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Pets24 Adoption Spotlight: Phoebe – A Playful Pooch Seeking a Forever Home

Hey there, pet-loving pals! Meet Phoebe, an enchanting female dog currently calling the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa pet shelter in Phillipi, Cape Town, her temporary home. As we commemorate Shelter Pets Day on the 5th of December, let’s shine a light on Phoebe’s resilience, playfulness, and quest for a loving family.

Journey to the Shelter

Phoebe, a medium-sized female dog, found herself at the shelter after being surrendered by her previous owner who, unfortunately, could no longer provide the care she needed.

Socializing with Other Pets

When it comes to socializing with other pets, Phoebe is a true team player. She gets along well with dogs, making her an ideal companion for families with existing furry members. While her compatibility with cats remains uncertain, her cheerful disposition suggests that with the right introductions and supervision, she could adapt well.

Phoebe adoption
Facebook: Animal Welfare Society of SA

Compatibility with Children 

Phoebe is not just a playful doggy; she’s also a friend to children. Her good-natured temperament makes her an excellent choice for families looking to welcome a new member into their fold.

Phoebe’s Favorites 

Phoebe has some simple pleasures that bring immense joy to her world. She has loves biscuits and hooves, making these treats the key to her heart.

Phoebe , dog adoption portrait
Facebook: Animal Welfare Society of SA

Get more information about Phoebe on the Pets24 adoption directory here

About Animal Welfare Society of South Africa

The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa provides a comprehensive array of services aimed at enhancing the well-being of animals in Cape Town. They offer a full spectrum of veterinary services to underprivileged communities, ensuring that animals receive necessary medical care. The organization is committed to education, engaging with schools and communities to promote responsible pet ownership.

Through extensive sterilization efforts, every animal entering their care undergoes the procedure, and the Society runs sterilization campaigns to control the pet population. Additionally, they play a crucial role in rescuing and rehoming stray and unwanted pets. The Society responds promptly to reports of animal abuse, neglect, and dog fighting, collaborating with law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, they extend their support to injured or stray animals on public roadways, demonstrating a holistic commitment to the welfare of needy animals.

On Pet Shelter Pets Day, let’s raise awareness about dogs like Phoebe, patiently awaiting their forever homes. A visit to the Animal Welfare Society of SA pet shelter could reveal that Phoebe is the missing piece in your family. By offering her a second chance, you not only transform her life but also open your heart to the boundless love and joy that a shelter pet like Phoebe brings.



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