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The Best Pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town has vibrant and unique restaurants with breathtaking coastal views and delicious food for everyone’s taste. But to go to most restaurants, you must leave your pet at home. Furrtunately, many restaurants are ready to serve you and your pet. Here are eleven of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town.

Pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town

 1  The Dog’s Bollocks at Yard

Burgers from The Dogs Bolocks at the Yard. Pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town
Burgers from The Dogs Bolocks at the Yard. Image Source:

The Dog’s Bollocks at Yard is a terrific pet-friendly restaurant in Cape Town to get the best, jaw-dropping hamburgers. Here you will get the BIGGEST burgers in Cape Town, and fur buddies are welcome. Go to The Dog’s Bollocks at Yard and enjoy the lovely vibe and the friendly staff while having a nice meal. Find out more about the restaurant here.

Google Reviews: 4.5

 2  Die Damhuis Restaurant

Die Damhuis Restaurant
Die Damhuis Restaurant. Image Source:

If you are looking for a relaxed pet-friendly restaurant in Cape Town, Die Damhuis Restaurant is the place to be. The restaurant is right on the beach, and there is also a play area with water bowls to keep your dog entertained while you have a delicious meal. Die Damhuis Restaurant is not stingy on portion size, so you won’t leave hungry. See more details about Die Damhuis Restaurant here.

Google Reviews: 4.5

 3  Kleinsky’s Delicatessen

Kleinsky's Delicatessen
Kleinsky’s Delicatessen. Image Source:

Kleinsky’s Delicatessen is the best place if you feel like having bagels with tons of toppings to choose from. The restaurant is lively, with friendly staff and accommodating to pets, and they even leave out water bowls for dogs. Find  out more about the restaurant here.

Google Reviews: 4.6

 4  The Gardeners Cottage Restaurant

Outside The Gardeners Cottage restaurant. Pet-friendly restaurants. Pets24
The Gardeners Cottage Restaurant. Image Source:

The Gardeners Cottage Restaurant is a great place to have a tasty breakfast in the southern suburbs. You can have a bagel and coffee and chill with your pet in the seating area outside. They have freshly baked bread and cakes with equally great meal options for vegetarians and meat eaters. Yum! See more details about  The Gardeners Cottage here.

Google Reviews: 4.5

 5  Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate

Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate. Pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town. Pets24
Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate. Image Source:

If you are looking for a pet-friendly venue with stunning views, excellent service, and fantastic food, Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate is the place for you. Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate is a wonderful pet-friendly restaurant in Cape Town where you will have an eventful experience with their three-course meals or a warm Sunday roast when you dine at the restaurant. The best part is that you don’t have to leave your pet behind, and dogs can join you in the outside seating area with gorgeous views.  Find out more about Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate here.

Google Reviews: 4.7

 6  Aegir Project Brewery Noordhoek

People sitting outside Aegir Project Brewery Noordhoek restaurant. Pets24
People sitting outside Aegir Project Brewery Noordhoek restaurant. Image Source:

Aegir Project Brewery Noordhoek is a beautiful family-friendly and pet-friendly restaurant with a brewery. Have a mouth-watering burger with a chilled beer on the tap while enjoying the stunning views of the beach.  See more details about Aegir Project Brewery Noordhoek here.

Google Reviews: 4.6

 7  Maria’s Greek Café

Food on the table at Marias Greek Restaurant. Pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town
Food on the table at Marias Greek Restaurant. Image Source:

Are you looking for some yummy Greek food? One of Cape Town’s favourite restaurants, Maria’s Greek Café, has delicious, authentic Greek cuisine. You can have some coffee with freshly made flatbread and creamy hummus. Try to book in advance because this vibey restaurant is always buzzing. You can come with your family, and your four-legged family members are welcome. Find out more about Maria’s Greek Café here.

