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Pet-friendly Beach Views: The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Coastal Retreats in South Africa


As pet owners, finding the perfect getaway that caters to both our needs and those of our furry companions can be a challenge. However, in South Africa’s Western Cape and beyond, there are idyllic pet-friendly accommodation with breathtaking beach views that promise a memorable vacation for all. Let’s explore some of the top picks for a pet-friendly paradise.

Western Cape Accommodations

The President Hotel – Bantry Bay

Outside The President Hotel
Facebook: The President Hotel

Positioned in Bantry Bay, The President Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury against the backdrop of Lion’s Head. Beyond the opulent rooms and infinity pool, it’s the little details that make it pet-friendly perfection. A dedicated play area for kids ensures a family-friendly atmosphere, and the on-site spa and salon offer a touch of indulgence. Whether you’re a family, a couple, or a solo traveler, the President Hotel seamlessly combines city access with beachside tranquillity. Get more info about the President Hotel here.

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Home Suites Sea Point – Sea Point 

Home Suites Sea Point

In the heart of Sea Point, Home Suites is not just an accommodation; it’s a lifestyle. The intimate rooftop common area sets the stage for shared moments and breathtaking views. The thoughtful inclusion of pet-friendly activities and eateries in the area ensures that your pet’s experience is as delightful as yours. The provision of doggie essentials reflects a commitment to making your furry friend feel right at home. Get the contact details of Home Suits Sea Point here.

Wamakersvlei Beach Farm – Dwarskersbos

Landscape of Wamakersvlei Beach Farm accommodation. Pets24

Venture two hours north of Cape Town to discover the secluded beauty of Wamakersvlei Beach Farm. With solar-powered cottages and a fenced environment, it’s a haven for both you and your pets. Days unfold with nature explorations and beach strolls, immersing you in the untainted beauty of the Cape West Coast. From diverse wildlife to 4X4 adventures, every moment is a chance to connect with nature. Get the contact details of Wamakersvlei Beach Farm here

 Amelia’s by the Sea – Outeniqua Strand, Groot Brakrivier

Amelia's by the Sea, a pet-friendly accommodation in Western Cape, blue and white bedroom.

Exclusive and 4-star, Amelia’s by the Sea in Groot Brak offers a personalized coastal experience. The self-catering/BnB blend ensures flexibility, while the ocean-view suites redefine luxury. Small, well-behaved dogs are not just tolerated but warmly welcomed, making it an ideal retreat for pet owners. Immerse yourself in the Garden Route’s charm with proximity to Blue Flag beaches and the soothing melody of the ocean. Get more details about the accommodation here.

Kestrels View Pet-friendly Beach Accommodation –  Britannia Bay

Kestrels View pet-friendly beach accommodation
Facebook: Kestrels View pet-friendly beach accommodation

Britannia Bay’s comes alive at Kestrels View. A mere 60 meters from the beach, this modern beach house beckons with its sea views and spacious design. With a walled garden, outdoor braai area, and easy beach access, it’s a haven for families seeking a balance between coastal relaxation and active exploration.Get more info about the accommodation here.

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Kwa-Zulu Natal Accommodations 

The Oyster Box – Umhlanga

The Oyster Box Terrace pet-friendly accommodation. Pets24

Situated on Umhlanga beachfront, The Oyster Box is a celebrated hotel that warmly welcomes small to medium-sized dogs and cats. A legend on Umhlanga’s beachfront, The Oyster Box crafts a pet-friendly narrative like no other. Leash-friendly exploration invites your pets to join in the seaside frolics, while the dedicated pet menu ensures they dine in style. Every aspect, from opulent villas to vigilant attention to your pet’s comfort, makes The Oyster Box an exceptional retreat. Get more details about The Oyster Box here.

Zinkwazi – Cecelia’s Holiday Manor – Beachfront Cottage

cecelias beach cottage

Zinkwazi, with its uninterrupted hours of sun and sea, sets the stage for an exclusive pet-friendly experience. Cecelia’s Holiday Manor, with its beachfront cottage, encapsulates the essence of coastal living. From ocean views to a swimming pool and a spacious garden, this retreat combines comfort with a touch of luxury, inviting your pets to revel in the coastal charm. Get the contact details for Cecelia’s Holiday Manor – Beachfront Cottage Zinkwazi here.

Rock Inn Self Catering – Dolphin Coast

Rock Inn Self Catering
Facebook: Rock Inn Self Catering

Positioned between Ballito and Salt Rock, Rock Inn offers two pet and family-friendly units with convenient access to Thompsons Bay Beach. The easy beach stroll unveils a world of rock pools, tidal pools, and safe swimming zones for your little ones. Fishing enthusiasts will find joy in the accessible High Rock, creating an ideal setting for a quintessential beach holiday. Get more info about the accommodation here.

Mattaniah Accommodation – Winklespruit

Rock Inn Self Catering
Facebook: Rock Inn Self Catering

Founded by pet-loving souls, Mattaniah Pet Friendly Holiday Accommodation is a true haven in Winklespruit. Its proximity to a pet-friendly beach visible from the property adds a layer of convenience and joy. The owners understand the challenges of finding pet-friendly accommodations, making Mattaniah a labour of love. Find the contact details for this accommodation here.

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Eastern Cape Accommodations

Khala Moya Self Catering – Kaysers Beach

Rock Inn Self Catering
Facebook: Rock Inn Self Catering

Nestled between Seavale and Kaysers Beach, Khala Moya emerges as a 40ha eco-estate offering a unique blend of coastal and bush experiences. Bird-watching becomes an art form with 96 species identified, while private access to a secluded beach adds a touch of exclusivity. Buck’s Bend and Kingfisher, both dog-friendly flats, provide a comfortable retreat after days of exploration. Get more info about the accommodation here.

Shelly Beach Cottages – Port Alfred

Rock Inn Self Catering

The lush garden setting of Shelly Beach Cottages beckons with its serene charm. Within walking distance of Port Alfred’s Blue Flag Kelly’s Beach, it creates a perfect backdrop for relaxation and meditation. Well-behaved dogs are not just accommodated; they are an integral part of the experience, ensuring a harmonious retreat for all. Find the contact details for Shelly Beach Cottages here.

Swell Eco Lodge – Mdumbi

Swell Eco Lodge
Facebook: Swell Eco Lodge

In the heart of the Transkei – Wild Coast, Swell Eco Lodge invites you to embrace a green way of life. The lodge, comprising traditional Rondavel structures, seamlessly blends into the picturesque surroundings. With a pet-friendly policy on request, it’s an invitation to couples, groups, and families to immerse themselves in the beauty of rural life and the majestic sea. Get the contacts for the accommodation here.

South Africa’s coastal wonders extend beyond the horizon, inviting pet owners to indulge in a unique blend of luxury, nature, and companionship. From the vibrant energy of Cape Town to the tranquility of remote coastal villages, these pet-friendly retreats ensure that every member of the family, furry or not, finds their slice of paradise. Pack your bags, leash up your pets, and embark on an adventure where the sound of waves harmonizes with the joyful barks of your faithful companions. Coastal bliss awaits.


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