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Fun Things To Do With Your Horse

The festive season is upon us and you will more than likely going to have some extra time to spend with your precious pet. If you aren’t sure of how to spend your time with your horse, here’s some ideas!

Fun (and affordable) things to do with your horse!

brown horse rolling in green meadows

Horse riding “date”

Organise a group horse riding session with your riding friends and their horses! This is a great way to spend some time with your friends and your horse. You can go on trail rides and full day rides that include picnic lunches under a tree! Your horse will enjoy the change of scenery and you will definitely enjoy the great company and the breath of fresh air.

“Spa Day” for your horse

Organise a “spa day” for your horse! You can do this with your friends and their horses too! Spend the day grooming and pampering your horse and try out-of-the-box braiding styles with your horse’s mane and tail.  White horses running through the water on beach

Trick and treat

Use this time to teach your beloved pet a new trick! There are straightforward, time-tested basics, such as shaking the head “no,” nodding the head “yes,” and yawning, as well as more elaborate stunts, such as bowing and sitting. It’s highly entertaining and, with the right technique, easier than you might imagine.

Horse game day

Organise a game day with your friends and their horses! You can all get together and spend the day playing mounted horse games, such as Cowboy Polo or Horse Soccer! You are able to make up your own games or there are a number of fun mounted horse games on the web that you can try with your friends! horse eating hay outside in the sun

Add some new toys to the collection

Most horses enjoy playing with toys, resulting in them having hours of fun! There are many toys available to purchase, such as play balls and hanging stall toys. Some toys are more interactive and have food rewards, such as treat balls and licks. It is important to make sure that toys are horse-safe and that they have no sharp edges or hazards. Horses can be known to eat unusual things so ensure that the toys don’t have loose parts that can be ingested.

Have a pool day

Some horses enjoy swimming and splashing around in the water. During the Summer months, this is a great way to keep cool and to have fun. You can ride down to a lake or river and have a quick dip in the water or you can purchase an inflatable pool which your horse can play in. Try floating carrot sticks or apple slices on the water to see them having fun trying to catch them. Your horse may also enjoy playing with the hose, so give your horse a quick spray and start some fun! And there you have it! A few fun activities to do with your horse this Summer!



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