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5 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog Indoors

The best way to strengthen your relationship and keep your dog active is to play with him, but sometimes it’s too chilly or rainy to go outside. Fortunately, you can play many enjoyable games with your dog inside. Try these five entertaining games:

 1  A game of hide and seek 

Dogs and children both enjoy the classic game of hide and seek. To begin, ask your dog to remain in one location while you hide in another or behind some furniture. Once you’ve called your dog’s name, wait for them to come running. Reward them with a treat or a toy if they comply. You can also switch roles and make your dog hide while looking for them.

 2  Tug-of-war

Dogs enjoy playing tug of war, a fantastic indoor game for letting off steam. Start playing with a rope or a strong toy. Just be sure to lay down some ground rules, like not allowing your dog to tug excessively or releasing the toy when asked to. Man playing with dog indoors

 3  Treat puzzle games

Treat puzzle games are a great way to keep your dog mentally engaged and give them treats simultaneously. You may construct your treat puzzles by concealing goodies in cups or cardboard boxes and letting your dog sniff them. Treat puzzles are widely accessible online and in pet stores. Also, you may conceal treats throughout the space and offer your dog hints to discover them.

 4  Follow the leader game

For limited settings, such as flats, follow the leader is the ideal game. Begin by making your dog follow you as you round the room. You can incorporate tricks like jumping over a cushion or passing through a tunnel to make it more entertaining. You may even take the opposite position and let your dog show you around the space. Little girl playing games with dog indoors.

 5  Indoor fetch

Playing fetch inside is still possible despite being indoors. Throw a soft ball or other toy into a room or down a corridor. It will be fun for your dog to chase after it and return it to you. Just watch that you don’t break anything!

Benefits of playing indoor games with your dogs

These games offer several advantages for your dog’s physical and mental health and entertainment. For instance, hide-and-seek can help your dog’s sense of smell and strengthen its recall abilities. Tug-of-war can give your dog a healthy outlet for their ingrained urges to chew and bite while strengthening their jaw and teeth. Reward puzzle games can help your dog become more adept at solving problems and reduce boredom and destructive behaviour. While indoor fetch gives your dog terrific cardiovascular exercise, following the leader can help your dog become more agile and obedient. These games can also help your dog beat boredom and get mental stimulation, crucial for their general happiness and well-being. You can have a lot of fun playing games indoors with your dog. These activities, ranging from indoor fetch to hide-and-seek, are a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with your dog while stimulating his body and mind. Try one of these games the next time you’re cooped up inside, and see how much fun you and your dog can have. Looking for fun exercises to do with your pooch? Try these ridiculously fun exercises to do with your pet. And if you are looking for other fun activities



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