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The Stars of the Pet World: Top SA Pet Influencers You Must Follow

Social media is full of influencers, but some of the most endearing ones are of the furry variety. Pet influencers have become social media sensations by giving us a glimpse into the charming lives of animals. In South Africa, a few pet influencers, in particular, have stood out from the pack. They have captured the hearts of thousands of followers with their adorable photos, funny personalities, and the unbreakable bond they share with their human families. Here are the top pet influencers in South Africa that you will love to follow:

1. Captain Gus

Captain Gus sitting with a bow tie. Pet influencers SA
Instagram Followers: 2,487
Gus is the most playful, sweet Weim who lives to make friends and play with other doggos that are just as wild as him. He loves his local park where he sees his besties and goes on walks/hikes with his parents. A simple old stick brings him the most joy especially when he gets to tug it with a friend. His parents started his account because he was just the most beautiful pup. Gus came into his family’s life right when they needed him, and they couldn’t be more grateful for this gorgeous boy and the joy he brings.

Gus Has a Passion For Play

Captain Gus in the middle of two red wings. Pet Influencers SA. Pest24

Those who know Gus will know that he is all paws and this sneaky boy uses his big body as an advantage when playing with other doggos. He throws his bum to his friends when he plays, and they stand no chance. He also tells his parents when it’s time for them to get off their devices and give him attention. This is either in the form of an unexpected loud bark or with a paw to the hand while they drink their morning coffee in bed, which obviously results in a big mess! He keeps them living in the moment and reminds them to be present (and give him attention of course).

Day in the Life of Captain Gus 

Captain Gus with his mom. Pet Influencers SA. Pets24

A typical day involves waking up for brekkie (for Gus) and coffee (for mom), where mom climbs back into bed with coffee and responds to his Instagram comments, messages, etc. This is often when she posts reels or pictures and engages with other accounts. He gets a short walk in the morning, which often involves capturing some shots and then mom and dad have to start their work day.
Gus has learnt to be a well-behaved only child while his mom and dad work. He gets a long walk in the evening or a playdate with his friends. He loves his friends! Mom uses the evenings to create any reels or ambassadog content and saves these to post when needed. Gus’s account is about a day in his life, sharing his quirky moments with his followers.
The Insta dog community is something his mom and dad didn’t know existed until they created his page. Through his page, they have met some of the most beautiful people and dogs and made some really great friends. It is not all work; they have fun too.

Gus’ Favourite Pet Service Provider on Pets24

There are a few too many pet service providers that Gus and his parents love on Pets24; however, the ones that stand out to him are The Parks Animal Care veterinary clinic, Claws ‘n Paws veterinary clinic and the Good Boi Club. The Parks Animal Care had looked after him and helped him with his accidents since he was a pup. Mom and Dad learnt that Weimaraners and their crazy nature make them accident-prone! Claws ‘n Paws veterinary clinic has also helped heal Gus’s gut and alleviated all his IBD symptoms. Gus and his family highly recommend them for pet nutrition. And then, for the fun stuff, Gus loves his visits to the Good Boi Club for treats, accessories and toys.

2. Ivy The Doberman

Ivy The Doberman outside in water. Pet influencers SA

Instagram: ivy_thedoberman

Instagram Followers: 3,681

Ivy is a Doberman who was born on March 1st 2019. She is a very sensitive dog who prefers to have fun alone or with a select few dog pals. And because she is reactive, she prefers hiking with her friends much more than spending time in overcrowded parks with many uncontrolled owners and their dogs. Ivy loves spending time on trails, chasing a ball to no end, and sleeping under the covers with her Dachshund sister, Lillo.
She is the biggest clown, talkative, and talks back too! Ivy’s mom started her Instagram page just before Covid Lockdown but let it go dormant. Thanks to the lockdown she had time to re-focus on her photography, her dogs and how to combine the two.


