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Short-Haired Cats: Discover Breeders

Cat enthusiasts often have their preferences when it comes to feline companions. Some are drawn to the elegant allure of long-haired cats, while others prefer the sleek and low-maintenance appeal of short-haired cats. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some reputable cat breeders specializing in short-haired cat breeds. Whether you’re interested in Bengals, Abyssinians, or Siamese cats, you’ll find valuable information about responsible breeders and how to welcome a loving short-haired companion into your home.

The Southern Africa Cat Council 

All the breeders we feature in this article have cats registered with The Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC). SACC is a vital organization that aims to provide valuable information about pedigreed cats, cat shows, administration, and the organized cat fancy both locally and internationally.

Short-Haired Bengal Cat Breeders

Bengal cats are renowned for their exotic appearance, which often resembles that of a wild leopard. While they are commonly associated with short to medium-length fur, there are variations within the breed due to crossbreeding. Here are some exceptional short-haired Bengal cat breeders:

1. Sanuk – Burmese, Devon Rex, Bengal Cattery

Sanuk Cattery Bengal cat breeders. Short-haired cats

Sanuk Cattery is a devoted breeder of Burmese, Devon Rex, and Bengal cats. Their commitment to feline well-being is unmatched. They treat their cats like cherished family members, forming strong bonds with each kitten from birth. Prospective cat parents are encouraged to introduce themselves via email and complete a comprehensive questionnaire, ensuring the best match between the kittens and their forever homes. Sanuk Cattery stands out for its dedication to responsible breeding practices. Their primary focus is on the well-being of their cats and the happiness of their future owners. By treating their cats as family members, they ensure that each kitten is raised in a loving and nurturing environment. This approach contributes to well-adjusted and affectionate cats. Find out more about Sanuk Cattery here.

2. Awesome Bengals Bengal Cat Breeders

Awesome Bengals. Benga cat breeders Pets24
Facebook Awesome Bengals

Located in Pretoria, South Africa, Awesome Bengals specializes in producing exceptional brown rosetted Bengal cats. Their dedication to meeting the Bengal standard sets them apart as a reputable breeder. Top priorities at Awesome Bengals include the well-being and socialization of their cats. All their Bengals are well-cared-for, healthy, and loving—traits that contribute to the joy of owning one of their felines. Health is a top priority at Awesome Bengals. Before leaving for their new homes at around 12 weeks of age, all kittens are thoroughly litter box trained, vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized (for pets), microchipped, and registered. Moreover, the cats come with a health guarantee and pedigree, ensuring the utmost confidence in their lineage and overall well-being. Awesome Bengals takes pride in its commitment to breeding top-quality Bengals. By adhering to the Bengal breed standard, they produce cats with striking appearances and exceptional temperaments. Their dedication to the well-being and socialization of their cats results in felines that are not only beautiful but also loving companions. Find out more about Awesome Bengals here.

3. Luan’s Cattery Bengal Cat Breeders

Luan’s Cattery. Bengal cat breeders. Pets24. Short-haired cats

Luan’s Cattery is a Bengal breeder committed to responsible practices and the health of their cats. Located in the Western Cape, they ensure that all their cats are free from Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia through rigorous testing. This commitment to health underscores their dedication to producing healthy and happy Bengal kittens. To ensure that their kittens find suitable and loving homes, Luan’s Cattery only places them in approved households, which are required to sign a contract. The price of the kittens includes essential services such as neutering/spaying, inoculations, de-worming, micro-chipping, and blood tests for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia. The new owners also receive a signed pedigree from the breeders and the South African Cat Council registrar, further validating the kitten’s lineage and authenticity. Get contact details for Luan’s Cattery here.

Abyssinian Cat Breeders

Abyssinian cats are known for their sleek and ticked coats. They are active and playful, making them a popular choice for cat enthusiasts who prefer short-haired breeds. Here are some reputable Abyssinian cat breeders:

1. Sherada Cattery

Cat from Sherda Abyssinians. Abyssinian cat breeder.
Facebook: Sherada Abyssinians

Sherada Cattery specializes in loving and playful Abyssinian kittens. They prioritize raising kittens with love and care, ensuring they develop into well-adjusted and affectionate companions. Find Sherada Cattery’s contact details here.

