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Edible Insects: The Surprising Solution to Your Dog’s Health

Hey there, pet parents! At Pets24, we’re all about ensuring your furry friend’s happiness and health. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce you to Nala Health dog food,  that’s not only innovative and nutritious but also environmentally friendly for your beloved pet. Ever thought about serving up insect protein for your pup’s dinner? While it might raise a few eyebrows at the dinner table, your dog will absolutely love it – and you’ll be doing the planet a huge favour too!  According to Synne Hemsen Berg, co-founder of Nala Health dog food, insect protein is the next big thing! Nala Health isa locally produced premium dog food using edible insects in their recipes. So why not let your pup lead the way into a more sustainable, health-conscious future with every bowl of nutritious Nala Health dog food?

The Mighty Nutritional Power House

Insect protein from Nala Health insect protein dog food.

Insect protein from the mighty Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) is making waves in the pet food scene, and rightly so, turning heads with its plethora of benefits. It is packed with all the 10 essential amino acids dogs need, plus a generous helping of zinc and iron. It’s a nutritional dynamo, offering calcium for strong bones and a healthy dose of fibre for a smoothly running digestive system. The protein is highly digestible and offers a novel alternative for dogs who have to steer clear of other protein sources like chicken, beef, wheat and soy.

To top this, in the world of BSFL farming, there’s no need for antibiotics or growth hormones. These resilient creatures thrive splendidly without any synthetic boosts, ensuring your furry companion dines on a meal as nature intended—wholesome, nutritious, and free from unnecessary additives. BSFL is truly the all-rounder your furry friend has been waiting for.

Battling Food Allergies with Edible Insects

man feedding dog Nala Health insect protein dog food.

Say farewell to the days of endless scratching and digestive woes. Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) emerge as the unsung heroes for dogs battling food sensitivities, providing a novel and gentle protein feast that keeps those allergic reactions at bay.

Nala Health takes the benefits of BSFL a step further. Their meticulously crafted recipe is infused with probiotics and fibre, paving the way for improved digestion, a robust immune system, and a balanced microbiome. They’ve also enriched their dog food with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vital for maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat. Their recipe is also gluten and dairy-free, ensuring a truly allergy-friendly feast in every (bowl) meal. To top it up, they have also included 2 South African superfoods, rooibos and baobab fruit.

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A Gut Feeling: BSFL’s Digestive Magic

Nala Health insect protein dog food.

Imagine a bowl full of gut-loving goodness, and you’ve got BSFL-based dog food from Nala Health. These tiny larvae are not just protein powerhouses; they’re also rich in prebiotics: the fibre that feeds the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. The result? A happy, healthy digestive system that’s ready to take on the world, or at least the neighbourhood park.

With added probiotics from Nala Health, you are sure to say goodbye to any digestive issue. Nala Health doesn’t stop there. To combat a common condition called leaky gut, Nala Health has incorporated butyrate into their recipes. A key ingredient to rejuvenate and fortify the gut lining.

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Nala Health insect protein dog food.

Now more than ever, the importance of sustainable food sources cannot be overstated. Synne Hemsen Berg echoes this sentiment “There’s never been a greater need than now to find new, sustainable sources of food for humans and animals alike. In particular, we need more environmentally friendly sources of protein: traditional meat production, with its hefty carbon footprint gobbling up a whopping 60% of food production’s CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, our oceans gasp under the strain of overfishing and unethical fishing practices, crying out for a sustainable lifeline”.

Feeding your dog BSFL isn’t just a win for their health—it’s a victory for the planet too. These little larvae are sustainable superstars, requiring minimal water, land, and food to thrive. They’re upcycled heroes, turning organic, clean waste into premium protein, reducing the need for traditional livestock farming, and leaving a lighter paw print on Mother Earth.

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability:

Black dog laying on the forest floor. Nala Health insect protein dog food.

Nala Health was started by Synne and her parents, Cecilie and Finn in a bid to find healthy food for their dog, who suffered from food allergies. The black soldier fly larvae they use in their food eat clean plant waste from neighbouring breweries, resulting in predictable quality. The insects are 100% traceable, and no growth hormones or antibiotics are used in their production.

“We were inspired to find quality sources of protein for our dogs that have a lower ecological footprint. We want to make dog food that contains only the best ingredients and contributes to their health and our planet’s health,” says Cecilie.

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So, as you dish out your dog’s next meal, consider the humble BSFL. It’s not just delicious; it’s a step toward a healthier dog and a happier planet. With every bite, your dog is not only getting a burst of essential nutrients but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable world. And that’s something both you and your pooch can feel good about.

Visit the Nala Health website here.



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