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Find Maine Coon Kittens For Sale in the Western Cape at These Breeders

Maine Coon cats are beloved for their large size, friendly nature, and distinctive tufted ears and bushy tails. If you’re in the Western Cape and searching for a Maine Coon kitten to add to your family, here are four reputable breeders who have the most adorable Maine Coons.

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Madalitsho MARIé – Kleinmond

Maine Coon sitting on a bed. Maine Coon Kittens for sale in Cape Town
Facebook – Madalitsho Marié Cattery

Madalitsho Marié Cattery is another excellent choice for finding a Maine Coon kitten. This facility is registered with the Cat Association of Southern Africa (CASA) and the Cat Federation of Southern Africa (CFSA). At Madalitsho Marié, cats live like royalty, and kittens are raised as part of the family.

The cattery breeds both Maine Coons and Modern Siamese cats, ensuring that each kitten is well-socialised and accustomed to a loving home environment. The breeders at Madalitsho Marié Cattery are passionate about their cats and take great pride in providing healthy, happy kittens to new families.

Get the contact details for MADALITSHO MARIé here.

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Olea Cattery – Paarl

A portrait of a Maine Coon. Maine Coon Kittens for sale in Cape Town
Facebook – Maine Coon Olea Cattery

Olea Cattery, a proud member of the Southern Africa Cat Council, has specialised in breeding Maine Coons since 2017. The breeder, deeply passionate about these “mesmerising” creatures, offers kittens that are raised in a loving home environment. This includes sharing living spaces, like beds, with the kittens, ensuring they receive ample attention and socialisation.

Each Maine Coon kitten from Olea Cattery is raised with a focus on developing their unique personalities. This approach aims to match each kitten with a family where they can bring as much joy and love as they receive.

Get the contact details for Olea Cattery here

Scooters Maine Coon Cattery – Somerset West

Maine Coon from Scooters Maine Coons
facebook – Scooters Maine Coons

Scooters Maine Coon Cattery is a small, niche cattery that occasionally has kittens available. The breeder utilises their own cats for breeding, incorporating imported bloodlines from the USA, Norway, and the Czech Republic. These proven bloodlines are tested for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK-def).

The cattery offers kittens in a variety of coat colours, including red, red silver, silver, black tabby, and blue. This attention to genetic health and diversity ensures that each kitten is not only beautiful but also healthy and robust.

Get more info about Scooters Maine Coon Cattery here

Choosing a Maine Coon kitten from one of these reputable breeders in the Western Cape ensures you’re bringing home a healthy and well-socialised pet. Each breeder offers a unique approach to raising Maine Coons, united by their dedication to providing loving homes for these remarkable cats. Adopting a Maine Coon kitten is a rewarding experience that begins with finding the right breeder who shares your commitment to the well-being of these majestic cats.



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