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How to Keep Your Pets Safe During Extreme Weather Conditions in South Africa

Extreme weather conditions can be risky for people and pets. Extreme weather is common in South Africa, so it’s important to keep our furry friends safe by taking the necessary precautions. For your pets’ protection during severe weather, here are some pet care tips:

South African Weather Safety:

It’s critical to stay up to date on the weather forecast before severe weather strikes. Watch the weather and local news for any alerts or warnings. Additionally, ensure that your pets have access to a food, water, medication, and first aid kit in case of an emergency. The summers in South Africa can get very hot and in the north eastern and eastern parts of the country where a subtropical climate prevails weather can be humid too. The rainy season in most of the regions in South Africa is in summer. The Western Cape however is a winter-rainfall area. Girl sitting in a summer park with cute cat

Pet Safety:

Keeping your pets safe and secure is critical during severe weather. If your pet likes to be outside, make sure they have plenty of water and shelter. During storms and other extreme weather conditions, keep them inside to prevent accidents or injuries.

Calming Pets During Storms:

Pets can become anxious or frightened during thunderstorms, which can be very stressful. Create a secure and inviting area for your pets to retreat to during storms, such as a crate or a quiet room, to help them remain calm. For your pet’s anxiety, you can also try using pheromone sprays or calming supplements.

How to Cool Your Pets in Hot Weather:

During warm and sticky weather patterns, it’s essential to keep your pets cool to stay away from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Make sure your pets have plenty of clean water and a cool place to rest, like a shaded area or a room with air conditioning. To help keep your pets cool, you can also give them frozen treats or toys. Find frozen treat recipes here.  When exercising your pet, use caution. Adapt your workout’s duration and intensity to the temperature. Exercise should only be done in the morning or evening on really hot days, and you should take extra caution with pets who have white-colored ears because they are more prone to skin cancer and short-nosed pets because they often have trouble breathing.  Cute dog at home

How to Keep Pets Warm in Cold Weather:

In order to prevent hypothermia and other illnesses associated with the cold, it is essential to keep your pets warm during periods of cold weather. Give your pets warm and comfortable sheet material, and ensure they go to a warm and dry area. You can also provide your pets with warm clothing or blankets to keep them warm. Your dog needs to be sheltered in a dry, draft-free shelter that is spacious enough for them to walk around freely but tiny enough to keep body heat in if they spend the most of the day outside for whatever reason. The floor should be elevated a few centimetres from the ground, and cedar shavings or straw should be spread over the surface. Although extreme weather conditions can pose a threat to our furry friends, we can ensure their safety and well-being with the appropriate preparation and care. Remember these pet tips during South Africa’s super weather conditions to assist with safeguarding your pets and keep them happy and healthy. If you are concerned with your pet’s well-being in extreme weather, consult a vet, or find a reliable vet here.



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