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Pets24 Community’s Favourite Dog Food Brands

Recently, we reached out to the vibrant community at Pets24  on social media to uncover their favourite dog food brands, and the responses were enlightening. From kibble and raw diets to breed-specific formulas, these brands have garnered praise for their commitment to quality and tailored nutrition. Let’s delve into the top picks and what makes them stand out.


Acana cat food. Pets24. dry cat food

ACANA‘s biologically appropriate recipes featuring 50-75% animal proteins ensure that each formula is not only satisfying for dogs but also packs more nutrition in every cup.
The brand’s emphasis on quality is reflected in its recipes of fresh or raw ingredients like farm-raised meat, fresh poultry and wild-caught or responsibly farmed fish balanced with whole fruits, nutritious vegetables and botanicals. Thoughtfully sourced ingredients from suppliers, including farmers, ranchers and fishers they’ve known and trusted for decades, set ACANA apart as a high-quality premium dog food brand. ACANA ensures that every dog’s unique dietary requirements are met with a wide range of options for different sensitivities and life stages, ranging from single-protein and grain-free to small-breed and large-breed nutrition. As an ultra-premium pet food, pet owners can rest assured that their dogs get premium quality nutrition crafted with care.”


Doggobone dog food

For pet owners who prefer a raw diet for their dogs, Doggobone is a good choice. Sourced from Department of Health-approved establishments within South Africa, Doggobone’s ingredients are certified fit for human consumption. This brand prides itself on sustainability, even growing some of its own vegetables to reduce carbon footprints. Doggobone’s meals combine proteins from diverse sources such as beef, chicken, lamb, ostrich, duck, and game with seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Their comprehensive approach ensures a balanced and nutritious meal that can be fed alone or combined with other meals for added variety and nutritional benefit.

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Lokuno pet food brand

Lokuno is a testament to the synergy of top-notch expertise and quality ingredients. Developed in collaboration with top South African nutritionist Lourens De Wet, Lokuno’s recipes are crafted with real ingredients, free from artificial additives, by-products, and added sugars. The brand’s commitment to quality is backed by FSSC 22000 certification, ensuring every meal is both nutritious and safe. Lokuno offers a range of options, including kibble and treats for puppies, adults, and senior dogs, as well as veterinary diets for grain-free, weight control, and sensitivity needs.

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Pawsome Raw

Pawesome Raw dog and cat food brand

Pawsome Raw is all about mimicking the natural diet for dogs, emphasizing raw, natural ingredients that promote overall health and well-being. Their philosophy revolves around the Prey-model diet, inspired by the diet of wild canines and felines, focusing on a variety of protein sources balanced with fats, bone, and phosphorus. The inclusion of raw boney meals (RMB) encourages chewing for dental health and the release of serotonin, while their emphasis on ethical sourcing ensures meats are free from antibiotics and hormones. Pawsome Raw brings several benefits to the table, including improved dental health, weight management, coat and skin health, a strengthened immune system, stabilized energy levels, and enhanced digestive health.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin Logo

Royal Canin stands out with its unique approach to dog and cat food, offering precise nutrition for different sizes and life stages, breeds, as well as specific sensitivities. The brand places a strong emphasis on understanding the distinctive needs of different dogs, be it by size, age, breed or condition, and tailors their formulas to meet those specific requirements. Each diet is specifically formulated to contain all the essential nutrients that cater to the individual needs. Additionally, Royal Canin uses high-quality ingredients that promote healthy digestion, skin & coat and overall well-being.

The pet food landscape is rich and diverse, catering to a myriad of dietary preferences and nutritional needs. Whether it’s raw diets, breed-specific formulas, or premium nutrition, these top picks exemplify excellence in pet care. As pet owners, it’s essential to prioritize the well-being of our furry friends, starting with the food they consume. With these trusted brands, we can ensure our companions lead healthy, vibrant lives filled with tail wags and joyful moments.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Pet owners should consult with a qualified veterinarian before making any dietary changes for their pets. The opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not imply endorsement of any specific brand. Pet owners are encouraged to research and consider individual pet needs before selecting any pet food product.



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