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Montego vs. JOCK Dog Food: Choosing the Best for Your Furry Friend

When it comes to providing the best nutrition for your canine companion, you want to make an informed choice. Montego and JOCK are two prominent South African dog food brands, each with its own set of benefits and features. In this comparison, we’ll delve into the key aspects of Montego and JOCK dog food, helping you decide which one is the right fit for your furry family member.

Montego: Nature’s Bounty for Your Pet

Montego Karoo. Montego vs JOCK

Montego focuses on natural and wholesome ingredients to nourish your pet. The brand places a strong emphasis on using real meat as the primary ingredient, complemented by nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This commitment to quality is evident in their product range, with options like Monty & Me, Wuma!, Classic, Karoo, Bag O’ Wags, Sauce, and XenPet.


Due to its premium ingredient selection, Montego pet food falls into the mid to high-price range. Monty & Me offers is a more affordable option while Montego Karoo is a more premium option.


You can conveniently purchase it at your local pet stores, explore online retailers, or even spot it on the shelves of select grocery stores. This wide accessibility ensures that pet owners all across South Africa can easily provide their pets with Montego’s nutrition.

Nutritional Value:

Montego’s unwavering focus on natural ingredients and the inclusion of real meat as the primary component ensures that your pet receives a well-rounded diet. This not only supports their digestion but also contributes to the health of their skin and coat, as well as their overall vitality. Montego acknowledges that every pet is unique, and they offer a diverse product range tailored to different life stages and specific dietary requirements. Whether your pet needs a grain-free option or has sensitivities, Montego has a solution to meet those needs.

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JOCK: Fueling Active Lifestyles

JOCK Multistage Dog Food. Pets24.

JOCK Dog Food prioritizes high-quality protein sources in its formulas, such as chicken and beef. Their recipes also incorporate wholesome grains, vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals to promote overall well-being. JOCK aims to provide a balanced and nutritious diet, making it an excellent choice for active and energetic dogs. JOCK product range includes Gradeur, Multistage, Junior, Value and Happy Happies.


JOCK Dog Food offers a range of dog food options to suit various budgets. From the budget-friendly JOCK Value to the premium JOCK Grandeur, there’s a product to fit different financial capabilities


JOCK is accessible through various channels, including local pet stores, online pet retailers, and select grocery stores. This extensive availability ensures that pet owners can easily locate JOCK products to provide their pets with quality nutrition.

Nutritional Value:

JOCK Dog Food’s emphasis on high-quality protein sources and wholesome ingredients helps provide a balanced and nutritious diet for active dogs. Their comprehensive product range covers puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, and even specialized formulas for specific dietary requirements.

In summary, both Montego and JOCK offer quality dog food options that prioritize your pet’s health and well-being. The choice between the two brands ultimately depends on your pet’s specific needs and your budget. Whether you opt for Montego or JOCK’s focus on high-quality protein, you can rest assured that you are providing your furry friend with the nutrition they need for a healthy and happy life.

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Look for Montego and JOCK dog food and other pawsome products at these pet stores.

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What sets Montego and JOCK dog food brands apart from others on the market?

Montego and JOCK are both well-regarded South African dog food brands known for their commitment to providing high-quality nutrition. What sets them apart is their unique approaches to ingredients and pricing. Montego focuses on natural and wholesome ingredients, placing a strong emphasis on using real meat as the primary component, complemented by nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. JOCK, on the other hand, prioritizes high-quality protein sources, such as chicken and beef, and aims to provide a balanced and nutritious diet. Both brands offer a wide range of products tailored to different life stages and specific dietary requirements.

Is jock dog food good?

JOCK dog food is a good dog food option for providing balanced and nutritious meals for active dogs. JOCK prioritizes high-quality protein sources like chicken and beef, along with wholesome grains, vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals, aiming to promote overall well-being. Their range of products caters to different budgets and includes options suitable for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, and those with specific dietary requirements. JOCK’s emphasis on quality ingredients and balanced nutrition makes it a reputable choice for pet owners seeking optimal nutrition for their canine companions.

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Where can I purchase Montego and JOCK dog food in South Africa?

Both Montego and JOCK dog food are widely available in South Africa. You can conveniently purchase them at local pet stores, explore and online pet retailers. This extensive availability ensures that pet owners across South Africa can easily access Montego and JOCK products to provide their pets with quality nutrition.

Please note: This blog post aims to provide helpful information about different dog food brands based on research and general knowledge available at the time of publication. However, we recognise the dog food industry is continuously evolving with new products released frequently. Every dog has unique nutritional needs and preferences, so we encourage readers to consult with their veterinarian before making major changes to their pet’s diet. The star ratings given to brands in this article reflect the subjective opinions of the authors based on the outlined criteria and they are not definitive judgments. Please use this post as a starting point for your own research when selecting the best food for your dog’s needs and do what’s best for your individual pup. This article should not replace professional veterinary advice.


  1. We love both brands but our dogs are currently on Jock. My husband prefers Jock because it’s affordable, easy to come buy and there’s a GSP on the package

    • Hi Chane, it’s essential to choose dog food based on your dogs’ needs and your preferences. Both brands have their merits. If Jock is working well for your dogs and fits your budget, that’s a valid choice. For personalised advice, consulting your veterinarian is recommended to ensure your dogs are getting the right nutrition.

  2. My 2 Rottweilers are on Karoo for large dogs. But it is at a cost.
    My last Rottweiler was on Montego and thrived on it. But we are going to breed our highly pedigree females so we’re thinking that Karoo is a better option

    • Hi Ellie, Thank you for sharing your experience with Karoo and Montego for your Rottweilers. It’s evident that you’re considering your dogs’ well-being and unique needs, especially given your plan to breed highly pedigreed females. Evaluating different food options is a responsible approach, and it’s always a good idea to choose what you believe is the best fit for your dogs, taking into account their specific requirements. Your thoughtful consideration is commendable.

  3. Mydogs have had Montego for years. Absolutely no problems with them, but a pure bread should get a superior food for atleast 12 to 18 months of age. Just my opinion.

    • Hi Howard, It’s great to hear that your dogs have done well on Montego for years. Providing superior nutrition for purebred dogs during their crucial 12 to 18-month developmental stage is essential. Every dog is unique, so choose a diet that suits their needs and consult a vet for guidance on specific dietary requirements.

  4. My 3 beagle and GSP eat both… both foods seem very interchangeable as there is no upsets when we can get the one and not the other.

    • Hi There, It’s good to know that your four pets can eat both foods without any issues. While it’s convenient, it’s still important to consider consulting a vet for guidance on their diet and overall well-being.

    • Hi Pat, I’m glad to hear that you have three small senior dogs who are doing well with Montego. It’s great that you’ve found a product that both your pets enjoy, and that fits your budget. Remember that consulting a vet is crucial for your pets’ overall health and well-being.

  5. I buy Montego Karoo for my 3 dogs as it a single grain diet and better for my Lab which has a skin condition so less grain the better. Does Jock offer a hyposenstive food or single grain product? The karoo is a bit more expensive & as I go through 3x 18KG bags a month, am seriously thinking about slowly chamging over to Jock…

    • Hi Audra, Thank you for sharing your experience of your dogs. Transitioning to a new food is a thoughtful process. If you have concerns about your Lab’s skin condition or dietary needs, consulting with a vet would be a beneficial step to ensure the best care for your furry companions.


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