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Discover Dachshund Breeders: Your Guide to Loving and Responsible Dachshund Adoption

Are you looking for a furry friend to add joy and warmth to your home? Dachshunds, with their unique charm and adorable looks, make wonderful companions. This blog will list some of the registered Dachshund breeders with Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) registered Dachshund dogs in South Africa. KUSA is the primary authority on dog breeding in South Africa.

1. Conkasha Kennels – Dachshund Breeders

Dachshund on the couch. Dachshund breeders. Pets24 Located in Randvaal, Gauteng, Conkasha Kennels offers top-notch Dachshund puppies with exceptional care and nourishment. These adorable pups are raised with a helping hand, receiving the highest quality food and TLC. When you bring a Conkasha puppy home, they come with a puppy starter pack, ensuring a smooth transition to their new family.

2. Yorma Breeder of Miniature Dachshunds

Dachshund running in the field. Dachshund breeders. Pets24 With a dedication to breeding lovable pets since 1978, Yorma is a trusted name in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas. Their Dachshunds enjoy a spacious and healthy environment, and the puppies receive meticulous deworming and vaccinations to ensure their well-being. Yorma’s goal is to provide pups with excellent temperaments and affectionate personalities.

3. Merwanke Breeder of Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds

Dachshund on the floor. Dachshund breeders. Pets24 Situated on a farm outside Bonnievale, Western Cape, Merwanke Kennels prioritizes individual attention and excellent health in their Dachshund breeding program. Breeding only once a year, they focus on producing Dachshunds with good temperaments, beauty, and charm. Each puppy finds a loving and caring home, making them cherished family members.

4. Redamancy Dachshund Breeder

Redamancy Dachshund Breeders. Pets24
Facebook: Redamancy Dachshunds

Located in Ballito, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Redamancy Dachshunds is a vet-audited family breeder of purebred Miniature Smooth-haired and Long-haired Dachshunds. Their breeding program aims for pups with exceptional health, personality, and beauty. Redamancy pups are raised with abundant attention, growing up to be well-balanced and affectionate adults. Finding the right Dachshund for your family can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Remember to thoroughly research each breeder, visit their facilities if possible, and ask questions to ensure the best fit for your future furry friend. By choosing a reputable breeder, you can welcome a Dachshund into your home with confidence and love, creating lifelong memories together.



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