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Empowering Pet Owners: The Crucial Responsibility of Rigorous Breeder Vetting and Recommendation Sharing

Welcome to Pets24, your trusted partner in every step of the journey of pet parenthood. As South Africa’s number-one pet platform, we understand the importance of choosing a responsible and ethical breeder. With an abundance of options in the market, it becomes essential for pet owners to follow a thorough vetting process to ensure that they are purchasing a happy and healthy pet from a breeder who follows strict breeding processes. This article will discuss the essential steps involved in choosing a breeder and emphasise the value of sharing breeder recommendations among pet owners.

The Breeder Vetting Process:

  • Research and background check on the breeder:

    Begin your journey by researching potential breeders by using online resources, community forums, and the Pets24 platform to gather information about their breeding practices, customer reviews, and any potential red flags. There are a number of websites and pages that are dedicated to bringing breeding scammers to light. Here are a few that you can visit when researching a potential breeder:

    1. Scampum
    2. Hellopeter
    3. Petsplace
    4. Puppy Scams in South Africa
  • Ask for the breeder’s membership details:

      1. You should always ensure that the breeder is a member of a recognised breeding association in South Africa. This ensures that they adhere to the association’s breeding regulations and standards.
      2. A few reputable organisations in South Africa are the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), CanineSA (for dogs), and the Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC) (for cats). Breeders associated with these organisations are expected to meet specific standards and adhere to ethical practices.
  • Visit the Breeder’s Facility:

      1. This is the most important step in the process!
      2. Schedule a visit to the breeder’s facility to get a firsthand look at the conditions in which the animals are raised. A reputable breeder will welcome visitors and provide a clean, spacious, and caring environment for their pets. This visit is an excellent opportunity to observe the breeder’s commitment to the well-being of the animals.
  • Ask for references:

      1. Reach out to previous customers for references. A breeder with a solid reputation will readily provide contact information for satisfied pet owners who can share their experiences. These references can offer valuable insights into the breeder’s communication, after-sale support, and the health and temperament of their pets.
  • Check health certifications:

      1. A responsible breeder prioritises the health and genetics of their animals. Ensure that the breeder provides health certifications for the pets, including vaccinations, genetic testing, and veterinary records. This information is vital for predicting the long-term health and well-being of your future furry friend.
  • Review contracts and policies:

    1. Thoroughly read through the breeder’s contracts and policies. A reputable breeder will have clear terms regarding health guarantees, return policies, and the responsibilities of both the breeder and the new pet owner. Transparency in these matters is a positive sign of a trustworthy breeder.

The Importance of Sharing Breeder Recommendations:

  • Building a Trusted Community

      1. By sharing your positive experiences with reputable breeders, you will be able to help other pet parents choose a breeder wisely by providing them with useful information.
  • Mitigating the Risk of Breeder Scams

      1. The pet industry is unfortunately riddled with scams and unethical practices. Sharing recommendations acts as a powerful deterrent against fraudulent breeders, helping potential pet owners steer clear of illegitimate sources.
  • Supporting ethical breeding practices:

    1. Recommending breeders who follow strict and safe breeding practices will encourage other breeders to follow suit. Your recommendations foster a culture of accountability, ultimately benefiting both pet owners and the animals involved in the breeding process.

Selecting the ideal breeder is crucial to ensuring your future pet’s health. Pay close attention to the screening procedure, take advantage of suggestions from the community, and help build a network that prioritises the well-being and comfort of our cherished animal friends. Together, we can make educated choices that enhance the lives of our furry pets.



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