Google Reviews: 4.6

 8  JARRYDS Brunch & Bistro

JARRYDS Bruch Bistro seating area. Pets24. Pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town
JARRYDS Bruch Bistro seating area. Image Source:

JARRYDS Brunch & Bistro is the perfect spot to have all-day brunch with your furbaby. You can have their amazing thick pancakes, the classic bacon Benedict, and so many scrumptious options. Locals and tourists keep coming back for the gorgeous setting and yummy food.  Get more details about JARRYDS Brunch & Bistro here.

Google Reviews: 4.7

 9  The Foodbarn Deli Shop

People dining at The Foodbarn Deli Shop restaurant. Pets24. Pet-friendly restaurants Cape Town
People dining at The Foodbarn Deli Shop restaurant. Image Source:

The Foodbarn Deli Shop has deli-licious meals like croissants and cakes that you can munch on the go. It is a great pet-friendly restaurant in Cape town to get a nice breakfast. The staff is friendly and always eager to see your pet, providing some water for your pet while you wait for your food. If you are not in a hurry, you can have a seat and enjoy their tasty tapas options. See more details about  The Foodbarn Deli Shop here.

Google Reviews: 4.5

 10  The Lighthouse Cafe

Inside The Lighthouse Cafe restaurant. Pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town
Inside The Lighthouse Cafe restaurant. Image Source:

One of Cape Town’s hidden gems, The Lighthouse Cafe is a charming spot for breakfast and lunch. The food is delicious, and the staff accommodates pets and their hoomans. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a quick bite with a coastal ambiance. The Lighthouse Cafe offers warm, wholesome meals that are served generously.  Get more details about The Lighthouse Cafe here.

Google Reviews: 4.5

 11  Massimo’s

People dinning at Massimo's. Pet-friendly restaurants Cape Town. Pets24
Massimo’s. Image Source:

Dining at Massimo’s is an eventful experience for the whole family, with a menu for you and your dog! Massimo’s is an Italian restaurant that keeps on giving. You can order their flavorful pizzas and pasta in a rustic setting. And if you come for dinner, you can watch old silent movies projected on the walls while enjoying your meal with the family. Your dog can have one of the meals on the delicious dog menu and make many furry friends. Massimo’s is a must see pet-friendly restaurant in Cape Town.  See more details about Massimo’s here.

Google Reviews: 4.3

Do you need a permit for your dog at restaurants in Cape Town?

Most pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town do not require a special permit to bring your leashed dog to dine outdoors. However, a few establishments may ask for proof of vaccinations or registration when you arrive with your dog. Contact the restaurant ahead of time to check if they require any permits or paperwork for your pup. But in general, as long as your dog is well-behaved, leashed, and up to date on shots, a permit is not needed.

What are the rules for bringing dogs to restaurants in Cape Town?

The basic rules for bringing your dog to dine at Cape Town restaurants are:
– Keep your dog on a leash at all times
– Ensure your dog does not annoy other patrons or beg for food
– Bring cleanup bags and promptly pick up any dog waste
– Do not allow dogs on furniture or table surfaces
– Make sure your dog has up to date vaccinations
– Listen to restaurant staff if they ask you to remove your dog
– Never leave your dog unattended

What should I bring for my dog when dining out in Cape Town?

When bringing your dog to a pet-friendly Cape Town restaurant, come prepared with a leash and collar, cleanup bags, a towel or mat for your dog to lay on, a small bowl for water, and some treats or a chew toy to keep them occupied

What should I do if my dog misbehaves at a Cape Town restaurant?

If your dog starts barking, begging, or causing a disturbance at a Cape Town restaurant, it’s best to politely apologize to staff and other patrons, get your dog back under control using leash corrections if needed, and ask for the check right away. If the behaviour continues, calmly remove your dog from the premises.

These are our top picks for pet-friendly restaurants in Cape Town. Did we miss any gems? Comment below if you know of any pet-friendly restaurants that keep you coming back for seconds. If you are staying in Johannesburg have a look at our pawesome Pet-friendly restaurants picks in Johannesburg.



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