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The Best Cat Beds for Purfect Naps

At some point, most cat owners have bought a bed for their cat, only to find that their cat liked the tissue paper or cardboard box that came with it more than the bed. To try and avoid this situation, here are some of the best cat beds that your cat will love.

 1  Doughnut or round bed

Best round cat bed

Image Source: Petbabies.co.za

These beds have raised edges, creating a cosy space for your cat to curl up. They are soft and comfortable, and cats love them! The Urbanpaws Bella Bed is one of the best doughnut cat beds because it is very comfortable for your kitty while being very stylish. The Urbanpaws Bella Bed shape and inner construction allow your kitty to create a nest within the bed, pushing away the outer edges and making a natural pillow. The bed has a water-resistant removable, machine-washable cover, and pet hair doesn’t cling to the fabric.

 2  Cave bed

Black and yellow cave bed

Image Source: Petheaven.co.za

These beds have a hooded or tent-like design, creating a dark and cosy space for your cat to relax. They are great if you have a shy or anxious cat who wants to feel safe and secure. An excellent cave bed option is the M-Pets Maya Eco Cat Cave; this cat bed has the cutest design while being a purfect cosy hideout for your kitty. The bed has a non-slip bottom, removable wool-like fabric, and a machine-washable cushion.

 3  Cat Window Perch

Grey M-Pets Horizon Cat Window Perch

Image Source: Petheaven.co.za

These beds attach to a window with suction cups and give your cat a comfortable spot to lounge in while enjoying a view of the outdoors. One of the best cat window perches is the M-Pets Horizon Cat Window Perch. M-Pets Horizon Cat Window Perch is perfect for your cat to laze around for the best parts of the day. Make sure your perch is placed in an area where your cat spends most of their time.

 4  Heated bed

Brown-Scruffs Self-Heating-Thermal-Lounger-Cat-Bed

Image Source: Petslovescruffs.co.za

These beds have a built-in heating element that provides warmth and comfort for cats who like to be cosy. They can be especially beneficial for senior cats or those with arthritis. The Scruffs Self-Heating Thermal Lounger Cat Bed is one of the best-heated cat beds. The bed will give your cat a warm and safe cuddle. Each bed has a layer of foam backed by a reflective film that reflects body heat back to your cat, keeping her warm.

 5  Raised bed 

Cat on elevated cat bed

Image Source: Veterinarians.org

These beds are elevated off the ground and provide a comfortable spot for your cat to rest while keeping them off cold or hard floors. The Pet Bed Elevated Cat/Dog Bed House Hammocks Wood Canvas Lounge Bed is one of the best-raised cat beds. This bed is easy to assemble; no screws or tools are needed to build it. The bed is also lightweight; you can place it indoors and outdoors. The hammock cloth can easily be removed and washed. It’s important to consider your cat’s size, age, and habits, as well as the quality of the materials and construction, to choose the best cat bed for your kitty. You may need to experiment with different types of beds to find the one that your cat loves the most. Check out pet shops using our pet shop directory to find the purfect cat bed. If you have a dog, check out these luxury dog beds that your dog will adore.



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