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Exploring Quality Raw Dog Food Choices in South Africa

If you’re a dog owner in South Africa, you’re likely on the lookout for the best nutrition to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. In recent years, the trend of feeding dogs raw food has gained popularity, and several local businesses are making it easier than ever to provide your hounds with a fresh and balanced diet. In this blog post, we’ll explore some top raw dog food options available in South Africa.

Pawsome Raw

Packed Pawsome Raw pet food. Pets24Pawsome Raw Pet food Facebook: Pawsome Raw

Pawsome Raw aims to revolutionize how pet owners approach their pets’ nutrition requirements. Operating in the Western Cape, Mpumalanga, KZN, KZN South Coast, East London, PE, and Gauteng, Pawsome Raw offers premium quality balanced raw diets for dogs and cats. Their product range includes complete and balanced meals, custom and complimentary products, DIY options, and supplementary products for pets. Using human-grade ingredients, Pawsome Raw focuses on enhancing optimum health in pets through nutrition.

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carniraw dog food

Carniraw focuses on providing a wide variety of high-quality meat products for your pets. With a commitment to transparency, safety, and nutrition, Carniraw ensures that your dog receives a wholesome diet without breaking the bank.

Their product categories range from bones and grinds to treats and whole prey, offering a diverse selection to fit any lifestyle. Carniraw delivers to Johannesburg, Pretoria, and surrounding areas in Gauteng, making it a convenient option for pet owners in these regions.

Emmarentia Raw

emmarentia raw dog food

Emmarentia Raw offers locally produced, nutritious raw dog food. Sourced from local farms in South Africa, their raw canine meals are crafted with care and free from grains, additives, preservatives, and flavorings.

Emmarentia Raw boasts a primal diet for canines, with meals comprising 75% nutrient-rich animal meat and bone and 25% organic vegetables, fruits, marine algae, flaxseed, herbs, and vegetable oil. With a commitment to supporting local farmers and ensuring grain-free, MSG-free, and preservative-free meals, Emmarentia Raw prioritizes the health and well-being of your canine companion.

Emmerntia Raw delivers to areas around Johannesburg, with varying charges based on location and order size. They also have stockists in Gauteng and Limpopo.


Doggobone Active Raw Foods. Raw dog food South Africa.
Facebook- Doggobone Active Raw Foods

Doggobone‘s journey began with the desire to feed healthy and appropriate meals to pets. Sourcing ethically and using A-grade ingredients fit for human consumption, Doggobone emphasizes a minimally processed, grain-free, and preservative-free approach to pet nutrition.

While Doggobone operates as a wholesale retailer, you can find their products through independent distributors, veterinary practices, and pet requisite stores across South Africa. With a wide distribution network covering regions like Gauteng, Capetown, Durban, PE, and more, Doggobone strives to provide accessible, high-quality pet nutrition.

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Primal Raw

Primal Raw Cape Town. Raw dog food South Africa
Facebook- Primal Raw Cape Town

Primal Raw is on a mission to educate pet owners about the benefits of a raw and biologically appropriate diet. Their A-grade ingredients, sourced from reputable local farmers, ensure a complete and balanced diet for your dogs.

Free from chemicals, additives, preservatives, and corn/maize/soy fillers, Primal Raw’s minced products are packaged conveniently for easy thawing and feeding. Operating through a distribution network, they serve areas like Gauteng, Capetown, Durban, PE, and more.

Raw Love Pets

Raw Love Pets

Raw Love Pets takes pride in producing naturally delicious raw food for dogs, delivered exclusively in the Cape Town area.  Raw Love Pets ensures that your pets receive a biologically appropriate, 100% grain-free diet made with love from ethically farmed meat and seasonal vegetables.

Their raw dog meals have been associated with improved weight control, digestion, coat health, and reduced allergy symptoms. Raw Love Pets provides a nutrient-packed option for dog owners committed to their pets’ well-being.

South Africa provides a variety of raw dog food options catering to different preferences, locations, and dietary needs. Whether you choose, Carniraw, Emmarentia Raw, Doggobone, Primal Raw, Raw Love Pets, or Pawsome Raw, you can rest assured that your furry friend is in for a treat with these nutritious and wholesome meals. Prioritize your pet’s health and happiness by exploring the benefits of a raw food diet today!

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  1. Why did you not list the best raw food supplier which is Paleopet Pure? Happy Hound is cooked, not raw. Whoever wrote this, is uninformed and misleading pet owners.

    • Hi there, Thank you for your feedback and for bringing up Paleopet Pure as a potential top raw food supplier. The intention of the blog post was to provide a general overview of raw dog food options, and it’s clear that there are many reputable suppliers in the market, including Paleopet Pure. We appreciate your attention to detail regarding Happy Hound’s products, clarifying that they are cooked rather than raw. Ensuring accuracy in our content is paramount, and your input helps us maintain the highest standards of information for pet owners.Your insight is valuable, and we appreciate your contribution to the discussion. We are always reviewing and updating our blog information to ensure accuracy and provide pet owners with the most helpful information possible.

    • Massvie injustice to leave @paleopetpure off this list, they are arguably the most superior raw dog food supplier, if you look at safety controls and quality of food… so can’t really take the article very seriously.

      • Hi there, We appreciate your acknowledgment of Paleopet Pure as a noteworthy supplier in the raw dog food market. Your insights are invaluable, and we strive to offer a comprehensive perspective in our content. We will certainly take your recommendation into consideration for future blog posts, ensuring a more inclusive representation of reputable suppliers in the industry.


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