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Routine Care for your Adult Dog

Everyday care

Your puppy is all grown up. When your dog turns one, he/she is officially an adult, no matter what breed or size – and, as a grown-up dog, he or she has specific needs to stay healthy and happy.

Track your dog’s weight

We assume that, the older our dogs get, the more they need to be fed. That’s not the case, it’s important to feed your adult dog a full meal a day, or to divide it into two smaller meals. You also need to maintain your dog on a well-balanced diet, and keep track of the amount of treats/snacks you give your dog.

Include healthy activities

Exercise is important for a growing dog’s well-being. Taking your dog for a walk once a day, allowing him/her to run around the yard freely and live an active lifestyle, all helps to maintain a happy, healthy attitude. Dogs are known to develop destructive habits when they’re bored. The right toys also help to stimulate your dog mentally and keep him/her physically active.

Groom your dog

Keeping your dog clean and looking good is important. However, grooming an adult dog is different from grooming a puppy. Adult dogs’ coats get thinner and slightly longer, so it is important to make sure that you keep them free from ticks and fleas. In addition, their nails and paws carry more germs and become more sensitive. Adult dogs should be bathed once a week or once a month – ask your vet to advise you.

Dental care

The best way to prevent dental problems is to brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste specifically made for dogs, but make this a fun activity for your dog rather than a dreadful experience. If your dog doesn’t enjoy getting his or her teeth brushed, you can stock up on treats, chewies and toys that are specially designed to clean your dog’s teeth while having fun. Remember, your vet is the ideal expert for regular teeth-cleaning visits.

Visits to the vet

Visit your vet regularly to check that your dog’s weight is maintained at the correct level for his or her breed and age. Going to the vet also helps keep track of your dog’s general mood and behaviour.



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