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7 Pawesome New Years Resolutions for Pet Parents

Start 2023 off with new year’s resolutions that will make you a kick-ass pawparent

Bored with the same old pet care routines? Take this opportunity to set goals for yourself and your pet. Change things up or try something new to strengthen the bond you have with your furry friend. These new year’s resolutions will help you to improve your pet’s overall well-being by leveling up your pet care game.

 1   Give your furry friend lots of exercise

Border Collie dog exercising in the garden Whether it’s to lose last year’s extra pounds or just to keep them in shape, exercise is essential for your pet. Prioritize your pet’s health by creating an exercise routine this new year. Set clear and realistic goals for the pet and yourself to keep you consistent. Don’t limit your exercise routine to walks in the park. Play some indoor games like hide and seek and tug-of-war.

 2   New year, new toys

Cat playing with toy Toys need to retire too. Get rid of the old and torn-up toys and replace them with enticing new ones for the new year. A broken toy can become dangerous when broken parts are ingested by your pet. Other than safety reasons, a new toy might be just what you need to make playtime more exciting. A ball and handle toy like a Jolly Ball can provide hours of fun for a horse. You can also get a laser pointer toy to keep your cat entertained effortlessly. Get the toys you need by using our pet shop directory to help you discover pet shops near you.

 3   Improve your pet’s diet

Variety of pet food Were you giving your pet the same old food every day last year? Begin the year with fresh dietary ideas to improve your pet’s health. Research the best food brands for your pet’s needs. If your pet is used to canned and packed food, try cooking a healthy meal that will have your pet licking its furry lips. Have a look at our tasty tips on how to change your pet’s food here.

 4  Make time for play dates 

Woman playing with dog There is nothing like some good one-on-one time to strengthen the bond between you and your fur bestie. Take some time out of your busy day to do something fun with your pet. Learn a new game you can both enjoy. Don’t just spend time with your pet when it’s time for discipline and training. Having fun and relaxing play dates will do wonders for the relationship you have with your pet.

 5   Don’t forget the vet check-up

Female vet examining horse mouth If you have a healthy and happy pet, a vet visit is probably the last thing on your mind. But a check-up with your vet might help you catch any potential health issues early on and ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy. It’s recommended to schedule a vet check-up at least once a year. During your pet’s check-up, your vet will assess your pet’s overall health, administer any necessary vaccinations, and address any potential health concerns.

 6    Don’t slip up on grooming

Cat grooming its fur Is your pet looking a little fuzzy? Pet grooming is not just about keeping your furry friend looking good. Grooming is an important part of your pet’s overall well-being. Keep your pet’s grooming routine in check this year. Remember to clean your pet’s fur, teeth, nails, and ears regularly. If pet grooming isn’t for you, find a pet grooming service to take care of your pet’s grooming instead. Find pet groomers near you using our Pet Grooming directory.

 7   Help your pet make new friends

Dog playing with cat Having a friend is very important for everyone, including your furry friend! Socializing your pet is an important part of caring for it. If you haven’t gotten to it yet, this is a great time to start training your pet to be comfortable in different situations. Search our Pet Friendly Restaurants directory to find cool hangout spots for you and your pet to make new friends.   So there you have it, 7 2023 resolutions for you and your precious pet!



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