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The Best Dog Parks in Pretoria 

Parks are lovely places to destress by walking, running, or just relaxing with your dog

But not all parks will welcome your paw buddy. Luckily Pretoria has amazing parks where your dog can walk around freely. Here are the best dog parks in Pretoria.

 1  Paws in the East

Man walking with dog in the park

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Google Reviews: 4.8 Unquestionably, Paws in the East is one of the top dog parks in Pretoria. The first of its kind, this completely enclosed off-leash park provides dog owners and their pets with adventures unmatched by anything else. Many outdoor activities, treats, and experiences are available for dogs and pet owners. Take a stroll, jog, or explore the park while ordering a plate of food from Barkin’ Good Bites Kitchen for your pet. There is plenty of room to play, run, and have fun outdoors in this stunning, expansive park with fantastic braai and picnic facilities. You will see almost every dog breed while you sit at the restaurant, watch all the doggos play with your doggos and enjoy a hot chocolate and burger! Find out more about Paws in the East here.

 2  Jan Cilliers Park

Landscape with trees and grass in in Jan Cilliers park in Pretoria

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Google Reviews: 4.4

Jan Cilliers Park is one of the best dog parks in Pretoria. The park has 4.5 hectares of land on Klapperkop’s northern slopes. There is a creek with 14 small waterfalls connecting two dams and a variety of flowers at the park. Enjoy the large park with breathtaking views, native flora and fauna, and tranquil water features. The park is ideal for family outings, picnics, and leisurely strolls with your doggo. Find out more about the park here.

 3  Hedianga Farm

Man walking on trail in the bushes on Hedianga Farm

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Google Reviews: 4.4 Looking for a park that stands out from the crowd? Check out Hedianga Farm! With trail running routes ranging from 5 to 18 km, this stunning path is a must-experience for adventurers. It’s a fantastic location for hiking, cycling, birding, and dog walking (off-leash in designated areas). Get more info about Hedianga Farm here.

 4  Wolwespruit Bike & Trail Park

Man riding bike on bridge at Wolwespruit Bike & Trail Park

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Google Reviews: 4.6 Check out Wolwespruit Bike & Trail Park if you’re looking for something more physically demanding for you and your dog. Wolwespruit Bike & Trail Park park is among the best dog parks in Pretoria. Located in the center of Pretoria East, contains about 8 km of paths with some challenging climbs and a few river crossings. The trails can be used for cycling as well. When you go, make sure your dog is leashed. The park has restaurants, kid-friendly riding trails, and parking lots with safe entrances. The park also has a well-stocked Trek bike store on the premises. Find out more about the park here.

 5  Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

Man running in the bushes at Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

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Google Reviews: 4.4 Although dogs must be leashed in the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, the area’s attractiveness remains. This is one of the best dog parks in Pretoria to take your dog for a walk or relax while taking in the clean air, local fauna, and breathtaking vistas. While taking in the native flora and fauna, have a picnic in the reserve! Find out more about the park here.

 6  Struben Dam Bird Sanctuary

Pond surrounded by trees, shrubs and grass at the Struben Dam Bird Sanctuary

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Google Reviews: 4.1 The Struben Dam Bird Sanctuary is one of the dog parks in Pretoria that provides a unique experience. Take your dog for a lengthy walk in this lovely park as you enjoy watching birds and learning about various fish and plant species. This charming area, also known as Protea Park, is one of Pretoria’s oldest and most picturesque sites and a solid favourite with dog owners and walkers in the central business district. What a treat! Get more details about the park here.  These dog parks in Pretoria are the best that Pretoria has to offer for you and your doggy. If you are around the Johannesburg area, check out our list of the best dog parks in Johannesburg, it’s a must-see! Are there any parks that you and your dog are crazy about? Let us know in the comments.



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