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Journey of Pet Parenthood with Good Things Guy

In a world often inundated with headlines that pull at our heartstrings for all the wrong reasons, there’s a beacon of hope and positivity. Meet Brent Lindeque, the eternal optimist behind Good Things Guy. His mission is simple yet profound: to inspire kindness and spread joy. He firmly believes that kindness is the cornerstone of everything that truly matters in life.

In 2015, Brent started Good Things Guy to change the conversation in South Africa and showcase inspiring stories and good news. He transformed the popular drinking game Neknominations into random acts of kindness (RAK). His nomination was to buy a homeless person a R20 meal. This simple act of kindness, shared online, sparked a global RAK movement and the #ChangeOneThing campaign. Brent’s commitment to spreading good news and kindness inspires us all. It shows how even in challenging times, one act of kindness can ignite a global movement and help us see the world more hopefully.

We had the privilege of speaking with Brent Lindeque for an exclusive interview and our conversation went beyond just good news – we delved deep into the world of pet wellness and Brent’s experiences as a pet parent. Join us as we share insights from Brent on what it’s like being a pet parent, his perspective on pet wellness and responsible pet ownership.

A Pet’s Love Knows No Bounds

Brent, The Good Things Guy with his pet

What inspired you to become a pet parent and integrate the joys of having pets in your life?

Brent Lindeque’s path to pet parenthood is a heartwarming tale of love and the irresistible charm of our furry companions. When asked about the inspiration behind bringing Ruby, Nova, and Smudge into his life, his eyes light up, and a smile graces his face.

“It was all about the joy and love that animals bring into our lives,” Brent begins. He describes the profound desire that tugged at his heart, a longing to experience the unique and unconditional love that only animals can offer. The decision to open his home to these delightful souls was not made lightly; it was a choice rooted in the belief that the presence of pets could illuminate their days with an abundance of happiness and warmth.

What has been your most EPIC pet parenting fail so far? (We won’t judge!)
“Now, when it comes to epic pet parenting fails, we’ve had a few mishaps.” One such memorable incident involved Ruby, the curious pup, venturing into the pantry and getting into quite the predicament with her food supply. And as for more recent escapades, Brent mentions, “Just last week, when Nova landed up on the roof!” Brent vividly describes the panic in his partner’s voice as they realized Nova had gone missing. The scene is set: coffee brewing, emails being checked, and suddenly, a frantic search for their adventurous pup begins. Using a tracking app, they searched frantically and found Nova had made her way onto the roof! After coaxing her back inside, they had a heartfelt reunion. These funny mishaps remind us that pets can turn ordinary days into unexpected adventures.

Are there specific pet-friendly activities or events you enjoy participating in with your pets? How do these contribute to their overall wellness?

In our conversation, Brent Lindeque paints a heartwarming picture of the life he shares with his cherished pets. When asked about specific pet-friendly activities or events, his response is a testament to the extraordinary bond he shares with Ruby, Nova, and Smudge.“Our dogs live in our house,” he describes a household where his four-legged family members are not just welcome; they are the heart and soul of their home. From the bedroom to the study, the kitchen to the lounge, and even the patio, his pups have made themselves at home. They have their own beds spread throughout, though, it’s the couches and their humans’ bed that often win them over. But it doesn’t stop there. Brent’s commitment to their well-being extends to ensuring their hydration – with not one but five water bowls scattered around the house. His reasoning? “Like if we’re watching a movie together, they should be able to sip on a drinkie too!” A basket overflowing with toys becomes the stage for nightly entertainment, with Nova often bringing a teddy to bed for a cozy sleep. Regular feeding, with parties paused to ensure their timely meals, and treats throughout the day, demonstrate a level of devotion that tugs at the heartstrings.

Brent’s dedication doesn’t end at home. He takes his pets on walks, to restaurants, and even to friends’ houses. Play-dates with other dogs and pampering sessions are part of their routine. They receive birthday and Christmas presents and enjoy weekend adventures at big dog parks where they can run to their heart’s content. It may seem extravagant to some, but Brent makes it clear: “That’s crazy right?! To ‘spoil’ a dog like that. No. Not at all”. They are his best little friends, offering comfort and cuddles precisely when they are needed most. In the end, Brent leaves us with a profound realisation: “They are part of our family. But here’s the crazy part… we can do all these things for them, and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of how much love they give us. Because they are made with love.”

A Voice For The Voiceless

Being a public figure, how do you use your platform to advocate for pet welfare and encourage responsible pet ownership in the community?

In our discussion, Brent Lindeque highlights the significance of using his platform as a public figure to champion the cause of pet welfare and responsible pet ownership. “Using my platform to advocate for pet welfare and responsible pet ownership is essential,” Brent emphasises. It’s not merely a choice but a heartfelt commitment that runs deep in his veins. At Good Things Guy, their mission extends beyond sharing feel-good stories; it encompasses shedding light on the heartwarming tales of animals and the organisations that tirelessly work to protect and care for them.

Brent’s passion for the power of good news is contagious. He exudes enthusiasm as he talks about their unwavering dedication to narrating uplifting stories of rescue pets finding their forever homes. The incredible work of animal welfare organisations and the heartwarming journeys of pets and their owners are central themes in their narrative.

What are some of the trends you have incorporated over the years to ensure your pets’ health and happiness?

One notable trend that Brent has wholeheartedly embraced is the shift towards natural and organic pet food. The decision to prioritise this aspect is not just about dietary choices; it’s about keeping his pets in top shape and ensuring they lead healthy, fulfilling lives. The shift towards natural and organic pet food is a reflection of the growing awareness of the importance of nutrition in pet care.

But it doesn’t stop there. In an age where technology plays a pivotal role in our lives, Brent has harnessed its potential to enhance the safety and well-being of his pets. GPS trackers, particularly the Apple Tags, have become essential tools in his pet care arsenal. These trackers not only allow him to keep an eye on his pups but also ensure their safety. It’s a testament to his commitment to staying up to date with the latest advancements in pet care, leveraging technology to make their lives better.

This conversation with Brent Lindeque highlights the special human-animal bond. The bond with our pets goes beyond words and is filled with unspoken meaning. It adds joy and depth to our lives in remarkable ways. Brent’s insights and stories remind us of the power of sharing our lives with pets we love.


  1. So heartwarming! We hope that Ruby, Nova, and Smudge are able to join us for Enzo’s Dog Friendly Mad Hatters Tea Party Fundraiser in June/July 2024!

    • Hi Julie/Enzo,That sounds like an amazing event! we hope that Ruby, Nova and Smudge are able to join you for the fundraiser.


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