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How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

Most people imagine a dog on a leash when they think about walking their pet. Yet cats may also be taught to walk on a lead, giving them the freedom to securely explore the outside while you keep an eye on them. Here are some pointers to help you get started with cat leash training if you’re interested.

 1  Choose the right harness for your cat

Leash training requires a cat harness because it offers a safe and comfortable fit. Choose a cat-specific harness rather than a dog-specific one since a dog-specific harness may not fit correctly and may result in pain or injury. A proper harness shouldn’t impede your cat’s breathing or mobility and should fit securely but not too tightly.

 2  Gradually introduce the harness

Slowly introduce your kitty to the harness. To help your cat become acclimated to the harness, put it close to where they sleep or eat. As your cat becomes used to the harness, start putting it on  for brief amounts of time and progressively lengthen the time each day. If your cat wears the harness without making a fuss, treat and praise it. Cat walking on leash outside

 3  Introduce the leash 

It’s time to add the leash after your cat is at ease wearing the harness. Let your cat explore the house while pulling the leash behind them after attaching the leash to the harness. This will help them adapt to the feeling of being attached to the leash.

 4  Walk your cat on the leash outside 

You should take your cat outside after it is at ease using the lead. Choose a location that is secure and tranquil, away from busy roads and other animals. Let your cat lead the way as they explore at their own leisure. Avoid pressuring your cat to go somewhere they don’t want to go since this might stress them out. Cat sitting outside with leash

 5  Keep your cat safe while on the leash

While your cat is on a leash, keep her secure. While your cat is outside, always keep an eye on them and do not leave them alone. Be mindful of your surroundings and stay away from situations where your cat could run into dogs or other animals. Make sure the lead is loose enough for your cat to move around comfortably but not too loose that it allows them to escape the harness.

 6  Be patient and persistent. 

Be persistent and patient. In order to provide your cat the chance to safely explore the outdoors, cat leash training might require some time and effort. If your cat first resists or doesn’t appear interested, don’t give up. They will ultimately change if you keep trying and rewarding them for good behaviour. Teaching your cat to walk on a leash may be a joyful experience for both of you. You can teach your cat to safely explore the outdoors while you keep an eye on her with the correct harness, perseverance, and patience. Always keep an eye on your cat when they’re outside and keep them safe while they’re on the lead. You may have many of enjoyable walks with your feline buddy if you keep these suggestions in mind. If you want a new cat leash, here are awesome cat leashes to check out, and you can find them at pet stores in our directory.



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