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7 Gifts That Your Furry Valentine Will Go Crazy About

Valentine’s Day is almost here! While looking for gorgeous bouquets and heartwarming cards for your loved ones, don’t forget the most impawtent loved one, your pet. Pets should receive the same love and adoration as their human friends on Valentine’s Day. Show your furry friends how much you love them by spoiling them with these Valentine’s Day gifts for pets.

 1  Doggles for your doggo

Dog wearing pink frame doggles on motorcycle. Valentine's Day gifts for pets.

Do you have an active pooch? Get him a pair of doggles (dog goggles). Doggles are a fantastic way to shield your pet’s eyes from dirt, grit, and other environmental factors. This is why they are great Valentine’s Day gifts for pets. Doggles protect your dog’s eyes from the sand if you enjoy playing on the beach with your dog. Sunglasses are open, but doggles are closed-fit to your pet’s face, much like a set of goggles you’d wear to see underwater. Doggles are perfect Valentine’s gifts for dogs that love long hikes and ski trips.

 2  A snug cave for catnaps

Cat looking outside a white cat cave. Valentine's Day gifts for pets.

Your cat will be sheltered from stress in a cat cave, where she may also stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cats can nap directly on the cat cave but enjoy climbing and exploring inside. Try the wool-felted caves; they are long-lasting, and your cat will love how they feel and smell. In fact, wool smells good to cats, which makes wool-felt products common among cat owners.

 3  Flipping fun fish toy

Dog sitting next to a flipping fish toy. Valentine's Day gifts for pets.

Flipping fish toys are a cat favourite that’s why they are purrfect Valentine’s Gifts. The floppy fish is a winner if you’re looking for a good chuckle and a fun toy for your pet. They’ll have hours of entertainment trying to capture it. It flails around like a real fish, tricking your cat into believing it is real. Your cat will bounce around like a mad hatter while playing with the floppy fish

 4  Silent squeakers

Dog chewing on squeaky toy on the bed.

A squeaky toy can keep your boisterous dog occupied for hours but sometimes you don’t want to hear all that noise.  A silent/ ultrasonic squeaky toy creates a quiet whooshing sound when chewed, similar to air being pushed around. Your dog can have fun with his squeaky toy while you relax in silence.

 5  A tasty mat

Dog Licking peanut butter off the blue licking mat on the floor.

A lick mat with yummy treats will give your dog something delicious to concentrate on when you want them to relax. You can spread peanut butter, yogurt, fruit puree, or any other treat your dog likes on these thick rubber placemats. Dogs may work on a mat for up to 30 minutes, giving you enough time to complete a short task. This will be a great Valentine’s day gift for dogs that need help relaxing during bath time. You can stick the mat on the wall with a treat to distract your dog while giving him a bath.

 6  Hanging hay ball

Image Source: Horsemenspride.com

The hanging hay ball is a fun Valentine’s Day gift for horses if you’re searching for a fun and colourful toy to play with in the paddock or pasture. The ball has a hole, so you can fill it with treats or grain to help keep your horse occupied for hours. The hole is big enough for your horse to still have fun without getting frustrated or losing interest but small enough that they have to work to reach their reward.

 7  Off the lap and on the pad

Cat laying on heating mat

Image Source: Petplace.com

Your cat will enjoy laying on a warm and comfortable heating pad when the weather gets chilly. A heating pad is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift to give your cat a sense of security by giving them a space similar to a lap or a warm bed. They can also provide an easily accessible place for older cats who might get stiff during the colder months.

Shower your furry friends with love by giving them these Valentine’s Day gifts for pets. Look for these pawsome gifts at your nearby pet shops. But remember to give them lots of attention by spending time with them. You can also do these fun exercises with your pet to bring you a little closer.



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