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At Last, Pet Cover You Can Afford!: PetFirst, a New Affordable Pet Insurance

Medical bills and emergency vet visits add up fast for parents with multiple pets. Pet insurance offers financial security and peace of mind, but many pet owners fear it will be too expensive, especially for pets with multiple owners. Richard Lynn, a happy pet owner covered by PetFirst discovered that pet insurance doesn’t have to be expensive even with two cats.

“I was concerned that pet insurance would be too expensive for my two cats. I wanted both covered. I was sold when I got to the quotation.  I could insure both cats for just R240 a month. The process was incredibly easy and affordable compared to other pet insurance. I would definitely recommend PetFirst. ” – Richard Lynn

PetFirst protects you from high vet bills. All you have to do is pay your premium, choose the coverage that best fits your needs, and then claim when it’s time. It’s that simple. They want all pet owners to have peace of mind knowing their pet will get the care they need at the time they need it. Because there’s no “one size fits all” approach for pet insurance, they can customize their coverage to fit your pet’s needs. You can even add in a public liability coverage option to make sure you’re ready for almost anything life throws at you.

What is covered by Petfirst Pet Insurance? 

Happy black couple playing with their happy pet at home Petfirst pet insurance PetFirst covers cats and dogs at an annual limit of R5000 to R65000 for accidents and illness with an option liability cover. You can claim for injuries, ill health and accidents under your policy up to the annual limit. They pay according to standard rates and annual limits after your claim, after the deduction of any excess or levy.

Why is Petfirst so special? 

Before signing up, you can browse through a range of cover and premium plans to find something that fits your budget. PetFirst guides you through the whole process, and it’s all done online. There’s no confusing plans, no hidden extras. Just insurance you can trust. What makes PetFirst unique is how you can customize your cover plan. You can choose your cover amount for the PetFirst product in increments of R5,000, which means you can choose R30,000, R35,000, or R40,000 (and so on). This lets you customize your policy and pay for the coverage that best suits your pet. All of their limits cover illnesses and accidents. Your pet is covered for both accidents and illnesses, regardless of what cover you choose, from their lowest limit of R5,000 to their highest limit of R65,000. tabby cat relaxing on a bed while woman stroking her with love. happy pet indoors. Petfirst pet insurance

How easy is the PetFirst claims process?

PetFirst’s claiming process is very easy:

  • If your pet has been sick, injured or been in an accident, you can take them to the vet and then pay for the vet visit and all the treatment costs, keeping your proof of payment and your vet’s invoice.
  • Then you download and complete their claim form, which you should take to the vet for the vet to sign to submit a claim.
  • You can claim using the PetFirst Client dashboard or simply email them.
  • Finally, you get reimbursed for your vet bill once your claim has been approved. You will receive a payment within 14 days from the day you submit your claim.

If you own a pet, you must ensure they’re getting the best care possible without breaking the bank. That’s why pet insurance is so important. PetFirst Insurance is one of the best pet insurance companies out there, and they offer a range of plans that can be tailored to fit your individual needs. If you are still browsing for pet insurance options, find PetFirst and other insurance options on Pets24’s pet insurance directory.  Also, learn about the importance of regular vet checkups here.



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