Ivy The Hero

Ivy The Doberman standing in the field. Pet Influencers SA. Pets24

Ivy, saved her little sister Lillo and possibly their mom from being attacked by an aggressive Boerboel. When Ivy saw the Boerboel pinning Lillo down and attacking her, Ivy snapped into protect mode. She body slammed into the Boerboel, getting him off Lillo. Ivy didn’t bite the Boerboel but barked and charged at him, forcing him away from Lillo and their mom. Ivy chased the Boerboel about 100m away, giving their mom time to get Lillo into the car. Ivy then ran to the car, jumping in with them. Ivy’s quick thinking and bravery undoubtedly saved lives that day

Day in the Life of Ivy The Doberman

Ivy The Doberman looking over a ball. Pet Influencers SA. Pets24

Ivy’s day starts early at 5am. She wakes up and then wakes the whole house up for her breakfast by climbing on them, pawing at their chests and huffing and puffing. If ignored, Ivy will start stealing items within her reach one by one until someone gets up. Once she sees movement, Ivy starts chattering – low barks and teeth snapping to demand breakfast. After breakfast, Ivy naps while her owner gets ready for work.
Her owner works shifts, so their days vary. When home early, they focus on training, puzzles and grooming Ivy. When working late, they spend mornings at the park. Weekends are for hiking at different trails each month. Ivy’s owner tries capturing moments together, especially when sunlight hits Ivy’s fur perfectly.  Instagram’s move to video has broadened creativity but also brings pressure to post constantly. However, the page is for Ivy, not for popularity.

Ivy The Doberman’s Favourite Pet Service Provider on Pets24

Ivy and her mom’s favourite pet service on Pets24 is the amazing vet practice, Greenside Animal Hospital, celebrating its 80th birthday this year! And of course the legendary Dr Suzette Greubel from Greenside!

3. Billy & Lilly 

Billy and Lilly standing together. Pet Influencers. Pets24

Instagram: begitlike.billyandlilly

Instagram Followers: 1,062

Billy, a black Puginese, and Lilly, a fawn Pug, are an inseparable pair of popular pet influencers known for their charming personalities. Billy, the elder of the two, is a gentle and calm Puginese mix of Pug and Pekingese. With his short, stout body, curly tail and expressive eyes, Billy has a unique appearance. He is known for his composed temperament and often cares for the mischievous Lilly.

Lilly, the playful fawn Pug, effortlessly charms everyone she meets. With her squishy face, wrinkles and soulful eyes, Lilly makes people laugh with her hilarious antics and talent for imitating humans. She has a knack for striking elegant poses, showing her grace and charm. Billy and Lilly became pet influencers after their parents, Douw and Ashleigh, created an Instagram account to share photos with friends and family. Their captivating personalities resonated with a wider audience, gaining them followers, influence and collaborations with pet brands.

What Billy & Lilly Are Crazy About

Billy walking in the grass. Pet influencers. Pets24

Their interests are as diverse as their personalities. Lilly loves chasing after toys, playing hide-and-seek, and exploring new places. She has an adventurous spirit and enjoys long walks to discover exciting scents and sights. On the other hand, Billy prefers cosy snuggles, gentle playtime, and sunbathing in the garden.

Lilly wit two teddy bears.

What sets Billy and Lilly apart as pet influencers is their ability to connect with people on a deeper level. Their Instagram account showcases their daily life, their interactions with each other, and heartwarming moments with their human family. Their content promotes positivity, joy, and the importance of cherishing the simple pleasures in life. Through their adorable posts and engaging captions, Billy and Lilly have cultivated a community of pet lovers who eagerly await their daily updates. Their charm, relatability, and undeniable cuteness have made them ambassadors for spreading happiness and promoting the love and care that pets bring to our lives.

Billy & Lilly’s Favourite pet service provider 

Billy & Lilly’s favourite pet service provider on Pets24 is Just For Pets Online pet Store!

4. Mr Miyagee

Mr Miyagee sticking his tongue out in the grass

Instagram: mrmiyageesa

Followers: 5,717

As a content creator, Mr. Miyageesa started his journey by capturing the hearts of his followers with his cute and hilarious videos and photos. His journey to fame began when his owners recognised his star potential and decided to share his adventures with the world.

Mr Miyagee is a little pet celebrity making big moves in the pet world and beyond. He is an actor, model, socialite and therapy dog. This little dog had made a big name for himself; you’ve probably seen him on one of your screens. He’s worked with major brands such as Samsung, Mentos, DSTV, Dotsure Pet Insurance, Chicken Licken, and more.

