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How to Make Bathtime Fun and Stress-Free for Dogs

Bathing your dog is an integral part of their overall health and hygiene and can be a fun bonding experience for you and your dog. But it can quickly become a mess if your dog doesn’t like bath time. If you’ve ever chased a wet and soapy dog, here are five tips to make dog bathing fun for dogs.

 1  Keep everything close

If you get away from the bath, your dog has an excellent opportunity to run around. Place all your toiletries within easy reach so you can always keep a hand or an eye on your furry friend. Do not forget to prepare the following items:

  • Cleaning brush to remove loose hair and a shampoo cup or container to pour water for the dog
  • Washcloth
  • Soft towel
  • Dog shampoo
  • Treats
  • A friend, when you need an extra hand.

 2  Bribe your do with irresistible treats

Bribing people may be frowned upon in the real world, but luckily, bribing your dog is not only acceptable but encouraged. Keep your dog’s favourite treats nearby to reward good bathing behaviour. This ensures he stays on long enough for you to finish cleaning him. Throw treats into the tub, and when your dog jumps for them, give him lots of praise. After praising him, take him out of the tub and throw another treat to draw him out. This will teach your dog to associate positivity with being in the bath. Entice your dog t stay in the tub by spreading peanut butter on the side of your tub. Alternatively, stick a lick mat with peanut butter or any of his favourite treats on the side of the bath. This is a great distraction that will keep him occupied as you bathe him.

Dog standing in bath

 3  Make your dog feel comfortable 

Create a comfortable environment for your dog to enjoy his bath. Adjust the water temperature so it’s not too hot or cold for him. While humans can enjoy a hot, steamy shower, dogs’ skin is much more sensitive. The ideal temperature is lukewarm, but different dogs may have slightly different preferences. Get non-slop mats to avoid slips. Dog paws do not stick well to porcelain tubs, especially wet ones. Non-slip bath mats are an easy solution to give your dog a better base and make him more comfortable in the bath.

 4  Make your dog feel safe 

If your dog has had negative bathing experiences or has never been bathed, keeping him in the bath can be especially difficult. A fearful dog will resist entering the tub. Calm his fears in the following ways: Slowly get him used to water by playing in sprinklers, walking in the rain or taking them to the beach. Seeing other people and dogs in the water helps them see that there is nothing to fear. Take baby steps to the bath and reward your dog with each step. Use a dog shampoo that does not irritate their skin, and be careful not to get foam in the eyes or water in the ears. Be calm and loving so your dog doesn’t feel any tension.

Two girls bathing dog outside

 5  Take Bathtime Outside 

Your dog cannot jump out of the bath if there is no bath. If you live somewhere warm, washing your dog outside with an outdoor hose can make bathing more manageable. Just make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and comes out at low pressure. After washing your dog, ensure he doesn’t roll around in the dirt until completely dry. Here are some more tips on bathing your dog outside.

Getting your furry friend used to bath time can take time. Be patient and give him a lot of love when bathing him. Try these tips on how to make bath time fun for dogs so that your dog can look forward to bath time. If you are bathing an adult dog, check out these tips on grooming adult dogs. You can also get help from professional groomers in your area who know how to make dogs feel comfortable while bathing.



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