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Elevate Your Dog’s Lifestyle with Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle

Your furry friend deserves the best, and Bobtail understands that. That’s why they’ve introduced the all-new Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle dog food, a product designed to take your dog’s health and vitality to the next level. If you’re wondering when and why the Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle is the right choice for your beloved canine companion, read on.

When is Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle Food Needed?

Dog playing fetch. Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle. Pets24

1. For Active Dogs:

If your dog is constantly on the move, from daily walks to active playtime and outdoor adventures, they require a diet that can keep up with their energy expenditure. Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle dog food is the ideal answer for energetic dogs who require additional fuel to support their lifestyle. It gives them the necessary energy boost because it contains 20% protein.

2. Young Growing Dogs:

Young growing dogs are in their prime years of growth and development. They need a diet rich in high-quality protein to support their muscle growth, tissue repair, and overall well-being. Bobtail’s Active Lifestyle variant ensures that your young dog gets the best start in life.

3. Dogs on the Move:

If your dog accompanies you on your daily runs, hikes, or any of these types of activities, they need a diet that replenishes their energy levels swiftly. Bobtail’s Active Lifestyle formula is designed to provide that quick source of energy, keeping your dog active and eager to join in on the fun.

Why Choose Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle?

Dog eating food. Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle. Pets24

1. Increased Source of Energy:

Bobtail’s Active Lifestyle dog food is packed with 20% protein content, which is over 11% more than the leading mainstream dog food brand formulation (*Vs. the standard Bobtail Core Range V30981 Act36 of 1947). This extra protein provides a significant boost in energy for your dog, ensuring they have the vitality to embrace their active lifestyle wholeheartedly. (*Vs. the standard Bobtail Core Range V30981 Act36 of 1947)

2. High-Quality Protein:

Protein is the foundation of a dog’s diet, especially for those leading an active lifestyle. It supports muscle development, and tissue repair, and keeps your dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy. Bobtail understands this need and delivers an ample supply of high-quality protein.

3. Healthier Immune System:

A robust immune system is essential to keep your dog healthy and resilient. Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle incorporates VitaRite, a blend of 23 essential vitamins and minerals. This powerful combination supports your dog’s overall health, ensuring their immune system is strong and ready to protect against potential health challenges.

Discover the Value of Specialized Nutrition

Man and woman running with dog. Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle. Pets24

Bobtail’s Active Lifestyle variant is more than just dog food; it’s a way to invest in your dog’s health and happiness. By providing specialized nutrition, you’re extending your dog’s active years, preventing health issues, and ensuring they lead a fulfilling life.

Your active dog deserves the very best, and that’s precisely what Bobtail offers with the Active Lifestyle formula. Don’t compromise on their nutrition; give them the food that supports their energetic way of life.

Whether it’s keeping up with your jogging routine, playing in the park, or embarking on adventurous hikes, Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle will be your dog’s trusty companion every step of the way.

If you are interested in learning about other specialised diets Botail has on offer, check out Bobtail Specialised Diet – Joint Care and Bobtail Specialised Diet – Weight Control.

With Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle, you’re not just feeding your dog; you’re nurturing their vitality and supporting their active lifestyle. Whether your dog is an active explorer, a playful dog, or a spirited companion, this specialized diet caters to their energy needs, enhances their immune system, and ensures they stay active and healthy. Make the switch to Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle and unlock the potential of an active and vibrant life for your canine companion.

If you are ready to make the switch to Bobtail Specialised Diet – Active Lifestyle read about how to switch your dog to new dog food here.

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Please note: The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Always consult your veterinarian regarding your pet’s specific condition, nutrition needs, and appropriate diet.



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