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5 Fun DIY Toys for Your Dog or Cat

Pets are essential to our families, and we want to ensure they are happy and engaged. Making fun, interactive toys for them is one way to accomplish this. It keeps them entertained but also aids in mental stimulation and encourages physical activity. Here are 5 DIY toy ideas that are easy to make and will keep your furry friend entertained for hours:

1. Sock Ball

Sock ball DIY dog to. Pets24
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You only need an old sock, scissors, and a tennis ball. Cut the sock into strips, then tie a knot around the tennis ball. Continue to tie knots until the entire ball is covered. This toy is perfect for playing fetch and will keep your dog entertained for hours.

2. Cardboard Box Maze

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Cats love to play, and making a cardboard box maze is a great way to entertain them. A few cardboard boxes, scissors, and tape are all you need. Make a maze by drilling holes in the boxes and joining them together. Stuff the boxes with treats or toys to encourage your cat to explore.

3. T-Shirt Rope

DIY T-Shirt Rope for dogs.
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Cut thin strips out of an old T-shirt. Create a long rope by tying the strips together. Playing tug of war with your dog with this toy is great. Additionally, it’s a great way to make use of old clothes.

4. Toilet Roll Treat Dispenser

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Make a fun treat dispenser for your cat out of those toilet rolls. Cut little openings into the tissue roll, and afterwards, fill it with your feline’s number one treats. Your cat will attempt to get the treats out, keeping them drawn in and entertained.

5. PVC Pipe Puzzle

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Use PVC pipes to make a puzzle toy for your dog. Cut the pipes into various lengths, and afterwards join them together utilizing PVC connectors. Watch as your dog finds a way to get the treats out of the pipes after you put them there. Making your own pet toys is entertaining and a great way to keep them occupied and stimulated mentally. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to repurpose items you may have thrown away. Try these toy ideas, and let us know how your furry friend likes them! Now that you have the toys covered, here are some fun exercises you can do with your pets to keep them healthy and entertained. If you are looking for pet sitters to look after your pet while you are away, find a pet sitter using our pet sitter directory.



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