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January Cat Food Specials: Treat Your Feline Friend to Pawsome Deals!

The new year brings in not only resolutions but also fantastic opportunities to pamper our furry friends. If you’re a cat owner, January is the purrfect time to stock up on high-quality cat food without breaking the bank. Several pet stores and supermarkets are offering irresistible deals on top cat food brands, ensuring your feline companion stays happy and healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the January cat food specials that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Petshop Science Cat Food Specials 

Petshop Science Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Save on assorted Ultra Cat and Royal Canin  cat food at Petshop Science. Some offers are only valid until 4 February 2024, so hurry and get these deals.

Pick n Pay Cat Food Specials 

Pick n Pay. Pet Food Specials. Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Get great deals on assorted Pamper cat food, including the buy any Pamper cans 3 for R55 deal when you use your Smart Shopper card. Hurry to get these deals because some offers are valid only until 4 February 2024.

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Checkers Cat Food Specials


Save on various cat food brands such as Whiskas, Petley’s and Puddi-kat when you use your Xtra savings card.

ePetstore Cat Food Specials 

ePetstore. Dog food specials , cat food specials

ePetstore has wesome specials for weight care cat food.

1. 20% Off Hill’s Perfect Weight Dog & Cat Food – Offer valid while stock lasts

2. 20% Off Select Low Calorie Cat Treats, including Kit Cat, Healthy Bites and Montego cat treats – Valid while stock lasts 

3. 15% Off Select Weight Control Dog & Cat Food, including Royal Canin, Ultra Pet ACANA etc. – Offer Valid while stock lasts 

Absolute Pets Cat Food Specials 

Absolute Pets. Dog food specials , cat food specials

Here are some pawsome specials from Absolute Pets:

1. Lokuno Cat Food Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Offer valid while stock lasts 

2. 20% Off Selected Cat Food, including Ultra Pet and Royal Canin – Offer valid until 4 February 2024

Makro Cat Food Specials 


Makro has some great More4Less Deals for Pamper wet cat food. For R100, you can buy 6 Pamper cans (385g).

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Pet World

Petworld has a great wet cat food special. You can get up to 20% off Royal Canin wet pet food.

January cat food specials are a fantastic opportunity to provide your feline friend with high-quality meals while saving some extra cash. Whether you prefer online shopping or visiting your local supermarket, these deals from Petshop Science, Pick n Pay, Checkers, ePetstore, Absolute Pets, and Makro have got you covered. Hurry, as some offers are only valid until February 4, 2024. Treat your cat to the best this new year!



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