Fun Loving Mr Miyagee

Mr Miyagee posing for the camera. Pet Influencers SA. Pets24

What makes Mr. Miyageesa cool is not just his celebrity status but also his ability to bring joy and laughter to his audience. His playful nature and adorable expressions make every post a delight to watch, with his tiny size and big personality, he has become a sensation on social media. His collaborations with top brands have not only brought him recognition but have also allowed him to spread his positive and fun-loving energy to a wider audience.

5. Olivia Capetown

Olivia at the beach playing with her dog. Pet Influencers SA. Pets24

Instagram: olivia_capetown

Instagram Followers: 1,996

Olivia Capetown is a pet influencer who has gained a significant following on Instagram. She has established herself as a content creator, sharing captivating posts and stories featuring her adorable pets. Olivia’s journey as a content creator likely began with her genuine love and passion for animals. Her creativity and dedication to showcasing unique personalities have helped her attract a loyal and engaged audience. Through her stunning photography, engaging captions, and entertaining videos, she has captured the hearts of pet lovers worldwide.

What makes Olivia stand out 

Olivier's dog in a cute costume

What sets Olivia apart is her ability to connect with her audience personally. She shares relatable and heartfelt moments, showcasing the joys and challenges of being a pet owner. Her authentic approach and willingness to share her experiences have created a sense of community among her followers.

Marley and Olly

Molly & Olly

Instagram: the.rescuee.duo

Instagram Followers: 1,226

Marley and Olly are two rescue dogs who are trying to break the stigma around mixes and shelter dogs. Marley was adopted on the 25th of March 2020, 2 days before lock down. Her and her 2 siblings were brought in after being abandoned on a farm with their ribs sticking and flea covered bodies. Marley is a very reserved dog and doesn’t really like people but is very talkative with her family and loves doing training. Olly was adopted on 9th of July 2021 however was fostered by them for 5 days before that. He was the only boy in the litter and the family that owned the mother had threatened to drown him if no one would take him. He has been with his family since he was 3 weeks old and is basically like Velcro to his mom. He doesn’t like most men and tends to be dog selective but loves his family and is always up for an adventure.

What makes Marley & Olly stand out

Marley & Olly Adventure time

Olly and Marley’s mom started their Instagram with she first got Olly. Although she had another for Marley, she struggled to get content for it during lock down. She just started it to share her training and life with her dogs and was honestly so surprised by how many people enjoy seeing their adventures and training. As well as all the lifelong friends she’s made through this app. What sets them apart is not only that they are rescue dogs, they are also both competitive dogs. On Instagram, pet influencers tend to just be cute pictures of your pets. They however show both the highlights and lowlights and it interests many people to follow on their journey in agility, obedience, rally and tricks.

Dogs running on beach

A day in their life will generally be waking up about about 5 and then heading out for a run about 6. As their mom is in matric she sometimes struggles to balance the school work, content and the dogs. The dogs normally get fed at about 7. They stay at home with their granny during the day and when their mom gets home at about 3, they will have a training session for about an hour. Marley and Olly’s mom tends to read through comments and catch up on dms in home group before school or if she is not busy during break. Ending the day with a stroll at about 5 followed by dinner. They work on content for Instagram normally from about 8 to 9 or later if necessary so they can make the post the next afternoon. They have multiple favourite businesses listed on the Pets24 directory, however some of them would have to be Belle Lumière, as she is such a friendly woman and has gotten the most beautiful pictures of Olly and Marley over the years and What A Treat as they are such an amazing dog sitting service and the only one they have and plan to trust with their dogs.


While the internet is overflowing with social media stars, pet influencers occupy a unique space that emphasizes joy, lightheartedness and the bond between animals and their owners. The top pet influencers of South Africa highlight why we invite these furry friends into our homes and hearts. Their ability to spread smiles and unite people is a superpower that comes naturally to these endearing animals. Following these pet influencers is a great place to start if you want to brighten up your social media feed with positivity and cuteness. Our lives are richer when we make room for pets – even if they’re not ours.

Comment below who your fav pet influencer is!

If you are in the mood for some cute dog pictures that will make you say “aww”, click here.



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