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To Sleep with Your Pet or Not? Exploring the Health Debate and Discovering Fedhealth’s Pet Care Benefit

Does man’s best friend make for a good bed mate? It’s a question many pet owners grapple with. Dr. Google’s conflicting results, often sourced from dog bloggers, may not provide the definitive answer you need. Surveys show that 60% of dog owners allow their dogs to sleep in their bed, citing companionship and comfort as key benefits. However, experts like Dr Jack Gilbert, director of the Microbiome Centre at the University of Chicago, point out that co-sleeping with pets can be unhealthy in certain situations.

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Good health for both pets and owners is crucial. Allergies, asthma, and sleep troubles are potential red flags. On the other hand, exposure to pet-associated bacteria can bolster the immune system, according to researchers at the University of Colorado. The balance of pros and cons makes co-sleeping a very personal choice.

Beyond the health considerations, the dynamics of a relationship can be affected by pets in bed. Couples need to communicate to ensure both are comfortable with the arrangement, as it’s vital that pets don’t come between partners physically or emotionally.

Considering the complexities of sleeping with your pet and other pet-related questions, pet owners might wonder where to turn for guidance when it comes to making informed decisions about their furry friend’s health and well-being. This year, Fedhealth members have an answer: the Fedhealth Pet Care benefit. This includes one free virtual chat per month with a vet through the TAME Vet App, providing expert advice on managing your pet’s overall health.

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Here’s what Fedhealth members can look forward to under the Pet Care benefit:

  • Virtual Vet Consultations: Fedhealth offers one online vet consultation per month, through the TAME Vet App, valued at R600. Vets are available from 09h00 to 21h00, seven days a week, ready to provide instant responses to your pet health queries.
  • Paw-Paw Insurance Cover: This insurance covers up to R10 000 per year for accidents involving domestic cats and dogs, ensuring your furry friend receives the necessary care without financial strain.

These benefits not only support the physical health of your pet but also help you make informed decisions about aspects like co-sleeping, ensuring both you and your pet enjoy a healthy, harmonious life together.

Ultimately, whether or not to share your bed with your pet is a personal decision. With the right information and support, such as that provided by Fedhealth’s Pet Care benefit, you can make the best choice for your family’s health and happiness. Whatever works for you, remember that expert advice is just a virtual chat away.



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