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Bengal Cat Breeders: Meet Sanuk, Awesome Bengals, and Luan’s Cattery

In the world of Bengal cat breeders, finding reputable and responsible catteries is crucial for bringing home a healthy and well-socialized Bengal feline. Bengal cats have captivated pet lovers with their stunning appearance and playful personalities. In this blog, we will explore three exceptional Bengal cat breeders—Sanuk, Awesome Bengals, and Luan’s Cattery—each dedicated to providing top-notch Bengal kittens to loving homes. All of the listed cat breeders are registered members of The Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC). SACC aims to provide important news relevant to the SACC, cat breeds and the organised cat fancy, both local and international. The organisation provides information about pedigreed cats, cat shows, administration, and the organised cat fancy at large.

1. Sanuk – Burmese, Devon Rex, Bengal Cattery

Sanuk Cattery Bengal cat breeders

Sanuk is a Devon Rex, Burmese and Bengal cat breeder passionate about feline well-being. As responsible breeder, they treat their cats like family members, fostering strong bonds with each kitten from birth. Prospective cat parents must introduce themselves through an email and complete a detailed questionnaire, ensuring the best possible match for the kittens’ forever homes. Before contacting Sanuk, prospective cat parents are required to provide a brief introduction about themselves, as the cattery takes great care in ensuring that their kittens are placed in loving and responsible homes. A comprehensive questionnaire further helps the breeders understand the potential owners better, ensuring a perfect match between the kittens and their new families.

2. Awesome Bengals Bengal Cat Breeders

Awesome Bengals. Benga cat breeders Pets24
Facebook: Awesome Bengals

Located in Pretoria, South Africa, Awesome Bengals is a state-of-the-art Bengal cat that focuses on producing exceptional brown rosetted Bengal cats. Their dedication to meeting the Bengal standard sets them apart as a reputable breeder. One of the primary priorities at Awesome Bengals is the well-being and socialization of their cats. All their Bengals are well cared for, healthy, and loving—traits that contribute to the pleasure of owning one of their felines. Health is a top priority at Awesome Bengals. Before leaving for their new homes at around 12 weeks of age, all kittens are thoroughly litter box trained, vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized (for pets), microchipped, and registered. Moreover, the cats come with a health guarantee and pedigree, ensuring the utmost confidence in their lineage and overall well-being.

3. Luan’s Cattery Bengal Cat Breeders

Luan’s Cattery. Bengal cat breeders. Pets24

Luan’s Cattery is a Bengal breeder committed to responsible practices and the health of their cats. Located in Western Cape Luan’s Cattery ensure that all their cats are free from Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia through rigorous testing. This commitment to health is a testament to their dedication to producing healthy and happy Bengal kittens. To ensure that their kittens find suitable and loving homes, Luan’s Cattery only places them in approved households, which are required to sign a contract. The price of the kittens includes essential services such as neutering/spaying, inoculations, de-worming, micro-chipping, and blood tests for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia. The new owners also receive a signed pedigree from the breeders and the South African Cat Council registrar, further validating the kitten’s lineage and authenticity. The world of Bengal cat breeders is as diverse as the cats themselves. Sanuk, Awesome Bengals, and Luan’s Cattery are just a few examples of the passion and dedication that reputable breeders bring to the table. Through their commitment to responsible breeding practices, comprehensive health testing, and loving care, these breeders ensure that Bengal kittens find their forever homes with responsible and caring families. As potential cat owners, it is essential to conduct thorough research and interact with the breeders to gauge their ethics and practices before bringing home one of these majestic Bengal felines. Remember, adopting a cat is a lifelong commitment, and finding the right breeder can make all the difference in providing a loving and caring home for these extraordinary creatures. If you are looking for more breeders find them on our breeder directory and read about the cat breeders with SACC-registered cats.



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