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Ridiculously Fun Exercises to Do With Your Pet

Exercise feels like a chore to a lot of us and it might feel even more tedious to exercise your furry friend

With that said exercise is vital for your and your pet’s physical and mental health. With these fun exercises, working out with your furbaby will never be a bore! Here are 5 fun exercises you can do with your dog, cat and horse.

Exercises to do with your dog 

Woman hiking with a dog

 1   Hide and seek

Hide and seek is not just a fun game for us hoomans it’s also a fun exercise. Dogs love sniffing around and looking for their owners. All you have to do is call your dog to come to you while you go hiding in a spot in your house. Make this even more challenging as you go by increasing the distance between you and your dog before asking it to come.

 2   Go for a swim

Cool off and dip into the pool with your dog. Most dogs are mutts about swimming. If your dog is in the pool for the first time it might need a little assistance from you to adjust to the water. But not all dogs are crazy about swimming. If swimming is not for your fur buddy, don’t stress there are a lot more enjoyable exercises to do.

 3   Get pumped up with agility training

In the mood for something a bit more challenging? Take your exercises to another level by creating an agility training course for you and your dog. Use household items like tires, ropes, and sticks to create obstacles, pathways, and tunnels. You and your dog can sweat it out in your backyard with tons of fun.

 4   Do some dog yoga

If you and your doggy are feeling bendy you can do some yoga together. This is also called Doga. Nothing like the good old downward-facing dog for a good stretch. This is a great way to bond with your dog while helping them to do the doga poses. Find some cool doga poses here. Keep in mind that dogs can’t do most of the yoga poses so if your dog is not up to it don’t force it, try another day.

 5   Go for a Hike

Skip the normal dog walking route for an exciting hike instead. Find a pet-friendly hiking trail near you and get moving. Make sure the trail is suitable for your dog by getting to know it beforehand. Pay attention to any challenging terrain, such as a steep slope, rocky surface, or extremely hot surface that could be harmful to your dog’s paws or general health. Check out some of the benefits of exercising your dog here 

Exercises to do with your cat

women exercising with her cat

 1  Cat weight lifting

Switch your dumbbell or medicine ball for a fuzzy catball. Do your dumbbell squats, Russian twists, and loads more with the cutest training partner, your cat. Isn’t that meowzing? Put your cat on your back and do some push-ups and leg lifts and burn those calories.

 2  Take your cat for a walk

Walks aren’t only a dog thing, you can take your cat for a walk too. Purchase a leash and harness made especially for your cat. Before taking your cat outside, start by allowing it to become accustomed to the leash and harness. The key to walking your cat is to start walking it while it’s still young. It’s more challenging but possible to train an older cat. Either way, you have to be very gentle and patient with it.

 3  Get your cat on a treadmill

Putting your cat on the treadmill is a great alternative way to change up your cat’s exercise routine. It may come as a surprise, but you can teach your cat to use a treadmill for fitness. Start off when they are still young, have plenty of energy to burn, and are easy to lure with a toy. Additionally, keep an eye on the cat at all times when it’s on the treadmill. Although cats can sprint up to 30 mph, it is best to start slowly and build up your speed because you do not know what your cat’s speed is.

 4  Play some fetch

Cats might not be as eager to play fetch as dogs are but with a little patience some cats can play fetch. Get a very enticing toy to throw around so that your cat can’t resist going to fetch it.Make sure the time is right for playtime. The perrfect time is when your cat looks very playing. The hardest part of teaching your cat to play fetch may be getting her to bring the toy back to you. If your cat doesn’t immediately grab it, wait until your cat drops it before bringing it back to the spot where you first threw it and trying again. Repeat this until your cat learns that the toy must be transferred to the starting position to be thrown once more. Find the some great cat toys at a pet shop near you.

 5  Play cat tag

Believe it or not, cats can play tag! You can go into your yard and touch or tag your cat and run away from it. It may take a few tries but your cat may run to you and tag you too. This will keep you and your cat’s heart racing and once you get the hang of it it will be an intense workout for the both of you.

Exercises to do with your horse 

Woman riding horse in forest

 1  In-hand walking

Looking for a chilled workout? You can do some in-hand walking with your horse. When you can’t take your horse for a ride, it’s as easy as taking it for a walk in hand to get some exercise for both of you. You simply have to walk with your horse with a leading rope. Find a detailed description here.  Along with strengthening your relationship with your horse, it’s a terrific way to increase your daily step count.

 2  Ride your horse 

Horseback riding will get your heart pumping and will keep your horse looking like a real stud! Riding is a moderately intense form of exercise and has both favorable physical and emotional effects for you and your horse. You can work your abdominals, back, pelvis, and thighs while riding a horse. With a thorough aerobic workout, your horse will be doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

 3  Build an obstacle course

Work those muzzles with an obstacle course. Ride your horse through a homemade obstacle course Horses typically have a curious nature and like taking on new tasks and experiences. Add elements to your courses that are similar to items you could find on the path, including branches or rails, plastic bags, tarps, water, and perhaps even a few hula hoops.

 4  Take your horse up and down hills

Look for hill slopes that slope gradually and aren’t too high or steep. When riding the horse up and down hills, balance yourself with your abs. A wonderful technique to increase your horse’s stamina is hill training while engaging your core at the same time.

 5  Encourage your horse to gallop

When you ride your horse encourage it to gallop. Galloping exercises the heart and lungs. But you should only gallop your horse after giving it a full mile each to walk and trot. Perform a one-to-two-mile gallop in a ring or on a trail.

Exercise is a pawesome opportunity for you and your furry friend to strengthen your connection while knocking out your exercise goals. To keep things enjoyable and interesting, try different exercises. Ask your veterinarian about the best workouts for your pet if you have questions about the ones you are doing. Looking for a vet?  Find a local vet here



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