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Discover February 2024 Cat Food Specials from Leading Retailers in South Africa

Our feline friends deserve nothing but the best when it comes to their nutrition. However, finding high-quality cat food that fits your budget can sometimes be challenging. But fear not! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of exclusive cat food specials from some of the top retailers in South Africa. From premium brands to budget-friendly options, these deals have something for every cat owner.

Petshop Science Cat Food Specials 

Petshop Science Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Save on assorted Ultra Cat, Royal Canin and Montego cat food at Petshop Science. Offers are only valid until 3 March 2024, so hurry and get these deals.

Checkers Cat Food Specials


Save on various cat food brands such as Whiskas and Epol when you use your Xtra savings card. Offers valid until 25 February.

ePetstore Cat Food Specials 

ePetstore. Dog food specials , cat food specials

ePetstore has awesome specials for Purina cat food and Kit Cat dental treats

1.10% Off Purina Pro Plan for dogs & Cat food – Offer valid while stocks.

2. 35% Off Breath Bites Cat Dental Treats – Offer valid while stock lasts

Bobtail Competition

Absolute Pets Cat Food Specials 

Absolute Pets. Dog food specials , cat food specials

Here are some pawsome specials from Absolute Pets:

1. Lokuno Cat Food Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Offer valid while stock lasts 

2. 10% Off Royal Canin wet cat food and 2-4 kg dry cat food – Offer valid until 29 February

Makro Cat Food Specials 

  1. Save on assorted Kit Cat dry cat food – Available online only
  2. Save on assorted Pamper, Sheba and Whiskas wet cat food products from Mor4Less, promotions and bulk deals.

Petzone Cat Food Specials

Petzone Pet food specials

Petzone has some promotions for various dog food from Royal Canin, Montego and Hills cat food.

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Woolworths Cat Food Specials 

Woolworths Cat food specials . Dog food specials

Save on assorted Woolworths Posh Pets canned wet cat food and Sheba wet cat food where you can buy 5 385g Posh Pets cans for R100 and 5 Sheba wet cat food pouches for R20.

With these February cat food specials from leading retailers in South Africa, providing your feline friend with quality nutrition has never been more affordable. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals, and ensure your cat’s health and happiness are prioritized. Shop now and treat your beloved pet to the best!

Disclaimer: The information provided for pet food specials is for informational purposes only. Specials may change, and some offers may be available online only. We advise readers to verify details directly with the retailers before making purchases. We take no responsibility for any purchases made based on the information provided.


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