Town, Splendid K9, train dogs using effective behaviour conditioning methods driven by results. They focus on obedience leash Training, excessive barking, anxiety, and more. You can also choose between physical and online classes. Get more info about Splendid K9 here.

Sabrina Taljaard Dog School

Dogs training at Sabrina Taljaard Behaviour and Training
Facebook: Sabrina Taljaard Behaviour and Training

Led by Sabrina Taljaard, a COAPE Qualified Animal Behaviour Practitioner and ThinkingPets Confi-Puppy Instructor, this dog school in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs offers sound, science-based training. Services include Puppy Training Group Classes, private lessons, and behavior consults, all utilizing force-free and positive reinforcement techniques. The emphasis is on motivating pets to willingly work with their owners, fostering a strong bond. Get more info about Sabrina Taljaard Dog School here.

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The Canine Club

Dogs at The Canine Club.
Facebook: The Canine Club

Founded by Kemo Correia in Milnerton, Cape Town, The Canine Club is a culmination of a lifelong passion for all living creatures, especially dogs. Offering private obedience training, group class training, training walks, behaviour consultations, and brain games/mental stimulation, The Canine Club focuses on setting dogs up for success and creating a positive training experience for both dogs and owners. Find out more about The Canine Club here.

Dogz At Home Training Centre

Dogs being trained at Dogz at Home Training Centre
Facebook: Dogz at Home Training Centre

At Dogz at Home, emphasis is placed on creating a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for dogs to thrive. The centre, known for force-free methods and rewarding desired behaviour, offers a comprehensive range of services. From puppy classes fostering early social development to life skills and advanced dog manners programs, Dogz at Home ensures a positive training journey for every dog and their family. Get more info about Dogz at Home here.

Cape Town and its surrounding areas provide a diverse array of dog training options, each with its unique approach and expertise. Whether you’re navigating puppyhood, addressing specific behavioural issues, or seeking advanced training for your dog, these centres offer a wealth of services to meet your needs.



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