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Allergies, sensitivities and intolerance: Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Hey there, pet parents! We know your furry friends are like family, and they deserve nothing but the best, right? For dogs with delicate digestive systems or food allergies, finding the right diet is crucial. Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food, formulated to be grain and gluten-free, offers a solution designed to support your dog’s overall well-being. Let’s explore why Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic is a game-changer for dogs with delicate stomachs or food allergies.

Grain and Gluten-Free: Reducing Allergies, Ensuring Health

Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food is crafted with a grain and gluten-free formula, significantly reducing the likelihood of allergies in sensitive dogs. Many common dog food allergens stem from grains and gluten; by eliminating these, Ultra Pet provides a hypoallergenic option that ensures your furry friend receives the nutrition they need without the risk of allergic reactions.

Muscle Support: Lean Protein for Energy and Vitality

One of the key elements of Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food is its high-quality protein sourced from duck meal. Duck meal not only helps in maintaining lean muscle mass but also provides essential fatty acids, offering a sustainable source of energy. Dogs, by nature, are active animals; providing them with the right protein is vital for their vitality and overall health.

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Healthy Digestive System: Optimal Nutrient Uptake

Digestibility is a critical aspect, especially for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food incorporates easily digestible ingredients, ensuring optimal absorption of essential nutrients. A healthy digestive system not only leads to better overall health but also prevents common issues such as upset stomach and diarrhea.

Skin and Coat Care: Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids for a Radiant Shine

A shiny coat and healthy skin are not just signs of a dog’s well-being; they’re a testament to their happiness. Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food contains omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, playing a significant role in maintaining a lustrous coat and promoting the health of the skin. Bid farewell to dry, itchy skin and say hello to a glossy, radiant coat.

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Healthy Immune System: Essential Vitamins and Minerals

A robust immune system is the foundation of good health. Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food is made with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and E, to support your dog’s immune system. A strong immune system equips them to ward off illnesses and ensures they stay active and joyful.

Bones and Teeth: Calcium and Phosphorus for Optimal Development

Whether you’re raising a playful pup or caring for an adult dog, strong bones and healthy teeth are non-negotiable. Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food strikes the perfect balance with calcium and phosphorus, two essential minerals that promote robust bone and teeth development.

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Feeding Guidelines and Veterinary Supervision

To ensure a balanced diet for your canine companions, it’s crucial to adhere to the feeding guidelines listed on the packaging. The recommended daily portion should be divided into two equally sized meals to maintain consistent energy levels. Every dog is unique; so, you should tailor the feeding quantities according to their dog’s individual requirements to maintain a lean and healthy physique.

Always consult with their veterinarian before introducing a new diet to their dog. A gradual transition to Ultra Pet diets is advised to prevent digestive issues. For the best results, you should feed Ultra Pet Special Diet Hypoallergenic continuously for two to three months under veterinary supervision. Abrupt dietary changes should be avoided, as these can lead to digestive discomfort. You should exclude all other foods, table scraps, and snacks to maintain the integrity of the hypoallergenic diet.

If you have questions about your dog’s diet contact a local vet near you here.

Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food, with its grain and gluten-free formulation, is a lifeline for dogs struggling with food intolerances and allergies. By nourishing your dog with this specialized diet, you are doing more than just providing a meal – you’re giving your pets the opportunity for a healthier, happier life. Opt for the choice that places your dog’s well-being at the forefront – choose Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food and be amazed by the transformation in your furry friend’s life.

If you are considering changing your dog food to Ultra Pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food, learn how to help your dog transition to new dog food here.


  1. I changed my dog to Karoo venision hypoallergenics as he strugled with upset stummic and itching skin but now with the venision product he suddenly started coughing aswell. I am realy confused where to with food now.

    • Hi Elsie, we are so sorry to hear that your dog has started coughing when eating new dog food. We would recommend asking your local vet for advise on which dog food would be best suited!


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