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Unbelievable Dog Hotels in Cape Town for Pawfect Holidays

Cape Town is a beautiful city with plenty of outdoor activities for you and your furry companions. However, sometimes you may need to leave your dog behind while you travel. Fortunately, Cape Town has a variety of dog hotels where your dog can stay in comfort and receive the care they deserve. Here are some of the best dog hotels in Cape Town to consider.

 1  @Frits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre (City Centre) 

Atfrits Dog Hotel in Cape Town

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@Frits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre is one of the best dog hotels in Cape Town. This popular dog hotel provides a healthy and safe everyday play environment where pets are stimulated with various activities. They ensure your pet has fun and gets the 5-star treatment it deserves. You can rest easy, knowing that your dog is in the best capable hands with a @Fritz Dog Hotel and Day Care Centre experience. Love, attention, and care are at this luxurious establishment’s forefront. There is an overnight boarding Doggy Dormitory where your dog will share the space with other dogs. There is also a Doggy Deluxe Suite, a private luxury suite for a pampered pooch, among other accommodations. There are live cameras to keep your dog safe and dedicated pet sitters. The dog hotel has other pawsome services like daycare, night care, salon and spa, dog training, a pet store, and more. Find out more about the dog hotel here.

 2  SUPERWOOF Dog Hotel & Daycare (Foreshore)

Dog sitting on pool chairs at Super Woof Dog Hotel

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SUPERWOOF is a wonderful haven for your dog while you are away. They are unique because of their professionalism, concern, and spirit. This luxurious dog hotel in Cape Town treats dogs to deluxe services, including strolls in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley’s landscape. But that’s not all; the luxurious experience includes a splash pool, enormous sofas, and a 24-hour supervisor. You will also receive updates on how your doggy is doing, so you don’t miss a thing while he’s having fun with his furry mates! Find out more about SUPERWOOF here.

 3  Mary Puppins Doggy Daycare, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Pet Boarding (Vredehoek)

Two dogs on dog bed at Mary Puppins Dog Hotel in Cape Town

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Mary Puppins is a dog walking, pet sitting, dog boarding and doggy daycare that offers your dog a magical experience. The business has a fun dogwarts theme; it is also called the Mary Puppins School of Bitchcraft and Woofery. This whimsical dogy hotel in Cape Town is in the beautiful and tranquil neighbourhood of Devil’s Peak Estate and aims to give your dogs a healthy, secure, and enjoyable experience. The property has a sizable garden and indoor amenities. The caring team gives the dogs all the attention and love they require throughout the day. Your dog will have fun, naps, and daily adventure walks. They take great satisfaction in providing a home-away-from-home experience for your dog. They provide your pets with a safe and cosy place to live and a place they will look forward to visiting and hate to leave. Find out more about the dog hotel here.

 4   Poochy Coo – The Ultimate Doggy Daycare & Hotel (Green Point) 

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Poochy Coo is an amazing dog hotel in Cape Town that realizes your dogs are a beloved part of your family. They strive to give your pups the same kind of love and attention you do. To keep your dog entertained throughout the day and ensure they come home to you at night happy and exhausted, they offer a pick-up and drop-off service within 5 kilometres of My Dog’s residence in Green Point. They also provide park walks and other fun and games. Trained pet sitters can take care of your pets in their comfortable surroundings at home if your dog is anxious around other dogs and you want to spare him the discomfort while you are away. They also offer 45- to 60-minute off-leash adventurous mountain, woodland, or beach walks. Get more info about Poochy Coo here.

 5  Viennas Village luxury accommodation and daycare for small dogs (Noordhoek)

If you have a small dog who deserves some pampering, Viennas Village is the pawfect place to take him. Exclusively for smaller breeds, Viennas Village is a safe and secure dog hotel in Cape Town. You can leave your pampered pooches in Viennas Village and know they will be cared for like family. They have private suites with comfy beds plus an indoor chill area for those rainy days. In addition, their beautifully designed outdoor play area will keep them happy and entertained. They also have great food, a swimming pool and entertainment, so your dog will make the best memories even when you are away. Find out more about the accommodation here.  When looking for a dog hotel in Cape Town, explore these options that offer high-quality care and accommodation for your furry friend. Before taking your dog to any hotel, ensure you understand and abide by their requirements. If you want an accommodation that will welcome you and your paw buddy, check out these pet-friendly accommodations in the Western Cape.



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