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Basic First Aid Tips

Basic first aid tips for dogs

Becoming a dog owner is a lot like parenting. There are going to be accidents and illnesses along the way. Basic dog first aid is a good skill to have, in order to keep yourself and your dog calm before you make it to a vet.

Be prepared

Always have a pet first aid kit handy. You may want to have a small portable kit to keep in the car and a larger one at home.

Wound spray Ask your vet to recommend a non-toxic wound spray that doesn’t sting and is designed to clean and speed healing.
Self-cling bandage If the wound is severe, you’ll need to cover it with a bandage after using the wound spray. Stock a self-cling bandage that won’t stick to your dog’s fur.
Bandage scissors Include a small pair of sharp scissors to cut through gauze and bandages.
Eye and ear wash If something gets in your dog’s eyes or ears it can cause itching, stinging or burning. Keep some dog-safe eye and ear wash to flush them.
Dog cone Stop your dog from making an ear, eye or head problem worse by using a dog cone. This will also stop him from chewing at stitches.
Muzzle The most docile of dogs can lash out when hurt, so a muzzle is a good thing to keep at hand.
Leash Always have a spare leash handy, especially if your dog is hurt and trying to run away.
Important phone numbers Keep a list of important numbers on you like your local vet.
Medical records Keep a copy of your dog’s medical certificate and vaccination records in case you have to visit an emergency vet.

Learning basic pet CPR

Taking a course in dog first aid and animal CPR will make you more confident and capable of helping your dog if necessary..



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