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Pooches at The President Hotel: A Pet-Friendly Paradise

The President Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, is not just a luxury destination for humans; it’s also a paradise for our beloved furry friends. From cosy doggy beds and water bowls to a special pet-friendly menu, The President goes above and beyond to ensure that your pups feel right at home during your stay. In this blog, we’ll explore the fantastic pet-friendly services offered by The President Hotel

Pooch-Friendly Services:

Man walking with dog into The President Hotel. Pets24

At The President Hotel, they understand that your four-legged family members deserve the best treatment. To make your stay as seamless and enjoyable as possible, here are some of the services offered to pamper your pups:

  1. Beds and Bedding: Your pooch can rest in style with comfortable doggy beds and cosy bedding provided by the hotel.
  2. Water Bowl: Stay hydrated! The hotel offers water bowls to ensure that your pet always has access to fresh water.
  3. Pup-Friendly Menus: Just like you, your dog deserves a special dining experience. The President Hotel provides a pet-friendly menu, so you can treat your furry companion to some delicious, healthy meals. You can order amazing dishes for your dog like omelettes, beef mince, pupcorn and doggy biscuits!
  4. Pet-Friendly Rooms: The hotel offers specific rooms designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind, making your stay a breeze.

Conditions of Residence:

Dog eating from bowl. The President Hotel. Pets24

While The President Hotel welcomes pets with open arms, they do have some reasonable conditions of residence to ensure a harmonious experience for all guests:

  1. Tick and Flea Treatment: Dogs must be treated for ticks and fleas before arriving at the hotel to maintain a clean and pest-free environment.
  2. Smooth Check-In: Upon arrival, please keep your pet secured in your vehicle until the Duty Manager establishes communication with you. This ensures a smooth and timely check-in for both you, your pup, and other guests.
  3. Clean-Up Responsibility: Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Pooper scoopers and bags are readily available in your room for this purpose.
  4. No Leaving Pets Alone: For the safety and comfort of your pet, they are not to be left alone in your car or room. Inquire about the pup-sitting services available at the Guest Experience desk if needed.
  5. Service Dogs: If you are bringing a service dog, please supply the necessary documentation upon reservation.
  6. No Dedicated Enclosed Areas: While there are no dedicated enclosed areas for dogs, your furry friend is welcome on the Deck Bar and Terrace area on a leash but won’t be able to join you at the Senate Bar or Islands.

Pawsome Events at the President Hotel

The President Hotel Doggy High Tea:

The President Hotel will be hosting a popular Doggy High Tea on November 11, 2023 which is now fully booked. This beloved event offers a delightful experience for pet owners and their furry companions, featuring a Pup Menu filled with canine delights like “Bone Appétit Meatball,” “Pawtato Fritter,” and “Pupcakes,” while human companions can enjoy a Parent Menu with items like quiche and scones. While this event is fully booked, stay updated on future offerings at The President Hotel. For more information and to stay updated on this delightful event, get the contact details of The President Hotel here.

The President Hotel is setting new standards for pet-friendly accommodations. With a range of amenities and services designed to cater to your furry companions, you can now plan a getaway that includes every member of your family. From cosy beds to a delectable pet menu and even special events like the doggy high tea, The President is undoubtedly a paradise for pets and their owners alike. So, don’t hesitate to inform the hotel’s reservations team about your furry travel companion, and get ready for a memorable stay at The President Hotel.

If you are looking for more Pet-friendly accommodations nationwide for you and your pooch click here.



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