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Dog Kennels and boarding in and around Durban

Are you planning a trip away from Durban and wondering where to leave your beloved furry friend? Well, worry no more! Durban boasts some fantastic dog kennels and boarding facilities that provide top-notch care for your pets while you’re away. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best options in and around Durban:

Hibberdene Boarding Kennels and Cattery – Hibberdene

Hibberden Kennels. Dog kennels in Durban

Located in Hibberdene, this boarding facility offers secure, upmarket accommodation for both dogs and cats. Managed by dedicated owners, it provides large playgrounds equipped with sandpits, paddling pools, and toys to keep your pets entertained. They feed top-quality brands and ensure plenty of loving interaction throughout the day.

Dogs are fed high-quality Hill’s products tailored to their age and size, with added gravy toppings made from home-grown vegetables and other nutritious ingredients. Stainless steel feeding bowls are washed after each meal, and water bowls are cleaned and refilled several times daily. Dogs have their own plastic beds with clean blankets or duvets, replaced as often as needed. Additional features include fun agility courses, rope swings, balls, frisbees, and assorted toys to keep dogs active and engaged. At night, curtains on kennel doorways provide a cozy feel, and a low-volume radio mimics home sounds. A “Pet Nanny” visits several times a week to provide extra attention and love to the pets.

Get the contact details for Hibberdene Boarding Kennels and Cattery here.

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The Durban Dog Hotel – Waterfall

Two dogs at Durban Dog Hotel. Dog kennels in Durban

The Durban Dog Hotel (DDH) is not your usual dog boarding service. It’s a home away from home that caters for fur babies on couches and in beds. Your dog will have a surrogate mom or dad to care for them throughout their stay and will even share a comfy double bed at night with this dog-crazy person. Dogs are separated into packs according to size and energy level, ensuring a harmonious environment for all.

Sonseirai, the lead caregiver, is well-educated and has two degrees, but you’ll find her in muddy jeans with a smile on her face as she leads the DDH team. She has studied pack integration and dog behaviour for several years and has shared her knowledge and experience with the DDH team. Each staff member has been handpicked by Sonseirai and Candice and trained from the ground up by them. This meticulous training ensures that each staff member can provide excellent care for your fur baby, understanding their unique needs and behaviours.

Get the contact details for The Durban Dog Hotel here

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Shongweni Kennels And Cattery – Hillcrest

Shongweni Kennels. Dog kennels in Durban

Shongweni Kennels and Cattery, under the care of Kevin and Jo Packer since August 2003, aims to create a secure and comforting ‘Home from Home’ atmosphere for every pet. With 106 kennels for dogs and twelve for cats, the facility is well-equipped to handle a variety of pets.

The dog kennels are divided into a sleeping section, which is completely roofed and walled, and an ‘outside section,’ which has additional shade cloth over the roof for hot Natal days. The sleeping area has large wooden pallets, allowing animals to sleep above the concrete and accommodating large beds. Shongweni Kennels has five kennel blocks that are completely contained with concrete fencing. Dogs who are not climbers or jumpers are let out for exercise off-lead at least twice a day. This ‘free time’ in the garden is beneficial for allowing the dogs to toilet in their own time and explore their surroundings. While not a full grooming parlour, Shongweni offers competent bathing and brushing as an extra service.

Get the contact details for Shongweni Kennels And Cattery here.

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Paws For Thought Kennels Cattery and Grooming Parlour – Shakas Head

Paws For Thought Kennels Cattery and Grooming Parlour. Dog kennels in Durban
Facebook – Paws For Thought Kennels Cattery and Grooming Parlour

Paws For Thought offers comprehensive boarding and grooming services. Dogs are automatically bathed and dipped before departure, with additional grooming services available upon request. Their dog hair stylists style pets according to breed-specific standards, ensuring your dog looks fabulous.

Pets are checked twice daily and fed twice per day unless instructed otherwise. Dogs sleep in their kennels at night and play in shaded exercise runs during the day. Only pets from the same family share the same exercise facility, ensuring safety and comfort. The spacious and secure kennels feature a recessed sleeping area with raised beds for nighttime comfort. Kennels are kept spotless and hygienic, cleaned with a high-pressure hose daily, and monitored by CCTV cameras. Owners are welcome to bring their pet’s own bedding and blankets for added comfort.

Get the contact details for Paws For Thought Kennels Cattery and Grooming Parlour here

Koko’s Doggy Lodge & Day Care – Musgrave

dogs outside at doggy daycare. Doggy daycares in Durban
Facebook: KOKO’S Doggy Lodge & Day Care

Tailored for small dog breeds and puppies, KOKO’S Doggy Lodge & Day Care offers an ideal blend of daily daycare and holiday resort services at reasonable rates. Beyond conventional offerings, KOKO’S ensures your dog receives personalized care, including feeding, walkies, playtime, and star treatment. Whether you’re away for the day or an extended holiday, KOKO’S commitment to your dog’s happiness and well-being is unwavering.

Get the contact info for Koko’s here.

Durban offers a range of excellent dog kennels and boarding facilities to suit various needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a home-like environment, specialized grooming services, or a safe and engaging play area, these kennels provide top-quality care for your furry friend. With dedicated staff, clean and secure facilities, and a genuine love for animals, you can enjoy your trip knowing your pet is in good hands.



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