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How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Sizzling Hot Weather

Summer days can be fantastic for dogs and their pawrents

Warm weather gives you a chance to have fun outside with your doggy with endless amounts of playtime. But it’s not so great for you and your dog when the summer heat is so high that you can barely walk. Here are some quick tips to keep your dog cool in the summer:

 1   Give your dog some fresh water

Thirsty dog drinking water in dog bowl It is best to drink tons of water when it’s super hot – the same applies to your furbaby. Make sure your dog has access to fresh, cool water, whether you’re taking them on a stroll or they’re just playing in the backyard. Dogs who don’t drink enough water while playing risk developing heat exhaustion. Giving them regular rest and drinking breaks is crucial because this is particularly true in hot, humid conditions. If your dog is playing outside, put a water bowl where it is convenient and shaded.

 2   Keep your dog indoors during the hottest part of the day

Women sitting with doors indoors When it’s too hot for your afternoon walk, chill out and wait for it to cool down. During the summer months, taking things slowly with your dog is essential to prevent him from overheating. Keep exercise sessions short and sweet—a shorter walk outdoors followed by a break and then a play session indoors may be just the right mix. And on scorching days, try to exercise indoors as much as possible to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Here are some indoor games you can play with your dog.

 3  Use a cooling mat or pad for your dog to lie on

Dog lying on cool mat looking up Let your dog cool off on a cooling pad. Since cooling pads are made of unique materials that can absorb heat and deflect it away from your dog’s body, you may go for a stroll in the sunshine without being concerned that your pet will become overheated. Dogs of all types and ages can benefit significantly from cooling mats.

 4  Use dog-specific sunscreen to protect your dog’s skin from sunburn

Dog laying in the sun. Dogs are shielded from sunburn with sunscreen. However, selecting the wrong sunscreen might also lead to issues. You don’t lick sunscreen off your skin, but your dog will probably lick it off its body. As dogs frequently lick their skin and inadvertently absorb sunscreen, they shouldn’t include zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), which are hazardous to dogs if consumed. A waterproof, odorless dog sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 is also a wise choice. .

 5  Give your dog a cool bath or use a hose to mist them with cool water

Labrador dog watered from a hose outdoors Help your furbaby beat the summer heat with a splash! Hose your dog with water, or give them a cool bath in your backyard. Cool water flowing through your dog’s body will cool him off. Keep in mind that some dogs are not keen on splashing with water. If you have a pool dip into the pool and play some cool dog pool games

 6  Make summer dog treats

Small dog eats ice cream with hand There’s no reason the dog days of summer have to be a drag when you can easily make your own homemade summer dog treats, which are a great way to keep your dog cool in the heat. Here are some yummy summer dog treat recipes that will keep your dog chilled.

 7  Consider getting your dog a haircut if they have long hair.

Dog being groomed with a scissor If your dog’s coat remains tidy and clear of knots, it may help them stay cool if you regularly clip or groom them. A professional groomer can advise you on the best grooming techniques for your dog’s coat. Here are some grooming tips for your dog.

 8  Keep your dog out of hot parked cars

Dog in a car look away Never leave your dog in a parked car since the interior temperature can climb dangerously high. If you go to a place that doesn’t allow dogs, leave him at home. Your dog could get heatstroke, dehydration and brain damage if you leave him in a hot car. Read more about the risks of leaving your dog in a parked care here.  When the days are blazing hot don’t let the heat beat you down. Try these tips to cool down your dog and summer days will be a breeze.



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