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General Feeding Guidelines

Your dog’s diet

Your dog’s diet is the most important factor in his/her life. It’s up to you to ensure that he/she gets the best possible nutrition to keep him/her by your side, and to stay healthy and happy for longer.

What should I feed my dog?

Just like people, dogs are different too, and what suits one dog may not suit another. That’s why Ultra Dog has designed such a large range of specialised dog foods for different needs.

South African food for South African dogs

Working together with a pet food nutritionist and veterinarian, we’ve developed a range of foods especially for South African dogs. Why is this important? Well, South African dogs live in a different environment from that of their European or American cousins. Our dogs tend to be more active, spend more time outdoors and are exposed to our local climate, flora and fauna.

Complete foods

Complete foods, like Ultra Dog, provide all the nutrients your dog needs, in exactly the right amounts, so that you don’t need to add or supplement his/her diet.

Dry foods

The majority of dogs are fed on dry complete foods. They’re popular because they’re convenient, balanced, need little preparation and are easy to store.

Wet foods

Wet foods are found in tins, trays and pouches. Wet foods can be complete or complementary.

How much to feed

Feeding your dog the right amount is as important as what you feed him/her. Start by following the guidelines on the packaging, based on your dog’s weight, age and size.

Watch his weight

Your dog is at his/her ideal weight when you can feel, but not easily see, the last two or three ribs, and when there is an easily identifiable waistline when looking down from above. If your dog is gaining excessive weight or is losing weight, speak to your vet.

Meal time

Once you know how much to feed your dog each day, you can divide it into meals that suit you and your dog. Smaller dogs may need to be fed more often than larger breeds, but on average most owners prefer to feed anywhere from one to three times per day. Some health problems, like diabetes, also require careful consideration of feeding times.

Ad lib feeding

Ad lib feeding is when you put dog food in the bowl and allow your dog to eat as and when he/she needs.



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