2. Neverwinter Cattery

Two Abyssinian cats from Neverwinter Cattery. Abyssinian cat breeder. Short-haired cats
Facebook: Cats of Neverwinter

Neverwinter Cattery offers Abyssinians and other cat breeds such as Somalis, British Shorthair, and British Longhair. With a wide range of beautiful kittens, they have earned a reputation for breeding adorable felines. Find Neverwinter Cattery contact details here to find out more information.

3. Abyzula Cattery

Cats from Abyssinian Cattery. Abyssinian cat breeder.
Facebook: AbyZula Abyssinians

Abyzula Cattery focuses on breeding Abyssinians with signature ticked coats and playful, curious natures. Their kittens are known for being delightful to have around. If you’re interested in welcoming one of their Abyssinian cats into your home, you can find their contact details here to learn more about their current litters and upcoming availability.

4. Abymoon Cattery

Cat from Abymoon. Abyssinian cat breeder.
Facebook: Abymoon Abyssinians and Somalis

Known for breeding both Abyssinians and Somalis, Abymoon Cattery offers a unique opportunity to choose between these two closely related breeds. Their commitment to producing healthy and well-socialized kittens ensures that you’ll find the perfect addition to your family. Find Abymoon Cattery’s contact details here.

Siamese Cat Breeders

While Siamese cats are primarily short-haired cat breeds, there is a long-haired variation called the Balinese cat. Here, we’ve included reputable Siamese cat breeders:

1. Delilla Cattery

Siamese cat at Delilla Cattery. Siamese kittens for sale. Pets24. Short-haired cats
Facebook: Delilla Siamese Oriental

Delilla Cattery is a breeder of Siamese and Orientals cats. Their kittens are raised with love and care, never caged, and receive unconditional love. All kittens at Delilla Cattery are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. They come with a signed adoption contract and are placed in approved forever homes between 12 to 16 weeks old. Find out more info about Delilla Cattery here.

2. Bell-Aimee Cattery

White Siamese cat from Bell-Aimee Cattery. Siamese kittens for sale. Pets24

Bell-Aimee Cattery, located in the Midlands region of KZN, South Africa, specializes in breeding solid and healthy Siamese, Oriental, and Peterbald kittens. They work with ethical, reputed Registered Breeders dedicated to feline well-being. If you’re looking for Siamese kittens for sale, Bell-Aimee Cattery is a fantastic choice. Find out more about Bell-Aimee Cattery here.

3. African Catz Cattery

African Catz Cattery kittens

African Catz Cattery specializes in breeding Siamese Cats and Orientals Cats. They focus on producing healthy kittens that are well-socialized with exceptional temperaments and well-bred breeding lines. Prospective owners are carefully selected through a questionnaire to ensure the best match. This is to understand the potential new kitten owner and their home environment and to see if the kitten will suit the possible new kitten owner. After the breeder has seen the questionnaire, they will tell you they can adopt one of the kittens. The breeder will then send the new kitten owner a contract to sign, and after the signing of the agreement, a deposit will be payable. Get the contact details of African Catz here.

4. Arduness Cattery

adorable siamese cat kitten with blue eyes. Pets24 Arduness Cattery raises Oriental and Siamese cats in a hands-on environment, guaranteeing well-adjusted temperaments and high affection. The breeder assists buyers in adopting a cat as part of their family. Get the contact details of Arduness Cattery here. Short-haired cats  offer the allure of elegance and low-maintenance care. Reputable breeders prioritize the health and well-being of their cats, ensuring that you can find a loving and healthy feline companion. Whether you’re considering a Bengal, Abyssinian, or Siamese, these breeders provide top-quality kittens and support for cat enthusiasts seeking their perfect short-haired companion. Remember that adopting from responsible breeders is a crucial step in providing a happy and fulfilling life for your new furry family member.



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