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How Spaying and Neutering Pets Saves Lives: An Interview with Woodrock Animal Rescue

Hi there, pet lovers! At Pets24 we’re dedicated to shedding light on important issues impacting our beloved pets. We were honoured to have an interview with Woodrock Animal Rescue to explore the vital role of spaying and neutering in safeguarding animal welfare and reducing pet overpopulation.

Why is spaying and neutering crucial for controlling pet populations and reducing euthanasia rates?

For every unsterilised dog, there is a procreation rate of 67000 unwanted animals over a 5-year period, of which 90% won’t make it to adulthood and will land up in a kill facility. Spaying and neutering help control pet populations by preventing unwanted pregnancies, reducing the number of animals entering shelters, and decreasing the need for euthanasia due to overcrowding. It’s a proactive measure to manage animal populations responsibly. Additionally, spaying and neutering help decrease diseases associated with the reproductive tract, improving the overall quality of life for animals.

What common misconceptions do you encounter about spaying and neutering?

One common misconception is that it will significantly alter a pet’s personality, which isn’t usually the case. Another misconception is the belief that a bitch should have at least one litter before being sterilised, which is also untrue.

Man playing with puppies. Importance of spaying and neutering

How does spaying and neutering contribute to pet health and well-being?

Male dogs that are not neutered can develop a prostate enlargement that can ultimately cause difficulty with urination and bowel movements, and females can have ovarian or mammary cancer. Spaying and neutering can contribute to pet health by reducing the risk of certain reproductive cancers and prostate problems in males. It also helps decrease roaming and aggressive behaviour, leading to fewer fights or accidents and, ultimately a longer, healthier life for pets.

Can you describe Woodrock’s approach to spaying and neutering?

Woodrock is a proactive shelter providing easy access to veterinary facilities for sterilisation. We educate the community about the importance of spaying and neutering and offer outreach programs where pets can be sterilised in exchange for necessities like food, bowls, blankets, and kennels.

dogs playing with toy. Importance of spaying and neutering

Beyond population control, what are other benefits of spaying and neutering?

Spaying and neutering decrease the risk of disease transmission between animals and humans by reducing the number of unvaccinated animals. It also lowers stray rates in communities, leading to a decrease in animal abuse. It can also help with male dog territorial behaviour.

What initiatives has Woodrock implemented to promote spaying and neutering?

Woodrock runs an outreach program that educates the community and sterilises an average of 50 to 70 animals per week. In exchange for spaying and neutering pets, we give out food, bowls, blankets, and kennels to those in need. We also offer a sterilisation clinic where the public can book their animals for sterilisation and provide medical treatment to animals who must be sterilised before returning home. Where needed,  those animals then go on our feeding scheme and kennel scheme.

How have you seen spaying and neutering impact the number of homeless pets?

Spaying and neutering have had a remarkable impact on reducing the suffering and death of unwanted animals. Woodrock has sterilised over 9000 animals in our clinic and over 1000 off-property, leading to a noticeable decrease in strays in the communities where we operate.

Cat sleeping. Importance of spaying and neutering

By focusing on spaying and neutering, Woodrock Animal Rescue is making a significant difference in controlling pet populations and improving the welfare of animals in need. Through education, outreach programs, and accessible veterinary services, they are tackling the root causes of pet overpopulation and working towards a future where every animal has a loving home.



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